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What we learned from testing 1000s of ad campaigns for education businesses

What we learned from testing 1000s of ad campaigns for education businesses

Check out our short video, where we pull back the curtain on what’s been working for us in terms of creatives, messaging & tactics that are increasing conversion rates significantly.

Get Insights From 1000s of Creatives

We do marketing the way it was intended – with purpose, intention, and impact

Ultra-specialized in Education

Think Orion believes in building synergies. That’s why we operate in education only and only offer a few services we truly own. Ad Campaigns & Core Marketing Fundamentals.

Consumer Behaviour & Insights

Insights into consumer behaviour will help programs understand the needs and motivations of their target audience better, which results in increased marketing ROI

Messaging & Creatives

Being relevant and creative drives results. Based on the needs of your target audience, we create messaging & visuals that connect over and over again.

Ad Campaigns & Creators

Ad campaigns & creators help education programs reach the masses. With the right mix of insights, messaging, and creatives, we help you to drive massive demand for your program.

Laser Focus Expertise

Online Courses & Coaches

You have found program market fit, and you are looking for more sales. Think Orion is here to lend you a hand with proven online strategies that have generated tons of sales. Are you ready for your brand to get the exposure it deserves?


As a marketing leader, it can be challenging to do everything with the same energy and focus. While we let you focus on the strategy and tactics, we will run your demand campaigns to drive program applications and enrollments.

Higher Education

Are you looking to drive more student enrollments for the next semester? We are here to help. We accelerate your current efforts with proven ad campaigns that will engage, educate and convert students at the places they love to consume.


Are you leading the ticket acquisition and partnership signups for your next conference, and do you need help? We help conferences accelerate ticket acquisition and partnership sign-ups with content amplification and education driven campaigns.


What They Say.

"Manno, Ray and the team at Orion are great. They managed to turns things around for our campaigns in a short span of time. Creative, great insights and a constant flow of communication make it awesome to work with them."

Terrence, Avado Learning

"Think Orion are expert - they know what it takes to do a paid campaign in the ed-tech sectors. They helped me penetrate the African market. They were very agile, very creative and achieved our targets through intensive campaigns on all paid channels. The biggest outcome to come from working with Orion is that they are RELIABLE, and they try a lot of things proactively. When we miss our targets, they have insights and solutions to what went wrong, and when we hit our targets, they know exactly what worked and double down on it. They are excellent partners."

Magdi Moussa - Udacity

"Think Orion has been a fundamental part of our marketing efforts for the last few years. All of them are great team players in our marketing efforts. Throughout the time we’ve worked together, they’ve helped us grow our lead gen, and sales & helped us grow the brand. The top three things about Think Orion are they are adaptable, they keep us accountable to do our part, and they are just fun to work with. "

Walid Feghali - Evenant

"If you’re looking for a team that you do not have to micro-manage then Think Orion is for you my friend.. I started working with them in February 2022, after months of being on the fence of whether or not to hire them. Think Orion was amazing in coming in and being able to take initiative without me having to actively be there and directing the team."

Amanda Horvath -

"I’ve been working with Manno & Rayed for over 2 years. We’ve grown revenue 10x over this time frame and it has not been without ups and downs. However, if you’re looking for an attentive demand partner who brings innovative ideas and is also willing to listen to yours, then you’ve come to the right place. I highly recommend the team at Think Orion for any educator - big or small."

Wasim Asghar - Studyforfe

"Working with the Orion team has been a great experience. Steady growth with very little management from my side. I can focus on my business while the team takes care of all things paid ads, creative and messaging. I highly recommend working with them. Special shout out to Arooba - my account strategist."

Conor Harris - Pinnacle Performance