If you are looking for answers to how to increase engagement on Instagram, you are at the right place! Whether you like it or not, Instagram is the top app on most people’s phones today. Due to its popularity, businesses are doing their best to capitalize on this attention. But fail to admit their struggle to grasp engagement in an application where its algorithm is based on it.

In this article, I’ll be going into 12 strategies that many people seem to overlook; or write off for a variety of reasons.  Instagram tips and tricks are here to make you the king of your market; just be aware of the right ways to use them. 

When it comes to social platforms, it’s best to test different strategies to see how they work for your business. Just because one strategy didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for a different brand, service, or person.  

Remember, stay open-minded, have fun, and experiment away. We only utilize the most amazing and innovative Instagram best practices to provide you with excellent results. 

Why is Instagram Marketing Important in 2023?

As the events of 2023 require increased online communications, social media has evolved in relevance for consumers and brands.

However, the manner in which they are used is changing. It stands to reason: when the globe was required to stay physically separated, social networking helped to act as a bridge as well as keep us linked to our loved ones, friends, and especially companies. 

If you are seeking some incredibly relevant and effective Instagram marketing services, you can count on our experts.

Enhanced acquisition of new clients was selected as the top result for social networking sites throughout 2023 by nearly three-quarters of advertisers polled for the research, up 58 percent year over year.

Deals, on the other hand, do not generate distinctive brands or secure long-term success.

Instagram Marketing Plan (7 Steps for Successful IG Marketing)

  1. Set and identify your goals and KPIs for Instagram
  2. Identify your Instagram target audience
  3. Conduct a competition analysis on Instagram
  4. Prepare a calendar to follow                            
  5. Determine your budget for an Instagram marketing campaign
  6. Be consistent on Instagram
  7. Grow Instagram followers

1. Set and identify your goals and KPIs for Instagram

Instagram has a massive advertising audience of over 1.16 billion users, giving companies a huge reach. And Instagram marketing’s potential reach has expanded significantly this year, expanding by 76 million people in just the previous quarter.

At least one company is followed by 90% of Instagram users. We will help you run the most amazing ig campaign, which will bring in some excellent results. 
Consumer goods aren’t the only ones that profit. When it comes to investigating new products or services, more than 36% of B2B decision-makers utilize Instagram.

On the site, there seem to be a lot of influencers who have a lot of followers. You, therefore, could become an iconic brand also with an appropriate strategy. 

There are a lot of tools that can help you manage Instagram ads and make you win the game. To stay similar and relevant to contemporary followers while somehow attracting new ones, businesses have to provide the correct kind of content. 

Instagram seems to be clearly no longer only for personal purposes. It has become a worldwide platform that enables businesses to personalize their content, acquire fresh talent, display their goods, and inspire their customers.

Instagram may also help you promote new items and raise brand recognition. Instagram allows businesses to reach their business and goods in a nice, real way to your consumers without being pushy.

Setting sensible Instagram KPIs will allow your team to focus on the indicators that matter most and measure their progress over time. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to be able to manage Instagram ads on your own.

KPIs for social media are quantitative measures that indicate digital marketing performance and demonstrate the value of social media to a company. Make sure to be aware of Instagram’s best practices in order to stand out from the crowd. 

To put it differently, monitoring precise metrics lets your social team guarantee that your brand’s social strategy is reaching its intended audience and that the company goals are being met.

KPIs are used by businesses to track performance over time, assess if goals are being reached, and decide whether modifications are necessary. Ensure your social media KPIs fit your company’s overall business goals while creating them.

2. Identify your Instagram target audience

An effective Instagram marketing plan necessitates a thorough understanding of your target demographic on Instagram.

You’ll have quite a significant impact on improving the perfect material to engage your followers except if you understand what interests and motivates them. You won’t be able to reach them at the proper moment unless you know when they are active.

Have a good notion of who your average customer is for your company. Consider what your product is and what it does. For whom is your product intended? And what do you think your target market is looking for? Examining your rivals’ Instagram audiences may tell us a great deal regarding your intended audience.

3. Competition analysis on Instagram

The act of analyzing and assessing rivals’ qualities and weaknesses in relation to your own is known as competitive research.

This usually necessitates a thorough examination of your rivals’ operations, including their company overview, go-to-market strategy, pricing structure, and so forth. Before you can get too worked up, Instagram competition analysis isn’t that difficult. What you would have to do is find out how your rivals’ audience engages with their content & how they use hashtags.

Examine your rivals’ profiles if you really want to upgrade the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing. This will not only give you terrific advice on what to publish and when to publish it, as well as the style of post to make.

4. Prepare a calendar to follow

The easiest method to plan and implement forthcoming material on social networking sites is to use a content calendar. On Instagram, though, you need to limit yourself to 1–3 new posts every day.

With something in perspective, you’ll really like to limit “self-promotion” to a minimum on Instagram, since it might come across as overbearing. A well-balanced blend of marketing and relationship-building articles seems to be more prone to get a business recognized as well as a larger fan base.

Spending a few moments to glance at the calendar ahead of schedule and noting anything and everything that your community would find interesting to view, read, discuss, plus connect with is all it takes to figure out what you’ll post during the month.

There are a lot of things you need to consider while planning out your business’ ig campaign

5. Determine your budget for an Instagram marketing

Every company ought to have a digital marketing strategy that is backed up by a budget for social media. You’ll need one social networking expenditure if you’re utilizing social media to advertise your business. 

There are no hard and fast rules according to how much you should invest in internet marketing in general or even on Instagram.

Even if you’re promoting to customers or other companies, your entire marketing expenditure will differ. 

If you want to start marketing on Instagram, then look for a reliable agency that can reap the best results for you and your business.

The price of your social networking material will vary greatly based on how personalized you want it to be. 

Costs will vary greatly based on the size of your company and the number of your crew. It will almost certainly take some trial and error to find the optimal ad budget to optimize your ROI.

Instagram is recognized for its distinct artistic elements, which combine vibrant and vivid creative photos with action-packed videos. Ads on the site likewise follow the natural style of user postings, ensuring that the audience’s session is not disrupted. The price of your Instagram advertising is determined by the bidding option you select. 

On the buyer side, Instagram’s typical CPM is between $5 and $6, while the average CPC is estimated to be somewhere between 56 cents as well as 72 cents.

When it comes to determining ad pricing, Instagram uses the same guidelines as its parent firm, Facebook. There are a few factors that will influence what you’ll eventually have to pay.

6. Be consistent on Instagram

With Instagram, there’s really no doubting the value of regularity. You’re effectively telling your fans what to anticipate from you by sticking to a consistent publishing schedule. It gives your visitors a seamless experience.

Increasing your Instagram engagement by posting more frequently is also a good idea. Increasing your Instagram connection by posting increasingly frequently is also a good idea. Your fans are more inclined to engage as well as connect with the material if they know you’ll post.

You’ll be so much more prominent in their minds and, due to the algorithms, in their newsfeed as well!

7. Grow Instagram followers

Instagram is the center of a lot of eCommerce marketing strategies because it drives traffic to landing pages, increases conversions, and builds an engaged community.

If your Instagram visibility doesn’t seem to be nearly as strong as you’d want, it’s time to discover how to improve your techniques for gaining actual, organic Instagram followers. 

As your audience expands, you’ll have additional opportunities to connect with people and provide them with unique experiences.

Not to add, your Instagram following is meaningless unless it represents an engaged fan base that makes purchases, sees your landing sites, and spreads the word about your companies to their friends and followers.    

12 Effective Instagram Strategies to Increase Engagement

  1. Instagram = Providing Value
  2. Staying active by not going fancy
  3. Instagram Takeovers via Account Swaps
  4. Multiple Mention Campaign
  5. Research and Choose the Right Hashtags
  6. Invest in Sponsored ads
  7. Make use and drive value from Instagram’s video ad formats
  8. Funnel your Instagram traffic to your website traffic
  9. Cross-promote on different social channels
  10. Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools
  11. Add Call-to-Actions wherever possible
  12. Use Instagram stories

1. Instagram = Providing Value

When Instagram first came out as a photo-sharing platform, you could easily grow a following. If you had a cute dog, abs, or if you were headed to tropical destinations every other week.  We will help you run the most amazing ig campaign which will bring in some excellent results. 

Today, it’s a bit more competitive to grow an account, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t. It just means that you need to share something that others want to share with their friends. If you are looking for some incredible Instagram tips and tricks, we can help you out in a lot of ways. 

The best way to do that is to ask yourself if your post brings value to your audience.  Does it bring enough value that followers tag and share your post with one or more of their friends?

Our experts will guide you with the best and most effective Instagram post tips and tricks that will make you prominent.  Most people think that uploading a pretty photo and a clever caption is enough.  We will help you increase Instagram engagement by leaps and bounds. 

To some, that is enough! If you’re only trying to keep a record of what you’re doing at that moment, keeping a personal photo album of what matters to you is the name of the game for most.

But if you’re an event or an agency, you need to rethink your Instagram strategy. Include niche-focused and informative posts that your audience finds important or helpful to them. You’ve probably seen examples of this on your ‘Explore’ page.  

Me, I follow and like a good amount of fitness and health accounts.  Due to my engagement, my explore page is full of nutrition infographics, informational workouts, and medical-like images. 

How to increase engagement on Instagram is a frequently asked question, yet the answer is not that difficult. The point I’m trying to make is that producing informational pieces is the competitive advantage most people are turning to.  And it makes sense because we have to remember that Instagram is all about engagement. 

So, if you’re not providing value, then you might need to consider ways to integrate that into your current strategy. If you are looking for ways to increase Instagram engagement, we can help you out in a lot of ways to do so, in the best possible way. 

2. Staying active by not going fancy

A couple of years ago, Instagram added the Story feature.  Since then, they’ve added IGTV and Live functionality. We have to remember that Instagram’s success is only determined by the time spent on the platform.  So it makes sense that

Instagram is coming out with features that will keep you on the platform longer. It also makes sense that Instagram’s algorithm will promote profiles that users love to watch and engage with.

So what does this mean for you?  Utilizing all these features and being active, which we all know, is easier said than done!

Most people care so much about what they post that they usually don’t post at all.  Or they usually take so much time to craft their post; it might be days before they post something, which hurts your chances of the algorithm working in your favor.

I’m not personally advocating for posting subpar content. But, what I am recommending is being active on IG stories, IGTV, and Live. Posting behind-the-scenes content, sharing content you find valuable, and even sharing some of your audience’s content. Take out an ample amount of time to create and implement your Instagram strategies

The reason for this is simple.  
There are a lot of things you need to consider while planning out your business’ ig campaign
Your audience wants to know what you’re up to and what you care about! Otherwise, they would not be following you in the first place. 

A simple ‘Day in the Life’ sort of sequence will give your audience a glimpse into you, your event.  And the beautiful thing is that you don’t need a DSLR camera to make this strategy happen. Most phones today are more than enough to share what’s happening at the moment. So please, let go of the idea that lack of production quality is what’s holding you back.

3. Instagram Takeovers via Account Swaps

This strategy is nothing new. But just because you haven’t seen it happen in a while doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective.  The purpose of an Instagram account swap is to have two users interact with a whole new audience via IG story; with the aim of possibly gaining some new followers.

For this strategy to be effective, you need an Instagram swap with another account in the same niche. Also, it has to have a similar number of followers like yours.  The number of followers matters to make sure that the swap gives both users an equal amount of value.

There are situations where swap can happen with different following numbers, but usually, a value kickback is exchanged. There are a lot of different ways to create and implement your Instagram strategies. If you are looking to do an Instagram takeover with another account with a larger amount of followers and paying to do so; please be aware of accounts that don’t have an active and engaged following.  

One of the many pitfalls Instagrammers fall into with this strategy is not doing their due diligence to make sure the account they’re about to work with has an engaged audience.  You clearly don’t want to be taking over an account’s IG story that gets a small number of views when it says they have 20x more followers.

4. Multiple Mention Campaign

If you have a product, online course, or have a service that needs promoting then this strategy could be effective, if done right.  What you’ll need to do is first vet out a group of accounts in your target niche, check their engagement to follower ratio, and then offer something to them that will incentivize them to promote your product on their Instagram when the campaign starts.

The reason you want a group of accounts for this promotion is that this campaign will run all at once.  This group of accounts will share via IG story, IG post, or both at the same time and the effect of this is like throwing a bunch of rocks into a lake.  

When a good amount of accounts mentions your name, Instagram will take notice that your account is getting lots of exposure thus giving you a possible chance to go viral.  To further influence the chances of being viral, make sure the post that’s being shared is high quality, interesting, and calls for engagement.

There are plenty of ways to make this effective. One of which is running a giveaway in tandem with what you’re promoting.  For example, let’s say that what you wanted leads to your online service. 

To further incentive this offer for both the audience and the accounts you’re leveraging for this promotion, you may tie a chance to win a pair of headphones that will be raffled a week after the promotion ends. There are a lot of hidden and evident Instagram post tips and hacks that can back up your Instagram marketing and advertising.

5. Research and Choose the Right Hashtags

The hashtags you use on Instagram may drastically affect your Instagram campaign. If you use them appropriately, your posts will be seen by more individuals. Instagram hashtags may make or break your marketing campaign on the platform. If you use them properly, your postings will be noticed by more individuals who are likely to be interested in your items or business. 

However, if you use the incorrect one, you risk offending prospective followers and also being penalized by Instagram’s algorithm. To utilize hashtags efficiently on Instagram, you must first grasp how they function and then devise a plan. They’ve subsequently evolved into the foundations of social media marketing.

6. Invest in Sponsored ads

Nowadays, most marketing initiatives blend outbound and inbound tactics. Based on your company, a daily blog, an online social media strategy, plus sophisticated SEO cohabit with smartphone and banners advertising, print adverts, and maybe even direct mail marketing. 

Paid advertising is a hybrid of the two. Sponsored content, like a weblog or perhaps a post on your site, delivers relevant information with the goal of engaging the reader early in the purchase process. Search engines’ primary goal is to provide users with only the most appropriate material for a particular phrase. The sites that rank first in organic results seem to be those that meet the search engine’s performance standards the finest.

If you are not sure how to invest in sponsored ads, then get in touch with the social media advertising experts at Think Orion. It is going to make your life much easier by giving the perfect boost to your business.  They will help you create a proper strategy and help you a lot with your marketing plan to stand out. 

7. Make use and drive value from Instagram’s video ad formats

Instagram alone has over 1 billion users who share 80 million posts every day, rendering it a very appealing medium for marketers, especially as other platforms face data or integrity and privacy. Instagram claims that its advertisements generate awareness and have a higher level of engagement.

The network provides a variety of alternatives, including photo and carousel advertisements, and also video content and advertising on Instagram Stories—the latter two of which provide viewers with vision, audio, and movement. Because today we all know how popular video is right now.

8. Funnel your Instagram traffic to your website traffic

Users would never have to exit the Instagram app to visit an additional website since e-commerce businesses may sell directly to purchasers. If you really want them to direct Instagram traffic to websites, include calls-to-action (CTA) as well as a hyperlink in your profile. 

People don’t have to go straight to your product page when they click on your CTA. It may be used to advertise anything, from software to a new blog article. Partnering with bloggers to get views as well as expand your company’s exposure seems to be another simple technique to funnel customers.

User-generated material is a simple method to engage with your audience while simultaneously increasing your visibility. With a little practice and a proper strategy, you can easily know how to increase engagement on Instagram. 

9. Cross-promote on different social channels

Social media networks make it easier to reach out to more prospective readers as well as provide a variety of ways for each target demographic to participate. Cross-promotion through social networking sites would seem to be an important step in expanding the reach of information, producing more points of contact for customers and prospects, therefore drawing more prospective buyers to products or services. 

The more and more social media networks a business utilizes for organizational communication as well as material distribution, the more consumers, buyers, and influencers it may reach. The purpose of social media cross-promotion seems to be to get your material out to as many people as possible, as quickly and efficiently as possible. The social media world, on the other hand, is divided. The marketing on Instagram is not a piece of cake, it takes a lot of thinking, strategizing, and the right mindset. 

Cross-promotion, as opposed to cross-posting, entails customizing your powerful message for every platform. A social networking site cross-promotion plan allows you to make the most of each network’s as well as community’s unique features and capabilities. 

Each social media network has its own set of choices for displaying your material. Individual traits distinguish the networks, groups, including communities. Sharing your material on different days and at different points in time helps to boost the exposure and longevity of your articles on multiple social media platforms. Incorporating personal remarks into your posts makes them stand out more and more.  Utilizing inquiries and social networking sites’ calls to action also fosters community involvement and engagement.

10. Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools

It’s amazing to think that there are so many open-source tools accessible to assist you in growing your following on Instagram. Planning Instagram posts ahead of time can help you save time while maintaining a well as well as a regular presence. Single-image and single-video postings can now be scheduled. 

There seem to be more than a thousand free picture effects, overlays, including frames in the program, but if you want to extend your collection, you can buy more. The templates are designed with the proper measurements in mind, so you can concentrate on the design rather than worrying about the aspect ratio and size. Simply choose a design and customize the text, graphics, and background to suit your needs.

11. Add Call-to-Actions wherever possible

It’s critical to use strategic CTAs to assist your visitors through the purchase process. The term “call to action” refers to a section of a website, commercial, or piece of material that pushes visitors to take action. 

CTAs are used in marketing to assist a company turn a visitor as well as readership into a sales lead. Based on the aim of the content, CTAs might lead to a range of possible steps. CTAs are important to you as marketing since they urge your audience to engage in a promotional campaign. In the end, each marketing campaign’s purpose is to take your audience through the consumer decision-making process so they may complete a purchase.

12. Use Instagram stories

Learn the fundamentals of Instagram Stories before moving onto a few Instagram Stories hacks as well as tactics to assist business shine off. Instagram social media marketing is not as complicated as it sounds.

Instagram stories feature full-screen, vertically designed videos and pictures that vanish after 24hrs. But instead of appearing inside the main feed, they display at the top of the Instagram app. To help your material stand out, they use interactive features like stickers, polls, and Instagram Story effects. In aggregate, Instagram Stories provides a promising, less puzzling experience for users.

Once your Instagram story has vanished after twenty-four hours, you may still view insights, such as engagement as well as views. The number of new profiles that watched your Stories is known as reach. With a little practice and a proper strategy, you can easily know how to increase engagement on Instagram.


Social media marketing cannot be overlooked in 2021. Because of the fact that billions of people use it every day. By leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, you can increase your engagement and brand awareness. There are more than 12 strategies for creating an impact via Instagram, you can do your best to test and try what works out for your brand. But these 12 instagram strategies are tested and proven to work.