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5 Reasons Why You Should use Online Advertising Now

With the current global epidemic, a lot of businesses have to make decisions that will affect their long term goals and situation. Cash is king. You need to decrease your expenses and many of us have to adapt and adjust our services and products. 

You also see a lot of businesses going on complete hold. Which in my opinion is not the right thing to do. 

In times like this, you need to sharpen your value and adapt to the new situation. That means no leaning back but spending your money wisely on things that help you now and when things go back to "normal".

A lot of our clients ask us what they should do with their paid advertising. And depending on their service or product we advise them to double down right now on paid advertising. 

A lot of businesses stopped advertising and many people are surfing on the internet all day long.

That means, lower CPMs, Lower Conversion Rates, and still a very good opportunity to focus on right now. 

We are going to cover the 5 reasons why you should use online advertising right now


The targeting possibilities online are endless. If you know your ideal customer and what their common habits are. You can leverage many different platforms to target those people. 

This can be done on the micro-level and with low budgets as well.

Knowing your audience is key here. That is why we make a guide for you on how to do this in less than 60 minutes. Get your free guide here.


You can engage with your audiences on different levels of their buying cycle. Awareness, consideration, and ready to buy. With online advertising, you can easily track those stages and engage with them with the right content. It opens direct communication channels with your audience. 


You have the flexibility to respond to data and adjust your campaigns accordingly. Customer needs are changing every day and your data tells you what you need to adjust and how you can spend your budget cost-effective. 


You know exactly where your budget goes. Online marketing comes with great possibilities for analytics. You will see which channels are the best and which are bringing you the best return on investment.


You let your advertising work for you 24/7. And you can reach many potential customers that you would usually not be able to reach. 

Online advertising is country independent and time-independent. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your business model to this situation. 

You can bring your retail store online, you can educate virtually and as a coach, you are able to train salespeople everywhere around the world. A very interesting time to be alive in. 

Manno Notermans

Manno is a wanderer of the world looking to make an impact and change the world for the better. He has over 10 years of experience working in various marketing positions. Manno’s main focus the past few years has been accelerating the growth of businesses, increasing revenue, and profit with out-of-box creative ideas and implementations.