By now you must have known that webinars are effective tools for marketing and lead generation. If you’re a savvy marketer, then they must be a major part of your strategy and plan.

Having a clearly defined goal allows you to choose the right metrics to measure success. What are the most important metrics for a successful webinar?

Let’s say you are hosting a webinar, and your goal is to raise brand awareness. In this case, you’d want to track metrics like registrations, attendance, social media pages traffic and direct traffic. How to tell if your webinar was successful?

These are 6 metrics for a successful webinar

Webinar Was Successful

1. Sign Ups

What’s the point of your event if no one registers? Registration is a lead not only for attendance. Once the person provides his contact info and credentials, even if they don’t actually attend, you can still benefit from this.

Later on, you can market to them as you already know that they might be interested in your products. So regardless of what happens after registration, it is still a leader and a metric to measure.

Also, a low number of sign-ups can mean an unsuccessful marketing strategy. You will know that you need to work on a promotional plan.

If you have a poor marketing strategy that is not generating leads, then here are a few tips for you:

Social media platforms

Utilize as much social media platforms as you can to inform your target audience about your event.  

Email marketing

Message your contacts and let them know about your event, and send them periodic reminders.  

Paid advertising

Use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for paid promotions which allow you to craft targeted messages and track the results.

A balance between the above three strengthens your promotional plan and boosts registrations.

2. Attendees

Tracking the conversion rate is vital as it refers to the number who signed up for your event compared to those who attended it.

Improve the number of attendance using the below tips:

Email marketing

Remind registrants about your upcoming live event as life tends to get busy and they might forget about it.

Branding and aesthetics

The layout and design of the registration page can have a significant influence to show how professional your company is. Even if your topic interests someone, this doesn’t mean they will attend. A lousy looking page can have negative impacts on your registration rate.  

Timing and duration

Hosting an event during busy times can hurt the conversion rate. Also, consider changing your webinar timing if you notice that a significant number of registrants are viewing the event on-demand rather than live.

3. Survey Results

The more engaged your attendees are, the more they are willing to answer surveys and polls. After you receive feedback, make sure to follow up with your audience. Try to get their input about what they think of your event, did they like it, do they have any suggestions, etc. Feedback like this can help you create more successful webinars in the future.

Tips on getting more feedback responses?

  • Short surveys. Four or less multiple-choice questions are ideal.
  • Right questions. Get insights about their interests and webinar experience.
  • Comment section. Include a comment section that allows them to share thoughts, feedback and ideas.

4. Chat Interaction

Powerful webinar software can provide several options to boost your event’s level and better engage your audience. Chat interactions are a clear indicator of attendee engagement, and a private chat feature is a cherry on top.

You will have access to potential knowledge and better understand your audience; next time you prepare a webinar, you will have more informed content.

Since not every attendee will interact with you during your webinars. You may need to encourage them to do so. Here’s how:

Introduce the chat feature

At the beginning of your webinar, let your audience know that they can use this option to ask questions.

Offer incentives for active attendees

A small incentive can encourage your audience to interact more.

Q&A session

Host a Q&A session at the end of your webinar; This will encourage your audience to use the feature. Also, both of you can learn more about each other.

5. Performance Rate

To get your audience’s feedback on your performance, you first need to create a clear and structured survey. An extra space where they can leave their suggestions is a good addition.

Consider the below tips to boost your performance ratings:

Quality content

A high-performance score depends on whether your content interests your audience or not. Learn about your audience and craft your content accordingly.

Delivery and performance

Even if you have quality content, your delivery is critical. The more you practice before your live event, the better your performance is.

Intuitive Interface

Again, a quality webinar software plays a significant role in your success. The more features it has and the more user-friendly it is, the better your attendees will view your performance.

6. High-converting CTA

Your webinar must have a well-defined call-to-action (CTA). Measuring the success of your webinar can be through calculating the percentage of attendees who took this CTA. Actions can be anything, purchasing something, downloading a digital creation, viewing a presentation, completing a survey, etc.

A high-converting CTA has to be as attractive as possible. Here’s how.  

Know your audience

Learn about your focus group, what they like and dislike, the way they think and talk. Create your CTA in a way that will encourage them to take action.


Offering special incentives for attendees who take the desired actions can encourage them to click on your CTA. A free ebook or a discount on your product are good ideas.

A virtual event that is worth your effort and time is possible when you assess and analyze the insights and results. You can craft a successful virtual event only if you identify your weak points.

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