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Affiliate World Conference Asia 2019: Event Review

We love to visit Affiliate world conference in Asia for events, meetups, and trade shows as you know.  It’s awesome to see how it all works out after a period of hard work. We went to Affiliate World Conference held in Bangkok.
First of all, because we love Bangkok. Secondly because the team knows how to throw a great conference.

What is Affiliate World Conference Asia?

According to their official website, is the offline meeting place for the world’s top performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Why did we go to this conference?

In our day to day work, we don’t have a lot to do to start our eCommerce affiliate marketing program.
However, Rayed and I have a long history within the space. For this reason, we are very familiar with performance-based marketing and e-commerce marketing agency.
Implementing the tricks that affiliates and performance-marketers are using is helping us daily.
The reason why we wanted to attend this year’s Affiliate world Asia event is that we want to stay up-to-date about the industry best practices and the trends.
The performance industry is very focused on certain aspects you don’t see within the B2B space.
The core focus of every performance marketer is ROI. How much can I earn based on the traffic I buy.  What do I need to do to reach my goal?
A skill many marketing people in the B2B event space don’t have.
Besides the interesting trends its always good to visit flagship events of industries and see what they do and did to reach this level.

How was the marketing leading up to the affiliate world conference?

The team behind the Affiliate World Conferences are pure marketing people. They use very creative designs and they know how to create the fear of missing out and the right vibe around the conference.

There is a big community behind the conferences that share information of the industry.
They leverage organic, community, paid advertising and email marketing in a very structured matter. The tone of voice is the same on all platforms.
The biggest influencers and thought-leaders connect in the affiliate world Asia event and the community are happy to market the event as well.
Marketing-wise a lot of conferences can learn from what Affiliate World Asia (AWA) is doing and the path they chose to be this successful.

How was the content?

What AWA does super well is focusing on value-added content. They are not trying to fill up the agenda with random topics or speakers.
The topics are clearly divided into main topics and covered by thought-leaders. The amount of topics and speeches is also limited with plenty of breaks.
They packed the main stage area all the time. The speakers really tried to share insightful knowledge on their key topics.
This is a big difference with other conferences where value gets exchanged for sponsorship speeches and random add-ons. We strongly believe that events should focus on the quality of content only.
There are better ways to keep sponsors and exhibitioners happy than offering them speaking slots. The crowd doesn’t like it, and will likely not return for the content.

Networking Opportunities

During and around the event there were plenty of networking opportunities. Some more organized than others.
After each content section, there was a gathering to discuss this topic in a more private environment. This helped in finding likeminded people and share knowledge.
After the conference many stakeholders organized parties, networking events and more. We didn’t go to any of them. However, we heard the vibe was great and a lot of new connections were made.

Recap of the event

Like mentioned at the beginning of this post we already knew the conference would bring quality.  We learned a lot, made new friends.
Event organizers in other industries can learn from what AWA has done and what they still do twice a year.
Becoming the flagship event of an industry is not easy. Staying the flagship event is even harder. Thumps up!

Manno Notermans

Manno is a wanderer of the world looking to make an impact and change the world for the better. He has over 10 years of experience working in various marketing positions. Manno’s main focus the past few years has been accelerating the growth of businesses, increasing revenue, and profit with out-of-box creative ideas and implementations.