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Ultimate Breakdown of Twitter Analytics in 2022

For those of you who are already using Twitter for advertising purposes or are considering it, you really have to know what Twitter analytics is. The Twitter marketing initiatives will indeed be optimized due to Twitter analytics, allowing you to understand the target demographic truly. 

Following Twitter statistics is an essential element of just about every social media campaign for businesses. There are several reasons why including the fact that Twitter metrics may give valuable information about how users interact with the material or whether or not the company’s social networking approach is succeeding. 

As a result, you’re losing out on necessary Twitter data that may help you optimize your approach and maximize ROI. An integrated data-tracking software, Twitter statistics offers you information unique to a particular Twitter account and encourages you to take action as a result of them.

Analytics for Twitter Users’ Accounts

To start off, please log in and select “Analytics” from the “More” from the “dropdown menu” on Twitter’s homepage to see your business’ Twitter analytics. As a result, you would be sent to “”, where you’ll be redirected to your Accounts homepage. You may see the best from the last 28 days by clicking on:

  • When did you start tweeting?
  • What you’ve tweeted
  • When the profile is seen
  • As well as your mentions
  • You’ve gained some new followers

There’s no guarantee that the statistics on the panel are really the ones you must strive for. Investing the money and effort on Twitter will not really make about as much sense to all of us anymore. YouTube and Google provide us with an endless number of leads. Some of our clientele do benefit from Twitter, on the other hand. Whatever your firm is and who you’re trying to reach will determine how you go about doing it. 

Monitor Tweet Activity

Using Twitter Analytics to Monitor Tweet Activity (TAD) (Tweet Activity Dashboard) provides an in-depth look at your Tweet statistics by clicking on the Tweets tab. In the upper right, you may change the timeframe of the metrics you wish to view. It’s fixed to the previous 28 days by default, but you may change it. 

Yet if you want a larger view of the Twitter advertising, you may adjust the time frame to the last two or three months, for example. The chart will change to reflect the number of engagements your tweet generated during the specified time period. A list of your tweets will appear beneath, including the number of impressions, interactions, and engagement metrics for each of your best tweets, retweets and responses, and sponsored tweets. In this case, as well, you’re still inside the range of dates that you selected at the very top. As we check the Twitter statistics, the first step we need to do is check the most popular tweets.

It is to sort the rows such that the tweets with the highest interaction appear first. But you can’t do something like that right now. As a result, all of it is instantly filtered based on the most vital impressions. There is a certain amount of instances that a user has seen a tweet on Twitter, which is known as impressions. 

Is Reach Equal to the Number of Individuals Who Have Seen Your Tweet? 

Please be aware: Reach does not equal the number of individuals. We might score double impressions, for instance, if we have seen the same tweet twice. As a result, impressions, in our perspective, are less significant than interaction. Engagement measures encompass all hits everywhere else on the tweet such as the tagged clicks, hyperlinks, picture clicks, name clicks, twitter extension clicks, etc.

This is in addition to the well-known engagement indicators such as retweet and reply counts, likes as well as followers. Hence, the fact that you can’t select by the statistics you would like to glance at and therefore are compelled to see stuff by peak impressions is a bit of a disappointment. 

This data may be exported through an excel file, and you can then sort this in the manner you genuinely desire after this. It’s really just Twitter performing all the arithmetic for us under the engagement percentage section. So, they divide the interactions on your tweet by their impressions to arrive at this figure. Last but not least, the graphs here on the right show whether any of the following types of engagements there had been.

As well as the links that are clicked, the number of links that are retweeted without a remark, and the number of likes. Only with the aid of this site may you maintain tabs about which material themes are by far the most popular with the community, depending on the number of interactions. 

There seems to be a bypass towards the “Promote” option if you wish to spend money on marketing to gain additional impressions on your tweet. 

Using Twitter Analytics to Monitor Video Activity (VAD)

Alternatively, you may click Videos by scrolling straightway to the top layer of the page and clicking the More dropdown menu. In the absence of video content, this page is likely to be a bit sparse. Examining the data, let’s look more closely at the results.

According to Twitter, this would be the Video Activity Dashboard (VAD), where you can see how many people are watching your videos over Twitter. You may also sort movies based on the number of sponsored views. To extract data as a CSV document, you could choose the range of data.

Likewise, the choice to change the range of data can be found in the top right-hand corner, which also will change the chart somewhere at the head in accordance. This chart illustrates the number of views the videos obtained within the specific period of time and the total number of views. There are no paid promotions involved in our tweets. Thus, it just shows organic visits for us. The data will show up within your Twitter statistics if you did, though.

You can see how many occasions the video has been seen throughout all tweets. However, it doesn’t clarify what qualifies as a “view.”

If Someone Watches it For a Second, Does it Count as a View?

Regarding our Twitter statistics, our initial concern was: How long would anyone have to view it before it qualifies as a “view?” Tweets with at least one or two seconds of viewing time as well as a minimum 50% of a video player within view are considered to have a video viewing in Twitter.
For example, if you have a video that has been seen 100 times, you will have a completion percentage.

You can also see the video retention percentage as well as minutes played watched throughout the Trends graph just on the right corner of the window. 

To monitor the effectiveness of the subject throughout your media content resonate much more with the intended audience, such sections will be identical to that same tweet action page from before. As a result of these two sites, you should be able to decide which material to produce more of based on their combined metrics. 

As well as what subjects inside your specialty your client responds to more. Underneath the More dropdown box, you can now choose between App Manager as well as Conversion tracking as your other two choices. There are a number of different screens available to you whether you are operating a Twitter campaign.

A Final Word

If you are still confused about the way Twitter analytics work in 2021, we, at Think Orion are here to help! We can help you out with Twitter lead generation as well as properly evaluating Twitter analytics. We are fully aware of all the hacks, and smart ways to create meaningful Twitter campaigns.

Rayed Chaudhry

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