A school website is a must-have for creating an excellent first impression.

No matter what educational institution you are in, virtual or classroom-based, a good school website will attract new students, keep current students informed, showcase school events, alum network, and, most importantly, educate visitors.

But what makes a school website stand out? The answer is website design.

To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered the best website designs for schools to get inspiration for design elements. We will be exploring the following 8 website design for schools.

  1. Sci High
  2. The Bronx Charter School for Children
  3. Time2 Stem Academy
  4. Round Rock ISD
  5. Park University
  6. George Washington Academy
  7. Lim London
  8. Ocean School

Let’s explore.

8 Best School Website Design Examples

A school website requires time and effort—but it’s well worth it. Web design extends far beyond just appealing images and flashy colors. 

To create the perfect design, you need to follow higher education design tips, as it can be helpful to take inspiration from existing school websites.

1. Sci High

Sci High is an open-admission public charter school that prepares all students for college admissions and successful careers. 

Sci High provides a rigorous high school curriculum emphasizing science and mathematics in a supportive environment of learning and respect that prepares students to make informed choices about post-secondary pursuits.

Sci High School’s website design has the best branding, features, and functionality. This website balances functional and aesthetically pleasing. This website is an excellent example of consistent branding. The coherent look of the pages builds trust in the institution.

The homepage is full of valuable and informative web elements. Website visitors can find all the essential information and updates with straightforward navigation. The website is uncluttered and looks great on mobile devices.

Sci High school website

Source: Sci High

2. The Bronx Charter School for Children

The Bronx Charter School for Children is a public elementary school whose mission is to empower children to achieve their most significant potential both as students and as members of their communities.

The Bronx Charter School for Children’s website is visually stunning and easy to navigate. The homepage features a slideshow showcasing the diverse activities students enjoy at school. The layout is clean and well-organized. The header includes social media icons.

As we scroll down, website sections have the right amount of whitespace but an outstanding balance of text and images. The webpage is easy to browse, and its typography is straightforward. These features captivate prospective students and lead them to seek more information.

Most prominently, the donation CTA sits on the navigation bar, with different sections organized and linked to their respective pages. The website design reinforces their standards and values of community service.

The Bronx Charter School for Children website

Source: TBCSC

3. Times2 Stem Academy

TIMES2 (Times Square) Academy is a K-12 accredited charter public school committed to improving mathematics, engineering, and science studies for urban youth in Providence, Rhode Island. 

TIMES2 Academy prepares America’s following scientists, engineers, and leaders by providing a rigorous academic program aligned with the state’s requirements.

Times2’s website design is contemporary, with a clear call to action to ‘Enrollment.’ Easy access to essential navigation links at the very top. It uses an attractive picture of students wearing a uniform representing the school.

Scrolling down leads you to the intro paragraph that states the school’s vision and clarifies what they hope to accomplish with their education programs. The color scheme of the website is also worth mentioning. The overall design of the homepage is impressive and is feature-rich.

Times2 Stem Academy website

Source: Times2 Stem Academy

4. Round Rock ISD

Round Rock ISD is located in southern Williamson County and northwest Travis County and includes the City of Round Rock and portions of the City of Austin and Cedar Park.

Round Rock ISD’s website showcases photos of students in the header images and throughout the layout. The warm and friendly colors throughout the website create a welcoming and inclusive feel. The website works perfectly fine when viewed on mobile devices.

The website is well-organized, with an expanded drop-down menu with different sections to organize their page content. What makes this web design for school websites stand apart from all the others is that this website is optimized for users with disabilities or impairments.

Round Rock ISD website

Source: Round Rock ISD 

5. Park University

Park University is a four-year, private, nonprofit, liberal arts institution that has helped students break barriers to education since 1875. Park University’s core values are academic excellence, inclusivity, and social responsibility.

Park University offers one of the best school website designs with full-screen images that will grab visitors’ attention. The navigation bar has nicely organized drop-down lists with an interactive tweak. The header section highlights the call to action, such as ‘Find your program’ and ‘Request info.’

Overall, the website has a neat and modern look. It also works perfectly on mobile devices. The website uses bold and clear fonts, well-positioned photos and videos, and a great layout to engage visitors.

Park University website

Source: Park University

6. George Washington Academy

George Washington Academy is a free public charter school serving grades K-7. Our mission is to establish a learning environment based on the principles of self-discipline and respect where each child may develop the skills necessary to help them succeed honorably in a rapidly changing world through the use of the academically focused Core Knowledge Curriculum buttressed by strong parental involvement.

George Washington Academy’s website homepage is also well-organized in a unique grid formation. The menu bar acts as a sticky nav that slides along the page as you scroll up or down. The call to action button ‘Apply for Enrollment is prominently displayed on the header.

The web design corresponds with the brand’s vision. The homepage shows recent events and announcements. The site has a perfect combination of text and visuals. In mobile view, the user-friendliness of the site is kept intact.

George Washington Academy website

Source: George Washington Academy

7. Lim London

At LIM London, students are delivered with distinctive skill sets to provide music producers with the ability to write their music at industry standards. 

At LIM London, students are provided with education to become empowered and accomplished professionals in the dynamic global fashion world.

LIM London website colors make the page engaging, attractive, and friendly. This music production school’s website shines because of the animations in the background. It’s a simple but beautiful design, and the layout will impress visitors.

The font is easy to read and contrasts nicely. The content is organized in a way that is easy to find and understand by the visitor. The content is optimized for higher education SEO. A CTA on the header image suits prospective students seeking more information best.

Lim London website

Source: Lim London

8. Ocean School

Ocean School is a free environmental education resource for grades 5 to 12. They provide inspiring and immersive multimedia resources featuring linear and 360˚ videos, VR/AR, interactive media, and hands-on projects and activities in English and French. Their cross-curricular content spans science, social studies, language arts, and more.

Ocean School’s website design is simple but user-friendly. It’s well-organized, easy to navigate, and attractive. All the content is easy to find. 

Minimal, clean design and well-chosen pictures perfectly match the brand. One of the standout features of the website is the inclusion of a video in the middle section to explain details about the school.

The search and contact details are also easily accessible. The site had lively visuals, simple yet elegant. The website is completely responsive and works well on different screen sizes.

Ocean School website

Source: Ocean School

Final Words

The best website design for schools strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. A good website for schools connects with their target audience and builds trust in the institution. It leads to more visibility and enrollments.

As we reviewed some of the school website examples, it is clear that you must maintain brand consistency and have a clear goal. Images and videos that build trust and present a picture of your higher education institution must be included. 

Moreover, easy navigation, a clean layout, and well-organized content are key features that make your school website stand out.

Regardless of the size and type, a well-structured website, guided by college marketing firms, will increase your visitors and drive enrollments. Now that you’ve got the inspiration, you must know the key features and design elements to include when creating a professional yet functional website for your school.