With the world hitting almost the mid of year 2021, the trends of the eCommerce industry seem to take some new turns. Although standing out and providing incredible customer experience have been the utmost demands in the eCommerce world, the factors are becoming much more important as the New Year unfolds.
After all the world has witnessed some disturbing yet incredible changes the past year and that each different industry is transforming – leaving behind the traditional methods.
eCommerce industry, at the same time, is growing unstoppably with the increasing trends of online shopping and a changed buying behavior of majority consumers.
Marketing has always been a great means of bringing any business towards success. Be it a traditional method or you adopt innovative tactics, doing it the right way always brings your business to the top.
With the eCommerce industry brewing at an incredible pace, Content Marketing tends to be the finest medium for making your online shopping store a success. Content marketing methods such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and so on, could be of great means when it comes to upscaling your eCommerce brand.
Consequently, many great eCommerce brands are adopting the right content marketing tactics to get themselves noticed amongst the crowd and drive maximum traffic towards their eCommerce websites.
In this blog post, we have put together the 11 most enticing eCommerce content marketing tactics that have been helping multiple online businesses in thriving. They have been described thoroughly with practical examples to help you get aboard with them on the journey of success.

11 eCommerce Content Marketing Examples and Strategies to Drive Traffic and Improve Sales

When marketing any product, make sure you consider the Omnichannel marketing approach where you market to your customer where ever they may be.
Here’s the list of 11 incredible eCommerce content marketing examples and strategies which could help you drive traffic and improve sales within no time.
Dive in to burst your curiosity!

Blog Posts For eCommerce Content Marketing

Blogs could be used to share stories of your business, answer queries of your customers, and notify potential customers about your latest products, etc. An eCommerce business, the best strategy to captivate more customers and keep your existing customers could be communication and what else could be a better means of communication than writing comprehensive, SEO optimized, and targeted blog posts?
If you are more than a mom-and-pop business, then you might consider hiring or partnering with an eCommerce marketing agency. A third-party agency has access to resources and expertise to help you grow your business using digital marketing for eCommerce.
A great example of an eCommerce brand succeeding using blog posting as an eCommerce content marketing strategy is of Au Lit FineLinens. They sell everything which could ensure a good night’s sleep and in coalition with that, they run a blog – offering helpful articles and posts telling their consumers about the great tips and tactics of improving their sleep quality.

Social Media Marketing For eCommerce Businesses

Sharing content on social media is another great way of creating content for eCommerce and connecting with your potential audience. It helps you communicate with your consumers, engage with them, generate leads, nurture them, and convert them into potential clients at the end.
You could share almost any form of content for your eCommerce store via social media platforms. Be it a picture of your new product line, a quick video of your manufacturing process, a link to the press release announcing the launch of your new collection, and others.
The best example of an eCommerce brand making the most of social media marketing could be Etsy, which has embraced almost every platform, ranging from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to Instagram and much more.
Etsy shares images and videos of the products they’re offering along with a call-to-action button and some text in the caption – ensuring that their customers easily get attracted, become a lead, and convert into potential sales within no time. 

Buying Guides For Product Features

One great problem that comes around people when shifting from traditional in-store shopping to eCommerce buying is that they cannot ask real-time questions about the product features and usage.
Buyer guides are a great means of solving that problem and an incredible content marketing strategy for eCommerce stores at the same time.
You need to make sure you are aware of the process that your customer goes through before buying the product you are selling. A buying guide could be a two-part strategy; either add product buying guide in each product page or simply create an article around that specific product buying guide.
A brand that is utilizing this strategy and improving sales is Wayfair. They have a clearly defined format for their product guide that includes size, configuration, storage and others.
This helps them connect better with the audience as they are answering their questions even when they are not asking it, which makes it easier for them to make a purchase.

Infographics – Visual Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores

Infographics are a great content marketing strategy which lets you display information in the form of aesthetic visuals. They could be of great help when the objective is to share some complex yet crucial information with your audience.
Using multiple colors and captivating visuals make them attractive for the consumers and easily conveys the message without hassle.
One great example of an eCommerce brand using Walmart. They create super aesthetic yet brand specific Infographics communicating about the products they offer and latest deals which successfully drive traffic towards their website.

Utilizing Video Form of Content Marketing

Videos are one of the most common and famous mediums of content marketing. They help communicate almost anything with your audience.
Be it a generic post about the products and services you offer or you want to make an announcement about your new product line, quick animated videos with aesthetic visuals and captivating text and voice overs could massively entertain your audience, grab their attention, generate leads and convert them into potential clients.
Nine line is an online apparel seller and they have adopted this great content marketing tactic – videos where they showcase their product with a touch of humor in 30-seconds and boom – they are grabbing massive market share using YouTube and other social media platforms for their online store.


Podcasts are comparatively low-cost yet high-rewarding content marketing tactics for eCommerce that could work best if aligns with the interests of your target audience.
They could contribute massively into establishing your brand’s authority and maximizing your reach. Open For Business by eBay is a great example of using podcasts as a content marketing tactic for the success of your eCommerce business.

Tools and Quizzes

They are another great medium of using content marketing to boost your eCommerce business. Specifically, quizzes and tolls could work exceptionally with both the B2B and B2C businesses. They help buyers make informed decisions such as, if buying a pink hat is right for me? etc.
A great example of using quizzes and tools as a content marketing tactic is of Bushnell, which is an eCommerce giant and shares buyer guides and quizzes to captivate audiences and drive traffic towards their website.

Category Descriptions For eCommerce Content Marketing

These are basically referred to the content which comes at the product category pages. They could help build great SEO value and assist you in reaching higher ranks –ensuring that you drive maximum traffic towards your website and expand your sales growth.
Amazon is a great example of an eCommerce giant which uses category descriptions as a content marketing tactic and drives incredible traffic with the rightful SEO optimization.

SEO Optimized Product Descriptions For Better Content Marketing

They are basically a copy of your product’s specified features and characteristics which could convince your visitors to make an informed purchase decision.
Product descriptions are most likely to provide all the required information about your product to the consumers – ensuring that they are buying something which serves for the exact purposes they desire.
They could include product size, weight features, colors, usage-precautions (if any), and so on. You can conduct keyword research around your industry to help you gather insights on what the customers are looking for.
A great example of an eCommerce giant using product descriptions as a means of content marketing is TrainingMask. They understand that their consumers want scientific proof of what they are buying and so provide them with detailed product descriptions against each product on their website.  

Affiliate Marketing

This is a means of getting your products advertised in blogs and articles of some popular blogging giants. It helps expand your audience and get your brand noticed amongst an extended potential; audience.
Amazon is the biggest example of an eCommerce giant using affiliate marketing. They have created an affiliate program for their website. Publishers and bloggers can sign up for the program and promote the product on their website using different content forms such as reviews, comparisons, roundups and more. 
You can easily create an affiliate program for your eCommerce store, and let them create content for your eCommerce store. And just not eCommerce businesses that benefit from affiliate programs. In fact, affiliate marketing is hugely popular in the higher education industry. A lot of top universities run online courses affiliate programs to improve their student intakes.

Search Engine Optimization

This is another great means of bringing your brand on top and getting it notified among potential audiences and that too, organically. It can help you reach an expanded potential audience using keyword optimization, link building and so on within a low budget.
The best example of an eCommerce giant using search engine optimization as a means of content marketing is Macy’s. They use incredible SEO strategies to keep their products listed on top, drive maximum traffic and increase sales at the end.


Marketing has consistently been an extraordinary method for bringing any business towards progress. Be it a modern marketing strategy or you go with traditional strategies, doing it the correct way consistently carries your business to the top.
With the eCommerce business industry blending at an amazing speed, content marketing will in general be the best vehicle for making your online shopping store a triumph.
Content marketing techniques, for example, website improvement, web-based media showcasing, web crawler promoting, etc., could be of extraordinary methods with regards to upscaling your eCommerce business brand.