eCommerce marketing is the process of promoting your services/products over the internet. This is a useful strategy to bring traffic to your store and change that traffic into paying customers.
It can help you in spreading awareness of your product or service, increase sales, drive customer loyalty, and also create brand image.
It’s a great way for organizations and stores to grow by creating advertisements that will drive traffic to their eCommerce website.
eCommerce also includes data or financial transactions through the internet for example with online auctions, online shopping stores, sales of digital products such as (software, books, video courses, and audio, etc), online marketplaces, and information regarding crowdfunding platforms.
eCommerce platform is one of the best ways to attract relevant audiences and grow your business online without an actual store. How amazing is that?
If you want to take full advantage of it, then the best way is to start utilizing this platform as much as you can. The results will leave you wanting for more!

Email Marketing Tools for eCommerce

These marketing tools for eCommerce business will help in automating tasks such as advertisements, emails, responses, and other actions of websites by using useful content that will help you gain customers and their satisfaction with the product or service.
Here are some of the best eCommerce marketing tools that will help you to grow your business using email marketing:

1. Active Campaign

There are a lot of reasons that Active Campaign is attracting a lot of marketers and small business owners due to the limitless personalization that comes with it. Active Campaign has 15 tools including SMS messaging, email analytics, CRM tools and so much more to help you engage with your customers. Every field you make automatically becomes a personalized tag and that’s what every marketer or small business owner wants!
You may want to know about its pricing too. The active campaign has a sliding tool to show the pricing based on the volume. If you are at a beginner level or on the “lite” plan, then it starts at $69 per month. Furthermore, they also provide free transfer from another platform.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is known for its easily accessible features and unique dashboard. It comes with live chat support and a phone extension. They also offer some training materials and also include templates to run coupons, surveys, add videos, and also invitations on your online store. It is a system that will do complete contact management for you.
It charges $20 per month for the starting basic plan and 45$ for the plus plan. Every plan comes with up to five hundred subscribers and the price increases as the subscriber increases. To see if it’s the best email marketing tool for your eCommerce store, you can avail the trial package for a month. 

3. Mailchimp

When you are running an eCommerce business, you have to keep in contact with your customers. Mailchimp is one of the best tools to make that happen. This tool is the easiest to use and is also affordable which allows you to keep in contact with your customers.
From Mailchimp, you can easily do basic viewer segmentation. Your Mailchimp account will be free for up to 2000 subscribers. This tool will help you to automate your promotion campaigns so that more customers buy your products or services. You can easily set up automatic reminders for people who just leave your store without buying anything or abandon carts.

Best SEO and SEM Tools for eCommerce Marketing

Among the many eCommerce marketing strategies and services, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are the two most common techniques to drive traffic and conversions for your store. 
SEO is dependent on your information of Google’s ranking algorithm to optimize all content. SEM includes search ads, display campaigns, specific product ad campaigns, Google shopping ads which helps you to pay for the top spots on pages of search engines.
Are you wondering about the best SEO and SEM tools for eCommerce marketing? Here is a list for it!

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is best to use for SEO and it starts from $99 per month. What does it do? 

This tool makes it easy for you to do keyword research, it optimizes your website and does competitor analysis for you. This tool will audit your website properly and will let you know about the SEO issues that you need to fix. 
Plus, you can also explore the top content that comes in your niche and you can also identify link-building opportunities from this tool. Ahrefs is widely used for eCommerce SEO, because it provides actionable insights.

5. SEMrush

SEMrush can be used for overall marketing and starts from $99.95 per month in the starting. It can manage every aspect of a marketing campaign. You can monitor all social media channels, track your analytics, and improve your website’s SEO.
You can go through the content with the help of this tool and compare it with the
competitor’s content. You can easily uncover your competitors, do keyword research and also discover new keywords with this tool. This is one of the best SEM tools for overall marketing!

6. Google Search Console

No matter what you are selling or whatever the size of your online store is, you should have a Google Search Console account. However, making an account doesn’t mean that it will automatically improve your SEO or bring more traffic to your site. It’s free and is made by Google to support you, analyze website traffic and customers.
One must know that it doesn’t work automatically for a website. You have to learn how to use it to make sure you get to utilize all aspects of the website. It can be the best tool once you learn how to use it because it improves the visibility of the search engine for your store

7. Google Ads (SEM tool)

From Google Ads, you can easily do online marketing of your products or services. The price of this tool depends on the search network. It’s the best way to promote your online business.
Google Ads helps you to target your potential audience with the help of keywords or demographics. When the targeted audience searches a specific keyword, your service or product will come on the top in their results.
Google Ads advertising can be expensive but is one of the fastest ways to attract targeted people to your site.

eCommerce Marketing Tools for Measuring the Performance

As you know the importance of using tools for online marketing to grow your business but how will you measure the success of your business? How will you know how many people viewed your products or number of visitors on your page? Once you have a grip on the below-mentioned tools, you will be better able to keep a track of all statistics related to your website.
Here are tools that will help you to measure the success of your business:

8. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool that is highly famous among all website owners around the world. You might need some training or certification to learn how to use this tool, but it’s worth all your efforts.  Google Analytics uses data science to help you know what your customers like or why they are visiting your page and for what.
Google Analytics is free and can help you to track visitor’s behavior on your web store, improve conversions on PPC ads and optimize product descriptions or content on your website. Every marketer should have this tool because it helps a lot in knowing your customers and their likes and dislikes.

9. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics helps marketers to appreciate and understand customer’s behavior. Analyzing customer behavior is important if you want to provide them with the best shopping experience. This tool is aesthetic and will help you in the marketing of your store and making better decisions on the layout.

Social Media Marketing Tools for Online Store Marketing

Using social media is crucial for business owners due to its potential to attract more customers and increase sales overnight. If you’re not using social media, then you’re making a big mistake.
Due to a lot of platforms on social media, it is hard to effectively use all of them. Don’t worry anymore because there are some of the best tools that will make it easier for you to grow your business online.

10. Canva

Canva is the best tool that can be used for graphics. This tool is free and it’s essential for eCommerce because it will help you to make interesting and attractive eye-catching graphics. You can use Canva to create logos for marketing, social media posts and so on. People are attracted to interesting logos and creative social media posts, so not utilizing this tool properly is a big mistake.
Not only your content, but the graphics should also be interesting and appealing. Canva provides free templates as well as stickers, icons, and shapes. You can start it as free and then update it when your business grows!

11. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is best to use when you want a tool that will help your Ad Campaigns. It starts at 49$ per month. This amazing tool allows you to monitor and create campaigns on different platforms at the same time. 
For example, you can easily track the outcome of your Instagram, Facebook, and Google campaigns. You don’t have to switch again and again from one platform to another, which eventually saves your time and helps you analyze data in one go.
You can also edit the main graph so you can only track the data which is more important for you. Plus, it will also give you information about how your campaigns are performing online.

12. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for eCommerce websites are of great importance since millions of people use Facebook every day. All you have to do is invest money and just watch how your sales increase. Facebook Ads allows you to check how your post is performing on the app. For example, a person invested 1$ million in 40 days to get a profit of $4million in his sales. How are they doing this? They just boosted a variety of posts and turned the best-performing posts into a current ad campaign.
Almost everyone uses Facebook, some people may not use Instagram or Snapchat but Facebook is the most common platform that everyone uses. So it’s best for marketing your products through ads.

13. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is not as common as Facebook but ranks among the best social media platforms for those who have an eCommerce agenda. 
It’s known because of its creativeness, simple shopping experience, and image boards. A feature that Pinterest provides which is interesting for eCommerce or brands is rich pins. 
These rich pins of Pinterest offer users references, links, and recommendations for products to achieve some decor objectives, project designs, and looks.

Customer Service Tools for Ecommerce Marketing

When shoppers visit a brick and mortar store, they are greeted by employees who offer assistance while they shop.  But it isn’t possible in eCommerce but that doesn’t mean that your online business can’t provide customer service. It’s important to deliver the best experience to buyers in eCommerce.
Finding the best tools to manage, launch, and scale your customer service team seems like a great process. Luckily this tool can help your customer experience team by providing best support to improve your reviews, shoppers and boost referrals and overall sales.

14. Zendesk

Zendesk is the best customer service tool and starts from $5 per month. With this amazing tool, you can provide customer support through chat, phone, email, and social media. This tool will help you in building links with your customers along with offering the best service to your consumers.
It’s easy to make an account on Zendesk and you can also customize or personalize the level of support according to your business needs.
The organizations gather data from each customer interaction and it can also record the response times. This way you can easily build strong relationships with your customers.

Our Recommended eCommerce Marketing Tools Stack

You can’t grow your business in one night, everything takes time. But if you are running an online business you will need to take help from different tools to increase your sales. These tools offer a lot of benefits to their users.
Active Campaigns is one such example. From marketing automation, templates, eNewsletters, autoresponders, Text marketing, and CRM, an Active campaign is the best email marketing strategy which benefits small and medium business owners. 
If you want to boost your sales through this email strategy to get leads, boost marketing process and generate sales, then Active Campaign can do all this for you!
Ahrefs and Search Console is perfect for your SEO as it will provide multiple benefits to you. It will scan your site if it’s having issues that might be causing problems for search engines to rank you. It will keep an eye on your site’s SEO health too overtime. You don’t have to make an effort to rule out these issues.  
They will learn which keywords your site ranks for and it will also determine where you stand on SERP pages as compared to your competitors. It will use SEO metrics to know your website’s SEO capability with keyword difficulty, search volume, and traffic value.
Your online eCommerce business will benefit from all the insight and data, Google Analytics provides a lot of benefits like targeting audiences for you based on their data like their demographics and behavior. 
Another benefit of Google Analytics is that it will let you know from where the visitors are coming plus it also tells you about the current performance of your business and the day when you started using Google Analytics. The best thing about it is that it is free to use!
Social media platforms are the best ways to increase your sales fast. Customers are already viewing and interacting with other brands on different social media platforms and if you aren’t communicating with customers directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest then you are missing out on a lot. 
Marketing on these platforms will bring amazing success to your online business by driving sales and leads. Facebook can show various products at one time in a single Ad and it gives customers an option to select according to their choice. The more relevant Ad it will be for customers the greater chance of buying is there.
Pinterest Ads help you to stay in competition with the competitors of your brand.  By Pinterest Ads, you help leads to find your brand. A lot of people are using Pinterest, so don’t underestimate it when you start paid campaigns on social media platforms.
Coming to the last part, how can Zendesk help you improve your eCommerce marketing process? 
It helps in solving the issues of customers in the most favorable way by providing you a variety of features like knowledge-base, analytics, text messaging, etc. It lets you quickly contact the customers by accessing their data and make suitable decisions to make customer service better and maintain cordial relationships with them. 
When your customers are happy, they will come to your website again to buy your service or products and if they didn’t get any response from you when they had any issues, they won’t prefer your website to buy anything.
This is the whole process that can help you stay ahead of your competition. Although there are other apps too, starting from these will keep you on track!