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Event Sponsorship: 9 Tips For The Best Package You Can offer

Although Covid-19 pandemic has eliminated the opportunity of hosting a physical event, virtual events have been taking over. With the endless variety, these events offer, your chance to reach your target audience has never been greater. However, a seemingly simple word that can terrify an event organizer, is Sponsorships!
We’re sure that you already know that sponsorships are the driving forces behind any successful event. Even if you’ve moved online, this opportunity is still there. The good news is that it can actually be even more interesting and attractive to prospective sponsors.
You might think that attracting sponsors on board is an uphill task that requires thinking out of the box. However, attracting sponsors for your virtual event is easier than you might expect!
We’ve compiled a list of creative, tried-and-tested event sponsorship tips to help you organize the most successful event in 2021.

Benefits of Event Sponsorship Packages & Tips

You’ll be able to generate sponsorship revenues if you get creative and pitch your packages properly. Before selling your virtual event sponsorship, remember that one of the powerful benefits, you’ll provide your sponsors with is a very targeted and highly qualified audience.
Share the demographics of your focus audience with your sponsors. It will let them know that you’re putting them in front of the people they most hope to reach.
Another significant benefit you have to provide sponsors with is the global reach. Virtual events like LinkedIn events, only require time and an internet connection; which is a minimal audience effort, this allows sponsors to splash in a huge global market.  
But building a case that justifies sponsorship prices, is one thing you must always keep in mind: Data is the key.
If you’re not able to share with your sponsors your audience demographics; and track the ROI and analytics after the event, then what’s the point in transitioning to digital?

Use these 9 Event Sponsorship Tips for the best package you can offer Charge


If you do charge for the virtual events you organize, this can be one of the benefits for your sponsors. You can offer them either some premium access or regular tickets, which will allow sponsors to calculate their ROI. For instance, if your tickets are for 25$ and you’ve offered five tickets for your sponsors, then they would have already gotten a 125$ return on investment.


Whether it was through logos, pre-event waiting areas, break sessions, sponsored sections or industry exclusivity; branding is a major thing you need to make use of in the right places. Even if there isn’t a direct return on investment, it is essential for the branding image and value.

a. Logo

It’s one of the least expensive things you can offer and at the same time the most impactful. Not only for sponsors but for you as well. When you show that you have a powerful sponsor, it well-positions you among your competitors.
Include your sponsor’s logo in:

  • Multiple tiers on your website.
  • Landing page / waiting room before the start of the event
  • Chatbox
  • On stage
  • In the stream during talks or breaks
  • During breaks

b. Social media promotions

Another free and powerful tool is to utilize social media platforms. Find appropriate hashtags and network on the platform that is relevant to your target audience.

c. Industry exclusivity

Choose only one sponsor from each industry; this way you offer them exclusivity and its another opportunity to add their logo.

Press release

If you’ve got some media partners, then a press release can have a powerful impact. Mention or quote your sponsor(s) but not all of them, just the higher tier ones.

Email marketing

Email marketing is critical for the success of your event. If you are not utilizing it, then you are losing eyeballs and potential attendees. Mention your sponsor somewhere in the email, or you can add their logo instead.

Printed event schedule

Even though it is a virtual event, a printed agenda or schedule can really boost audience satisfaction and excitement. Virtual attendees hold on to the event’s printed material for a more extended period; which is a plus when you highlight the sponsors in the print-outs. Due to the pandemic, if you’re sending anything, outline the safety measures that you have taken.

Sponsored breaks

Why not sponsor breaks in long virtual events? If you have attendees from different cities or parts of the world, then the logistics can be complicated. Alternatively, sponsors can offer discount codes or coupons for different delivery platforms; so that attendees can order their favorite meal or snack from a local place.

Some Fun

What is more powerful at keeping the audience engaged and excited more than some fun challenges, games and prizes?
Engage your participants with some quizzes and competitive play while you take a break. Sponsors can provide the game and the prizes, which gives them another benefit. As a way of saying thank you for playing, they will have the opportunity to reach out to the attendees.  

Goodies bags

You can consider offering goodie bags with virtual gifts or even real ones. For instance, workbook materials and sponsored props for the event. Nowadays, it is very easy to find a shipping company that delivers all over the world and with reasonable prices as well.

Speaking slots

These can be your sponsor’s favorite opportunities that you can offer. Sponsors will have direct contact with the participants and deliver their messages. However, this can be very tricky, as you need to avoid sponsors to turn this opportunity into advertisements.
To prevent your audience from losing trust in you, make it clear that any message needs to be approved by you. You can also suggest crafting the presentation to the sponsor; so that it suits both their marketing needs and your objectives.
With some innovation and creativity, you can quickly go beyond the surface; and provide the same, if not better, opportunities to your sponsor.

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Rayed is passionate about marketing and interested in learning new ways to hack (legally) marketing platforms to help businesses achieve growth using unconventional methods. Prior to starting Orion, Rayed has worked in various marketing positions and spent millions of dollars across different ad platforms.