With every passing day communicating with customers and clients is transforming across the globe for brands and businesses. With a variety of mediums available for businesses to communicate with their customers, social media has always come out as one of the most preferred methods for interacting with your customer. And when it comes to social media, Facebook Messenger Ads are one of the fastest-growing channels for promotion and marketing.
With over 1.3 billion people worldwide using the Facebook Messenger App monthly, and 36% of these users being exclusive to Messenger and not having a Facebook presence, the Facebook Messenger App, presents itself as a golden opportunity to advertise to a new market segment and with nearly 700k people added to the app every day, the possibilities seem endless.

How to Create Facebook Messenger Ads that Generates Clicks

An exciting new feature added to the Facebook Messenger app, Facebook Messenger ads are clickable advertisements that, once clicked on, directly initiate a conversation with the business and at times even offer a direct answer to a query right away. 
These Facebook ads are designed in such a way that they drive the user or potential customer towards a conversation or better yet a sale. There are different types of Facebook Messenger Ads available for advertisers to use, some of which are :

  1. Sponsored Messages
  2. Click to Messenger Ads
  3. Messenger Inbox Ads
  4. Messenger Stories Ads

Let us now look at a step-by-step approach to creating Facebook Messenger Ads that will not only generate clicks but will also increase sales.

1. Accessing the Ad Creation Manager

First and foremost, no matter what type of messenger ad you want to create, you need to access the ad creation manager on your Facebook profile using your official business page. 

2. Selecting Your Objective

Source: facebook.com

The first option that you will be presented with when creating a new Facebook Messenger ad campaign would be choosing your campaign’s objective. This decision needs to be taken with careful consideration keeping in mind the kind of outcome you want to achieve from the messenger ad and how well it aligns with your business and brand. 
Selecting the objective also depends on the type of Facebook Messenger ad that you would be using, for a Click to Messenger ad you might want to choose traffic, messages, and conversions as your objective. 

3. Time To Name Your Ad Campaign

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At this stage, you want to give your campaign a name that is not only recognizable but attracts the interest of your audience and of course helps you remember what it was all about. In this window, you can also work on certain special options such as determining whether you are running an ad in a special ad category and you can further go into detail about the campaign such as optimizing the campaign budget or even opting for A/B testing. 

4. Pathway For The Traffic

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In this step, you would be choosing between a two-pronged approach depending on the type of Facebook messenger ad category that you have chosen for your business or product and the objective you want to drive. 

In case you have chosen to receive messages from prospective clients or customers because of these ads, then you would have to choose where to direct the conversation whether to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp business, or Instagram Direct.

On the other hand, if you have chosen driving traffic as one of your objectives for your ad campaign on Facebook Messenger then the options given to you, to drive the traffic would revolve around choosing a website that can be your business’ official website or directing the conversation to Facebook messenger or even WhatsApp business.

5. Budgeting, Scheduling, and Determining the Audience

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This is one of the most important steps when creating Facebook Messenger ad campaigns. Budgets are a major component of any ad campaign whether to be run digitally on social media or any other platform. 

In this window, you would be asked to select your budget and then also a schedule for Facebook Messenger ads. You would have to determine the start date and the end date of the campaign as well as determine and select the kind of audience that you want these ads to reach. 

This step is crucial because you might be ready to spend a huge budget on advertising via Facebook Messenger ads but if you do not choose the right audience then the efforts will not be exactly fruitful. 

6. Choosing Placement

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The next step is choosing the placement for Facebook Messenger ads. Facebook recommends that you choose the automatic placement option that will help you optimize your budget and reach more people. 

This option uses artificial intelligence algorithms to select and determine your audience for the ads by analyzing placements that will produce the best results. The second option that you would be given, would be manual placements. 

In manual placements you become the boss and based on your market intelligence and research you select the places where you want to show your ad. The more placement options you choose, the more chances you will get to reach out to your target market and drive your end objective. 

7. Select a Compatible Format and Call to Action

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In this step, you must select the compatible format for your Facebook Messenger ad depending on your audience as well as what you want to achieve from the Facebook Messenger ad campaign. 

This is known as creating the ad creative where you will determine the text, the headline, description, etc. the critical features of the Facebook Messenger ad that you want your audience to see. You would also be asked to determine your call to action as in what would be the next step to be when your target market or audience clicks on the ad. This call to action can also be in the form of a message.

8. Time To Go Live

This is the final step and the step that you have been waiting for. Now that you have determined the ad creative for your Facebook Messenger ad campaign, you can now go live with your Facebook Messenger ad and truly experience the power of this advertising mechanism that will not only help you promote your business but will also aid in developing a relationship with your customers. 

Facebook Messenger Ads Example

Now let us look at some Facebook Messenger ads examples in Sponsored, Click to Messenger Ad, and Facebook Messenger Ad Stories Category.

1. Sephora Facebook Click to Messenger Ads Example

Source: manychat.com

Sephora states that this Facebook Messenger ad helped them increase client bookings by over 11%. 

2. Pura Vida FB Ads Example

Source: manychat.com

Pura Vida attributes the success of this Facebook Messenger ad to the attractive and impactful photographs used in this, hence highlighting the importance of a good Facebook Messenger ad creative. 

3. Jasper’s Market

Source: blog.hootsuite.com

Jasper’s market attributes this Facebook Messenger stories ad to increase its brand awareness by 9%. An establishment specializing in providing locally sourced produce, the marketing team at Jaspers believes that the results were achieved because of the crisp imagery used in the ad. 

Advantages of using Facebook Messenger Ads for eCommerce and Other Businesses

Here are the few benefits for eCommerce and other businesses if they decide to invest in Facebook Messenger ads. 

1. Helps drive traffic to the business website to collect customer information

2. Push visibility and brand awareness

3. Help build an interactive customer relationship

4. A platform for having personalized conversations with customers

5. Boasts a 20% click-through rate vs. 2% of Facebook Feed Ads

6. Helps in generating leads and increasing conversion rate

7. Improves response time

8. Chatbots can help in streamlining the payment process

9. The automated system helps save human resource costs

10. Increasing reach via mass messaging using Messenger Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Facebook Messenger have ads?

Yes, Facebook Messenger does offer ads. Given the reach of the Facebook Messenger app, Facebook Messenger ads are convenient to attain global reach. 

2. How much is a Facebook Messenger ad?

The cost for running a Facebook Messenger ad varies and depends on multiple factors including your target audience, schedule, and of course your budget. 

3. What are click-to-Messenger ads?

It is a type of Facebook Messenger ad that works on 3 principles that are messages, traffic, and conversions. It sends out a message, to drive traffic and eventually lead to a sale. 

4. What is the difference between Click to Messenger and sponsored message?

A Click to messenger ad works on initiating a conversation with a new customer whereas sponsored Facebook messenger ads are used to re-engage a customer who had shown interest in the business, product, or service in the past but had abandoned midway. 


Facebook Messenger ads are no doubt an innovative channel for not only reaching out to your prospective customers, building a brand image but also for interacting with them on a more personalized level. 

Depending on the nature of your business and what you want to achieve from a certain campaign you can use Facebook Messenger ads to not only drive sales but also explore newer market segments that were previously untapped. On the other hand Google Ads is also a competitive platform compared to Facebook ads for uncovering untapped potential.