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B2B Webinars: Why you should use them to grow your business

Through webinars, B2B companies position themselves as experts within a particular area. What happens is that as the email list grows, other companies and businesses start to reach out to the webinar’s speaker. They ask for advice and guidance on specific topics. In this case, the host can have a high impact and can generate leads to convert them into customers. 
According to Content Marketing Institute, in 2015, over 60% of B2B businesses included webinars in their marketing strategies. 
However, to benefit from webinars, you need careful planning, strategy and execution. 
Since the sales price in a B2B model is much higher than in a B2C model, the ROI is well worth the extra time and resources spent.
Marketing to another business (B2B) requires brand recognition and credibility throughout various departments. Furthermore, there is a need for a bullet-proof marketing plan that drives brand recognition and delivers results.
In contrast to (B2C) where businesses only have to convince consumers that they need their products; webinars offer B2B an opportunity to target a specific audience and discuss the benefits of their corporate offerings. If webinars aren’t something you are currently utilizing to increase your company’s reach and recognition, then it may be time to start.  
Here are some of the most important advantages of B2B Webinars that will make your decision easier.

1. A Webinar is Cost-Effective

Although face-to-face meetings have many advantages, coordinating logistics can be very challenging. Everyone’s schedule is already busy, and there is an extra cost involved. In contrast, the cost of a webinar includes software such as Zoom and a simple microphone and webcam. Most computers come built-in with these.

2. B2B Webinars have a larger audience reach

As already mentioned, in-person meetings and appointments are preferred by people but not always possible due to the time limit and expenses. But these types of meetings are very limited in audience. Whereas, in B2B webinars, you can instantly eliminate such restrictions and reach as many prospects as you’d like in a single session.
Attendees will have to log in at an appointed time wherever they are as long as they have access to the internet and a computer/laptop/etc.
Other than reaching out to many larger audiences, you can use webinars internally in companies to connect multiple locations of the same company. As a result, you can streamline various actions like purchasing and decision making, so that everyone receives identical information.

3. Dialogue with interested participants

Marketing resources like printed materials and emails, do not allow businesses to pitch their products, and create a dialogue with their audience. 
Other than general discussions that could be made through webinars, designated question and answer segments are possible to enhance engagement and participation.

4 .Webinars help you generate new B2B leads

Besides boosting the audience attendance, webinars that focus on a specific topic or industry trend can be an effortless method to generate new leads. 

5. Strengthen current B2B relations and partnerships

B2B webinars can be a very effective way to nurture and strengthen the partnerships and relations with other companies that you already have. Offering exclusive webinars to existing clients will help develop your brand loyalty within your customer base. 
Besides being a powerful way to train customers on how to use your products, you can even troubleshoot solutions with clients through B2B webinars. 

6. Establish Industry Authority

Many businesses claim industry authority; however, many fail to prove it on a consistent level. 
B2B webinars can facilitate this as you can host as many webinars as you’d like on super trending industry topics. When you maintain this, you can instantly establish your brand as in-the-know experts. In no time, you’ll become an authority in your industry. 

7. Webinar enables Live Demonstrations

Why tell consumers how great your products are when you can show it to them. The dynamic forum that B2B webinars offer can make live product launches and demonstrations possible. 

8. Sustainable Marketing Impact

Since you can record B2B webinars, you can use them, later on, to connect and engage with other businesses without having to create new content. 


Webinars are a great tool to use for various reasons. But there are many bad webinars out there that give this form of communication a bad rep. We urge you to give it a try because when done right it can reap great rewards.

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