You found the location and dates. Reached out to your email database with the announcement and the first speakers agreed to come. The theme is bright and whom you want to reach as well. The marketing team made the content roadmap and started reaching out to PR companies.
Paid advertising is usually part of the plans; however, not the main focus and limited to the known platforms, Facebook & Google. The time has come for you to upscale your marketing efforts and outsource the promotion of your event to an event marketing agency. Congratulations!
Handing over the paid advertising to an external agency can feel rather daunting. You’ve nurtured it and helped it grow into a successful event, taking care of every marketing task yourself. You are the brain behind all this, and who can do it better without hurting your brand?

Find yourself an advertising agency that helps you and doesn’t replace you

How can you be sure whomever you appoint is going to carry on your work as diligently, if not more diligently, and help take your event’s promotion to the next level?
Here’s an event guide to choose the right marketing agency for your event and managing client-agency expectations so you can focus on quality and keep the brand direction on point.

Know what you’re looking for as the head of marketing

The primary thing you need to do is get a clear idea of what you want from a marketing agency. Write a full brief detailing the services you need, such as web design, social media management, AdWords campaign management, SEO, and set out your goals in each field.

Try to be specific in your targets, for example, if you’re currently at 10,000 Instagram followers and you want to reach 15,000 within the next 12 months, make that very clear. Make sure to set goals that help your conference or event. Data is king here.
Once your goals are determined, you will have a more reliable idea of the capabilities your marketing agency needs to possess. You will have a complete document to submit to potential agencies so that they understand your requirements – and whether or not they can meet them.
If you do choose to set very aggressive targets, beware of any agency that promises they can reach them – are they merely trying to get the deal?

Please do your research and take your time for it

Do you know about of other events with fabulous marketing and they’re not your direct rivals, nothing is stopping you from calling them and asking which event marketing agency they’re using?
You can also make use of professional networks such as promoting events on LinkedIn(some countries Facebook) to gain references.
Once you have a list of event agencies to check out, analyze their website, and look at the core competencies, they promote. If you’re looking for an agency that’s strong in social media, make sure that’s something mentioned on their homepage.
Check out their client list and past events. Look at the KPIs achieved – how do they align with your ambitions?

Check references

ou wouldn’t hire a worker without requesting recommendations, so why wouldn’t you do the same when hiring an agency? Your marketing agency will work as an extension of your marketing team, so it’s essential you find an excellent marketing agency in Toronto, New York, Singapore or anywhere, that matches your goals and efforts.
Ask to be put in touch with clients directly so you can ask any specific questions and be sure of getting an up-to-date, verified opinion.
Do ask the reference-giver about any challenges they faced – not because you are trying to catch the agency out, but to get a realistic view of what it’s like to work with them.


Conclusively, much of picking a marketing agency for your event will come down to gut instinct but do your due diligence, and you’ll have a far smaller chance to be disappointed. Find an agency that genuinely wants to help you as head of marketing and who will make your life easier.