Finding your dream SaaS (Software as a service) target Audience is not an easy task in 2021.
Every startup thinks that they are unique and that they do things better or differently. And that they will survive.
So if we are all unique and we have a great product then the main reason to outshine with your SaaS product is how to market, where you market, knowing your SaaS/ product target marketing will give you the edge over your competitors.

Why is everyone telling the exact same story? Is there only one SaaS Target Audience?

Because we want everyone to be our customers and because we are afraid to lose clients, customers, & partners, we try to sell to everyone. It also makes us believe we are amazing and that our product or service is different.
But does your customer really care or do they see it the same way?
The broad approach that most SaaS businesses are using can work if you are an established brand like SlackActiveCampaignHubspot.
However, this approach is usually a warning signal indicating that you’re going to waste a lot of money on reaching SaaS marketing audiences that won’t convert into buyers.

What can SaaS Businesses do differently?

If you are a market-leading solution, unique and you know your SaaS target audience, you will scale and find new buyers. But what if things were different?
What if your SaaS product is good, maybe even great, but it looks a lot like the 10s of others out there. You should probably adjust your approach and mix up your strategy. Maybe explore Omni channel marketing.
First things first…
Before you start marketing you need to figure out the following things:

  • Who is my single ideal audience (1 segment at a time)
  • How do I position myself towards them? What makes me unique?
  • What kind of message should I use to interact with my SaaS audience?
  • Who is my competition in the eyes of this ideal customer?
  • Validate the assumptions you made up here!

The above steps are key before you start generating demand for your SaaS product. The above steps are also key to figure out before you hire an agency or invest in an internal marketing communication team member.
If you need help with the above I can recommend some consultants to help you in this process.
Don’t forget, it’s easy to be biased and give yourself a false positive outlook when your time and money is invested in a business. A third party can provide insights you never knew existed.
Moving on.. if you’re one of the people that love to get their hands dirty, the next part is for YOU!
Now you have validated your segment and messaging it’s time to create some educational content.  

Education driven SaaS content

There are many ways to educate your SaaS target audience. Depending on your niche and audience you need to adjust your messaging and education.
The first thing you need to do is conduct an in-depth audience research.  
This is research that is done by the different departments of your team and which will give you the right ammunition to fine-tune your messaging and have a laser-sharp focus on your ideal audience.
During the research period you will answer to the following questions:

  • Who is my dream SaaS audience?
  • Why do they like me?
  • What can I offer them?
  • Which features do I offer?
  • What are the benefits of these features?
  • What makes us unique?
  • How does my audience talk?
  • Where do they spend their time?

If you need help with answering these questions, please shoot me a message on LinkedIn.

As a result of the research, you will be able to connect your content ideas with your ideal audience. It will also help you to create articles, images & videos, landing pages development, and lead generation.
It will give you the ability to create buyer personas and really get your focus laser-sharp.
It’s 2021 and its time for personal messaging. Its time you set yourself apart from the masses with a laser-focused SaaS target audience.