Even though the world is back to normal, hybrid events have become a thing.

Individuals and organizations worldwide have realized the benefits of virtual and hybrid events. So, we will see more hybrid event platforms arriving this year and onwards.

But do you know what is a hybrid event? The definition seems straightforward: A hybrid event combines in-person and virtual attendees into one comprehensive experience to help businesses reach their goals.

Fortunately, it has become easier today to host an engaging and impressive hybrid event without worry – thanks to the hybrid event platform technology. As a hybrid bonus, it can work for any industry and event.

You need to find the best platform, and you’re all set for a successful event.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hybrid Event Platform

No doubt, hybrid events are more challenging as the host must engage both in-person and virtual audiences. And to make the event successful, you need to know the best hybrid event platforms that offer a mixture of functionality and experiential elements.

We’ve listed key factors to consider when choosing a hybrid event platform:

1. Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities can be of great use to ensure the flow of information.

Ask yourself what tools you want to integrate, what other plugins you need, and whether the platform is cohesive enough. Ensure the hybrid event software you choose is flexible for modern and seamless tech-tools integration.

2. Customization Options 

Create and personalize event attendees’ journeys with event software that offers hybrid event tools for relationship building. Customization is the key to bridging the gap between in-person and online audiences.

Look at the available customization options and how they can be transformed for different event types. For example, a business conference will have a different look and feel than a sports event.

3. Engagement Features 

Hybrid meeting software must offer engagement tools essential for two-way communication. You can look out for platforms that offer:

  • Live polling option
  • Q&A feature
  • Breakout rooms/sessions
  • Chat rooms or sessions

Real-time interactivity, connection, and participation accelerate the experience for the attendees. This is your opportunity to impress and convert attendees into qualified leads by ensuring continuous engagement.

4. Technical Reliability 

From the moment attendees enter your event, in-person or hybrid, you must ensure a seamless connection. It is only possible when your event platform is highly reliable regarding technical specifications and performance.

With high adaptability, you can create excellent coordination between the on-site audience and virtual attendees. Also, it must provide a basic end-to-end event management solution with features like event registration, event check-in, registration data, agendas, payment gateways, and ticketing.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting are the most important elements a hybrid event platform must have. If the platform doesn’t offer this, you’ll be left running here and there for the data.

A great platform lets you see real-time data such as sessions, attendees, behavior, engagement, and conversions.

Top 10 Hybrid Event Platforms 

Are you looking for top hybrid event platforms? You’ve come to the right place. With different features and customer reviews, we’ve compiled the leading platforms for your events.

1. BigMarker


Source: BigMarker


BigMarker advertises itself as the market’s most customizable hybrid event software provider. It is a cloud-based webinar-hosting and marketing tool that allows you to produce and deliver events, engage audiences, and collect real-time analytics.

BigMarker is an empowering platform that delivers a premium experience, enabling you to reach more people and maximize event ROI.

Key Features 

BigMarker offers a unique set of key features that include:

  • Unified event attendance for in-person and virtual attendees
  • Mix and match different modules such as sessions, breakouts, networking, and gamification
  • On-demand badge printing and scanning
  • Self-service and seamless check-in
  • Mobile app for attendees
  • Media hub to create, publish, and share content
  • Networking dashboard to connect your attendees with relevant contacts
  • Built-in powerful marketing tools to promote your event
  • Integrate different tech tools, sales, and learning platforms

Customer Reviews

With all the software choices, BigMarker is the #1-rated platform that helps you stand out. One-of-a-kind hybrid event platform, BigMarker, has been the first choice of customers worldwide.

BigMarker’s 97% of customers recommend this platform to a friend or colleague because it has the best technical capabilities, excellent video and sound quality, and an active development team that continues to update features and functionalities.

2. Bizzabo


Source: Bizzabo


Bizzabo is a leading virtual and hybrid event platform that offers all-in-one solutions that provide all the flexibility you need. Bizzabo positions itself as an event experience and not a format-based platform. With customized attendee experience, journeys, and dynamic multitrack features, Bizzabo is designed to accelerate the sales pipeline and generate ROI.

Key Features 

Bizzabo provides several key features that make it stand out among other platforms.

  • Integrations with popular CRMs to boost data analytics
  • Single sign-on for organizers and attendees
  • Highest level of security for your event
  • Collect and manage leads in real-time
  • Create customized branded event sites and campaigns
  • Mobile app with live polls and networking features
  • Centralized dashboard for event tracking

Customer Reviews

Bizaboo is the best software for event marketers and is considered the highest-performing event platform that helps customers reach their goals.

Bizaboo has enabled event marketers from different industries to deliver exceptional, high-performance hybrid events. Onboarding features, deliverables, 24/7 support services, BizzaKnowledge, and integrations for high-tech events are key areas their customers highlighted that helped them achieve goals.

3. Eventcube


Source: Eventcube


Eventcube is one of the best hybrid event platforms winning the game since pre-pandemic. With its champion ticketing and event management software, Eventcube has empowered marketers worldwide.

It’s a platform that allows you to create, connect, and communicate all your event marketing materials and technology. From the pre-event registration to everything in between and post-event data analysis, Eventcube lets you take control of your event in every aspect.

Key Features 

For events that require a main stage, Eventcube is the right place as it offers several unmatchable features.

  • Dedicated ticketing and event planning system
  • White-label services for brand customizations
  • Sub-room breakout features
  • Digital whiteboards via Miro integration
  • Real-time polls and voting
  • Dynamic multi-day schedule dashboard
  • Live panel, virtual green room, and design services

Customer Reviews

As a fully connected events platform, Eventcube is valued by customers due to its simple and user-friendly functionalities. It allows event marketers to gain complete control of the event and supports third-party integrations for enhanced experience.

Eventcube has served top brands such as TedX, TikTok, TK Maxx, and Red Bull, making it a preferred choice for businesses that want full customization.

4. EventMobi


Source: EventMobi


EventMobi is a well-known hybrid event platform that allows event marketers to host all kinds of events effortlessly. It is one of the most trusted and credible platforms that ensures seamless delivery.

EventMobi also enables integrating platforms like Marketo and Salesforce, with high adaptability. Event marketers can create event landing pages/websites, email marketing campaigns, and complete the ticketing process.

Video-on-demand and live newsfeeds make it a preferred choice in the corporate world.

Key Features 

With efficiency as the goal, EventMobi offers various features that event marketers can benefit from.

  • Customized event registration platform
  • Fully branded and immersive design personalization
  • Event mobile apps for your event
  • Event engagement tools
  • 1:1 meeting sessions and groups
  • Advanced analytics to track metrics

Customer Reviews

From start to finish, EventMobi is a great platform. Users of EventMobi have reported successful events with efficient communication and service that make it the number 1 go-to hybrid event platform.

Also, the robust event app allows event marketers to develop branded apps that help attendees navigate the entire event and bring all information to one place.

5. Hopin


Source: Hopin


Brands that look for platforms to create a community experience opt for Hopin. It is the most recognized hybrid event platform that keeps things simple but at a premium price. Hopin powers up your events by providing authentic connection-building options, live engagement, video technology, and global interaction for audiences worldwide.

Hopin has positioned itself as a community-focused hybrid event software that is fun, lightweight, and easy for everyone on your team. Attendees can engage in networking and discussion sessions by selecting a predetermined time.

Hybrid trade show platform

Key Features 

Hopin is your community-building partner that lets attendees come back to you even after the event. Here are some key features Hopin offers:

  • Registration: Pre-event and event registration
  • Attendance engagement: agenda schedules and networking
  • Administration: event configuration, marketing, access, and advanced reporting
  • Virtual experience: lobby, built-in webcast, and integrations
  • Engagement: 1:1 networking with sponsors, speakers, exhibitors

Customer Reviews

Hopin is a cloud-based event software that allows businesses to connect their stakeholders, community, and target audience by leveraging the stage, sessions, and other tech tools. Users have reported a well-planned layout and straightforward UI that supports pre-event, during the event, and post-event activities.

6. Hubilo


Source: Hubilo


Hubilo is a perfect hybrid event platform for engagement and event excellence. Hubilo advertises itself as the webinar platform that helps you 2x your pipeline by boosting ROI.

From start to finish, Hubilo allows you to develop interest, communicate intent, make an impact, and repurpose countless hours spent on hybrid events. It empowers event marketers to eliminate the manual sales funnel and focus on the entire customer journey until it reaches the bottom of the sales funnel.

Key Features

You can achieve more attendance, more participation, and more conversions with the help of Hubilo features such as:

  • Build an event registration page with an assortment of tickets
  • Live and pre-recorded streaming sessions
  • In-session audience engagement tools
  • Interaction and customizable session rooms
  • Control exhibitor and sponsor profiles
  • Range of analytics to identify event data

Customer Reviews

Hubilo is an accomplished virtual and hybrid conference platform that provides easy navigation for event marketers and powerful features with security options. Event marketers find Hubilo an effective platform for smooth event delivery, excellent experience, and phenomenal tech support.

7. Stova


Source: Stova


Stova is a complete event management platform offering in-person, virtual, and hybrid solutions. Stova has positioned itself as an event platform that offers transformative experiences that enable event marketers, sponsors, and attendees to create a cohesive experience.

Stova has enabled hundreds of businesses to deliver impactful events for over a decade. Stova is a partner for businesses that offers endless brand potential at every step of the life cycle.

Key Features 

Stova encourages innovation, creativity, and security, and here are some key features that set them apart.

  • From simple RSVPs to complex conference registrations
  • Create branded event landing pages
  • Create, communicate, and track event invitations
  • Personalized scheduling of events
  • Online check-in for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events
  • Pre-event research and post-event follow-up surveys
  • Mobile app with configured push notifications

Customer Reviews

One platform with endless potential, Stova is the first choice for many event marketers who demand brand customization. With an extremely friendly UI and customizable apps, customers have positively attributed the features of Stova.

Event marketers who used Stova revealed they could capture meaningful analytics and visual insights for seamless cross-event reporting.

8. Swapcard


Source: Swapcard


Swapcard advertises itself as an event platform that helps event marketers create meaningful connections. It is one of the top self-serve event platforms that saves time, delivers quality experiences, and generates more revenue.

With smart event technology, Swapcard allows businesses to maximize lead generation, increase engagement, and nurture their audience to convert into qualified sales.

Key Features

Swapcard is a data-driven, unified, easy-to-use event technology solution with powerful features that deliver long-term value.

  • Create and manage your events
  • Build deeper relationships
  • Grow audience awareness
  • Monetize sales leads and generate revenue
  • Full onsite services with interactive
  • AI-powered networking
  • A complete 365 experience for event organizers

Customer Reviews

Swapcard is turning vision into reality and enabling event marketers to create engaging experiences for a winning event. Users of Swapcard have reported comprehensive data-led experiences for their events that helped them enhance their overall engagement and behavior.

9. Vfairs


Source: Vfairs


Vfairs is a fantastic host engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person events platform offering immersive events technology. Vfair is an all-in-one solution allowing you to build, market, host events, and capture attendee attention. Also, the 3D experience enhances engagement by boosting interaction and communication with personalized user journeys.

Vfairs hybrid event software also allows you to develop a stunning model for your virtual environment that matches your live venue setup. Vfairs maximizes reach, provides value for sponsors, helps build community, and calculates ROI and analytics.

Key Features 

Deliver extraordinary events with Vfair’s high-tech event management software key features.

  • Custom event website development
  • Event registration and ticketing
  • Badge printing and check-ins
  • Mobile event app and lead capture
  • Seamless integrations to enhance event

Customer Reviews

Vfairs users reveal that critical software allows them to leverage the event and generate maximum ROI. With an incredibly easy-to-use platform, Vfairs doesn’t require technical expertise to operate an event.

Vfairs users have regarded it as an excellent product, high-content delivery system, and tech-reliable platform.

10. Webex Events (Formerly Socio)

webex - socio

Source: Webex


Webex is a wonderful event platform that serves industries such as education, healthcare, government, finance, sports and entertainment, and nonprofits. Webex promotes itself as the future platform, with the power of a single end-to-end platform and built-in flexibility.

Webex allows event marketers to manage events across the entire event lifecycle and even after the event is over. Webex is all you need to elevate the experience for your in-person and virtual attendees.

Key Features 

Webex provides intuitive event tech for a seamless experience by providing the following features:

  • Registration and ticketing with multiple options.
  • Fully customizable event mobile app
  • Power-safe and seamless in-person event check-in and badge printing. 
  • Event communities for networking, topic-based discussions, and exclusive content
  • Sponsorship tools
  • Event agenda and digital guide
  • Actionable dashboard for real-time data analytics

Customer Reviews

Webex users define their experience as intuitive, flexible, supportive, secure, and fully managed for a hybrid event. It provides technology that adapts to different team structures and is good enough to create an immersive event experience for attendees.

Hybrid event platforms – FAQs

How do I choose the right hybrid event platform for my needs?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right hybrid event platform:

  • Experiential elements
  • Visual designs
  • Customization
  • Seamless integration
  • Engagement tools
  • Technical reliability
  • Networking rooms
  • Analytics and Reporting

What is the role of hybrid event platforms in marketing strategies?

The role of hybrid event platforms in marketing strategies includes:

  • Bring excitement to the audience
  • Accessibility
  • Interaction and connection
  • Greater reach
  • High engagement
  • Improved content delivery
  • Minimal cost
  • Real-time data and analytics

How do hybrid events contribute to lead generation and customer acquisition?

Hybrid events contribute to lead generation and customer acquisition through:

  • Wider reach
  • Data collection
  • Engagement
  • Customization
  • Content delivery
  • Networking opportunities
  • Brand exposure
  • Instant feedback
  • Lead nurturing

Final words

Now that you’ve gone through some of the top hybrid event platforms, you can choose any based on your requirements. Ensure the platform provides an equally engaging experience for in-person and virtual audiences. From brand representation to interactivity, hybrid event software makes it a breeze to connect and communicate.

And by far, the best ability of a hybrid platform is to reach your audience wherever they are. Also, hybrid events are not a choice anymore but a necessity in today’s digital world of accessibility.

Remember, hybrid events become your asset with an extended lifespan that can continue to generate traffic, so ensure you choose the best platform.