It can be really difficult to create a high-converting landing page. It is, nonetheless, an absolute must when it comes to conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

‍The reason why we mentioned that creating converting landing pages is difficult is that it’s impossible to know what your potential buyers will respond to and which copy will persuade them to convert. While many landing pages differ in appearance, they all have one primary goal — to convert visitors to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

‍If you’re having trouble coming up with an extraordinary landing page that can increase conversions, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

‍In this blog post, we’ll share with you a bunch of some of the greatest website landing page examples from different niches.

‍Get ready to soak in a whole lot of inspiration.

Features/Tips for a Great Landing Page

Visitors should be able to easily grasp what they’re signing up for or downloading and how it will benefit them once they arrive on your landing page.

‍We’ve outlined some design tips that all landing pages should contain for high conversion rates. It is important to understand that landing pages require a different strategy compared to other pages on your site.

1. Branding and logo that is consistent

It’s critical that your landing page should be a reflection of your website. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to look exactly like the rest of the pages of your site. Landing pages also don’t have to be complicated when it comes to design elements. In fact, when it comes to landing pages, simple is better. A high-quality landing page should be consistent with your branding. When a website visitor lands on your landing page, they should be able to see your company logo appears at the top of each landing page.

2. Add all the necessary components that make up an effective landing page

Landing pages or lead capture pages, are used to convert visitors into leads by encouraging them to provide their contact information in exchange for something “free and valuable”.

It’s crucial that your landing pages include the following elements in order to facilitate these transactions:

  • A headline followed by a sub-headline that is optional.
  • A short summary of your offer that accentuates its worth.
  • A compelling image with vibrant visuals.
  • Supporting content such as testimonials, reviews, and brand mentions.
  • Most importantly, an easy-to-fill-out form to capture information from visitors.

3. Remove clutter and add negative space

To reach your landing page’s goal, make it clear to visitors what action they should take and how to get there. It’s your job to keep visitors hooked on a landing page once they arrive. To prevent visitors from performing any action other than your intended one, it is crucial to remove all unnecessary clutter. This includes getting rid of the page’s primary navigation. We’re talking about removing website navigation from your landing pages. You run a high risk of distracting visitors if there are links on the page that allow visitors to navigate to other pages on your website. This can create friction in your lead generation process.

4. Add a call to action (CTA) that resonates with your landing page headline

A strong call-to-action button is required on your landing page. However, you’ll also need to maintain consistency in both your call-to-action (CTA) and the landing page’s headline. If the headline differs from the CTA, the visitor may become confused, thinking that the CTA is linked to a different page. Also, it is important that your CTA clearly describes your offer. If visitors click on a CTA only to discover there are strings attached, you’ll lose their interest right away.

‍For the CTA on your landing page, use enticing colors. Marketers should know the psychology of colors. On most websites, the color red sticks out. Also, add an actual button as your CTA to boost its effectiveness. Our brains have gotten used to clicking/tapping on buttons as opposed to images.

5. Highlight the benefits of your offer

Landing pages should advertise something special that your visitor will receive in exchange for filling out a form. Your offer can be anything. It can be a free trial, an eBook, whitepaper, a report, a template, or another form of offer. Make sure to emphasize the importance of the offer and provide visitors with a compelling reason to download. Describe how the offer resolves the problems of your target audience.

6. Collect only the information you need through your forms

Lead capture forms are extremely important for landing pages. When creating a lead capture form, make sure to not go too crazy.  It is best to collect only the information you really need to qualify potential leads. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors. A visitor’s name, company name, email address, and occupation is all that you should ideally collect through your lead capture form. The fewer the number of fields on a form, the higher its conversion rate is going to be.

7. Ad copy must be direct and compelling

The most important aspect of a landing page is the copy that encourages visitors to download your offer. A landing page copy should be simple, direct, and compelling. It should directly address the issues of your visitors. Your target market will be more inclined to download your offer if they believe you understand their problems. Using bullet points or bolded terms to swiftly convey your message is a terrific approach to do it. Use language that is benefit-oriented and communicates directly to your visitors.

Test your landing page to see how it performs

Consider doing A/B testing once you’ve crafted your landing page. Events should use split testing for landing pages and ads. Also, it is important to keep track of your analytics and make adjustments to your landing page if needed. Landing pages can help your business convert website traffic into qualified leads. Always keep in mind that if a visitor provides you with their contact information, they want something of value in return.

Best Landing Page Examples for 2022

Now that you know how a landing page works and what elements make up a converting landing page, let’s explore some of the top examples of landing pages from renowned businesses.

University Landing Page Examples

Let’s explore university landing page website examples that you can use for inspiration.

‍The first example we’re going to share with you is from Grand Canyon University.

As you can clearly see in the image above, this landing page lacks distracting navigation links. We talked about it earlier and how navigation links on landing pages can work as escape hatches, letting visitors visit other pages of your website. But by removing navigation links, Grand Canyon University made sure their visitors stay on their landing page. 

‍Their landing page also contains more than one CTA button. By adding multiple pages to their form, they made sure that they only collect the most qualified leads. 

‍On GCU’s landing page, they’ve briefly and very clearly described all of their engineering degree programs. 

‍In addition to that, their landing page also contains “Trust indicators”. To add credibility, they’ve covered testimonials and reviews of their students. 

Here’s another example of a higher education landing page:

The example shared above is from the Trinity Law School. It is the perfect example of a simple landing page. 

‍In just a few phrases, Trinity college’s landing page summarizes its degree program. In fact, the entire page is short. Even on mobile devices with smaller displays, their basic landing page doesn’t require much scrolling. 

‍Their form is also short, only requiring necessary information to be filled out. They also have a very prominent “Get Started” CTA attached to the bottom of their form to encourage visitors to take the next step. Another thing that Trinity Law School made sure to add to its page is testimonials.

Online Course Landing Page Examples

Creating a successful online course landing page is no easy task. Continue reading if you’re looking for landing page ideas for your online course landing page.

‍The first example comes to us from Code Academy.

This web development landing page does a fantastic job of identifying the most significant aspects of interest for potential students. The white box on the left of the landing page summarizes everything the course has to offer.

‍Their landing page covers every little detail there is. It goes over the coding languages you’ll study, the prerequisites for getting started, what you’ll do in the course, and how you’ll acquire your certificate of completion. A combination of high-quality visuals and targeted copy beneath the header further draws attention to this landing page. Most importantly, their CTA contains the text “Start Free Trial”, which makes their offer really hard to skip. 

‍Overall, their landing page is effective in drawing attention to and reinforcing the most crucial components that learners will benefit from.

‍Here’s another example:

The above-mentioned example is from Fizzle. In this example, you can see that Fizzle has used some really powerful elements on its landing page. 

‍Just appreciate the colors they’ve used. Also, what we love about this landing page is the CTA. This text right here – “Try Fizzle Free for 10 Days” – on the CTA, make it really hard to skip their offer. 

‍Their landing pages host a wealth of information regarding all of the courses they offer. In addition to that, like any good online course landing page, they’ve made sure to add testimonials and highlight their course instructors.

SaaS Landing Page Examples

Understanding your audience is the most critical aspect of developing a strong SaaS landing page. Let’s check out some SaaS sales landing page examples to better understand what makes up a great SaaS landing page.

‍The first SaaS we’ll go over is from Taskade.

This landing page’s headline is only three words long, but it clearly communicates the product’s worth. The product description is no different, it explains exactly what the software can do for the users, which is to help them “Chat”, “Organize”, and “Get Things Done”. 

‍If you pay close attention, notice how the top-right signup button is a shade of pink, which appears quite visible on the black-colored header. Speaking of signup, by displaying two options under the product description, the page makes it easy for users to join.

‍Here’s another SaaS product landing page example: 

The above-mentioned example is from ActiveCollab. In this example, we love how they’ve used a language selection option on their landing page. It’s a fantastic way to draw attention to your product’s multilingual capabilities. This landing page also has a very precise copy, which clearly describes what ActiveCollab is all about. If you scroll through their landing page, you can see that they’ve also bragged about the number of teams who’ve used their tool. That’s another great tactic to build credibility. Lastly, we love how they’ve used an animated video to explain their product.

Events Landing pages

Party invitations are similar to event pages. You must provide relevant and enticing information to persuade people to accept your invitation. Let’s take a close look at some great landing pages from different businesses to find out what they’re doing right.

‍The first example we’re going to look at is from the Affiliate Summit. Affiliate Summit is a one-day conference devoted to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Summit’s landing page has a lot going on. It’s much more detailed than any of the other examples we’ve looked at so far. The overall page design is consistent and well-organized, making it simple to explore and obtain the information you require.

‍On their page, the conference’s locations and schedule are clearly displayed, making it simple for guests to attend.

‍The slide-up tab animations for the many sites of interest are fantastic. It adds interest to the page without detracting from the main aim. 

We also like the way they’ve used animations to pull up different tabs containing different information. When these tabs are not collapsed, they don’t clutter their landing page. They’ve also used multiple CTAs which makes it easy for potential attendees to sign up.

‍Lastly, to add credibility, they’ve covered reviews and testimonials. 

‍Let’s check out another example now, shall we?

This example is from Running Remote’s event page. Now, there are a lot of cool things about this event page. You’ll know what the conference is about, when it’ll take place, and how to register the moment you land on their page.

‍Furthermore, all of the key information is located at the top of the page. This allows you to quickly see the information you require. 

‍We also like the fact that this landing page uses a timer, counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to the event. To build trust, they’ve also highlighted all of their event speakers and sponsors.

‍Building landing pages for events is never easy. Unless you’re really able to convince potential attendees that your event is worth attending, you will not be able to get enough signups. An event marketing agency like Orion can help businesses make their events a success. Not only will our event marketing services assist you in promoting your events online, but we will also leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Marketing Agency Landing Page Examples

Providing the best landing page design for their consumers is one of the most significant deals for any digital firm. More people will engage with the website if the landing page is exciting and appealing.

‍Let’s go through a couple of examples to see what a great agency landing page looks like. 

‍There’s a lot to like about Franks Digital agency’s landing page. 

‍Take a look for yourself:

The first thing you’ll see when you arrive on this amazing landing page is this text: ‘Experience Beautiful’ – written in a cool font. Their homepage page, like the rest of their website, is stunning.

‍They display examples of their work in the form of a short film, as well as a showreel if you press the play button. Their high-quality work and digital services are summarized in this video.

‍Frank Digital could be quite encouraging for individuals looking for a top-notch approach to their agency landing page.

‍Let’s check out one more example of a high-quality agency landing page:

This example is from Bynd – a digital agency. 

‍Okay, so, let’s dissect this landing page now, shall we? 

‍When you visit their website, you are greeted by a vibrant landing page with tons of photographs and videos. There’s also a whole lot of animation going on on their landing page. 

‍It gives prospective clients and visitors a clear impression of the type of service they will receive and who they will be working with.

Best Landing Page Builders

Any marketer who wants to generate leads on the internet needs landing page builder software. 
Let’s begin by looking at the three finest dedicated landing page builders on the market right now.

1. Unbounce

When it comes to landing page builders, Unbounce is undoubtedly the first name that springs to mind. Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder that is one of the greatest in the game. It is not a beginner’s tool, but it is one of the most advanced builders you’ll find.

‍It’s one of the best landing page software packages out today, and we’ve used it for a variety of projects in the previous few months.

‍Unbounce is more than just a platform for creating attractive landing pages. It focuses entirely on conversion-oriented landing pages. 

‍It’s ideal for improving performance marketing campaigns, building those “coming soon” pages, collecting email addresses, and making it easy to explain complex aspects of your product offering.

‍Unbounce starts from $72 And goes all the way up to $180. But the good thing is that they offer a 14-day free trial.

2. Leadpages

“Leadpages” makes it simple to create beautiful opt-in campaigns that capture leads, convert consumers, and integrate with your other digital marketing platforms.

‍With its drag-and-drop builder, Leadpage offers 160+ free designs that are completely customizable. We also like Leadpages since it allows you to update pages to make them mobile-friendly.

‍As for pricing, Leadpages is more affordable than Unbounce. It starts from $37 and goes up to $74. In terms of value, Leadpages gets an A+. It has all of the amazing features you could possibly want, and it’s priced just right.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is a good choice for marketers or business owners that need a full range of tools, including landing page software.

‍GetResponse deserves a lot of respect for the sheer number of marketing tools it packs into its platform, especially considering how reasonably priced it is.

‍It is a multifaceted software platform that allows you to construct high-converting, mobile-responsive landing pages, as well as email marketing and webinars. As for pricing, GetResponse starts for free but its paid plans can cost as much as $97.58/mo. 


Landing pages help you increase conversions and expand your consumer base. Create a page with a user interface that thrills customers and keeps them coming back for more. The best landing page examples we’ve shared with you can serve as an inspiration to help you create a high-converting landing page for your own business.

‍Now that you know how to create your own landing page or give your existing landing pages a makeover, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge into practice.

‍If you’d like us to cover more landing page inspirations, get in touch with us.

‍In case you don’t have the expertise to build your own landing, let us do it for you. Our Landing Page Building and Development Services can help you create and design conversion-oriented landing pages to help you obtain more leads.