LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the most social media platforms used by B2B marketers for content distribution. B2B companies use Linkedin Ads to generate leads, get online recognition, promote content, and much more.

‍LinkedIn has a large audience that expects business-related material, making it an excellent place for B2B marketers to get the word out about a new product or service. While you may use LinkedIn advertisements to target your audience and increase visibility, you must keep in mind that because of its popularity among marketers, LinkedIn is a congested market that is hard to tap into.

‍It’s crucial to leverage LinkedIn to share high-quality and compelling adverts if you want to really stand out from your competition. To help you come up with amazing LinkedIn ads that can entice your audience, we spent hours compiling a list of some of the best LinkedIn ad examples online.

‍Go through the ad examples covered in this blog post to come up with unique ideas that you can incorporate in your own LinkedIn Ad campaign.

What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads are sponsored adverts that are shared on LinkedIn, as the name implies. It is one of the most crucial parts of LinkedIn marketing. We’ll check out LinkedIn sponsored content examples a bit later on this blog post. 

‍There are three basic sorts of LinkedIn advertising, each of which may be tailored to almost any target or goal. It’s critical to have well-defined goals in order to drive impactful results from LinkedIn Ads. Companies must use LinkedIn marketing to gain a foothold in the professional market, and LinkedIn Ads help them do so.

‍Every business should at least consider whether LinkedIn Ads are the best media for attaining their objectives. Getting the most out of this professional social networking platform isn’t easy, but if you plan ahead of time, it may pay off handsomely. If you’re looking to step foot in the world of LinkedIn marketing, you may find this LinkedIn marketing for beginners guide useful. 

‍Companies can benefit from LinkedIn ads in a variety of ways, including increased sales, the ability to employ great people, and being a part of an industry’s social media presence. However, LinkedIn Ads aren’t just for B2B businesses. In fact, B2C businesses, universities, nonprofits, and a variety of other organizations can also benefit from using this ad platform for their specific goals.

How to Find Your Competitor’s Ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ads are just as powerful as Facebook Ads. It’s a good idea to snoop on your competition every now and then as part of a comprehensive marketing plan. By doing so, you may learn what works and what doesn’t in your niche. Analyzing the engagement stats of your competitors’ advertising can help you gain a better understanding of the messaging and imagery that resonates with your target demographic.

‍While it is easy to look up active ads on Facebook through their ads library, LinkedIn makes it a tad bit cumbersome in the sense that you’d have to first look up your competitors individually and then look up what ads they’re running.

‍Nonetheless, On LinkedIn, it’s quite simple to keep an eye on your competition’s adverts.

‍To get started, visit LinkedIn and search for your competitor’s corporate pages.

You’ll want to click on “Posts” once you’ve arrived at your competitor’s corporate page. This will open a new menu, where you will select “Ads”. 

‍Check out the image below for this:

Once you click on “Ads”, you’ll be able to view all the advertisements of your competitors. However, you won’t be able to view any of the engagement their ads are getting. To view that, click the three dots in the top corner and select “Copy link to post” to see engagement on a competitor’s ad.

Copy and paste the link you copied earlier into your browser to see the post’s engagement levels.

You can dissect the engagement of your competitor’s ads to gauge how effective their ads are. If you believe taking inspiration from your competitors can help boost your ad LinkedIn Ad campaign, go ahead and do that. There’s no shame in that.

‍Next up, we’ll be looking at some LinkedIn advertising examples. We’ll also be discussing different LinkedIn Ad formats.

LinkedIn Ad Examples

LinkedIn offers ten different ad formats to help you achieve your marketing goals. Each format is designed to engage your audience in different ways.

‍In this section, we’ll deconstruct each LinkedIn ad format and talk about what each one of them can be used for. We’ll also share LinkedIn ad examples for each ad format.

1. LinkedIn Carousel ads

A card row that can be swiped is used in LinkedIn Carousel ads format to reflect your products/services, brand’s identity, or insights about your business. What makes Carousel ads so effective is that they’re designed to build anticipation. Using compelling visuals, Carousel ads make your readers eager to learn more about your product or service. Carousel ads are perfect for brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, and more.

‍Here is one of the LinkedIn Carousel ad examples from Red Points:

As you can see in the example above, the ads can be scrolled. In this example, Red Points has used high-quality visuals along with a “Download” CTA. Their copy is compelling too. The fact that they’re offering a report for free makes their ad very hard to skip. 

‍Here’s another example of Carousel ads:

The above example of Carousel ads is from Intercom. Again, their copy is very compelling. They’ve used multiple high-quality visuals to market their service, hoping that at least one of the slides will catch the attention of scrollers.

2. LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Conversation advertising allows you to start discussions with professionals and corporate decision-makers via LinkedIn Messaging. They are a type of native LinkedIn advertising that is delivered to LinkedIn members via Messaging on mobile and desktop devices and is based on the advertiser’s target audience.

‍Conversation Ads let the user choose what content they’d like to consume in a very interactive format. This format of ad allows you to promote your products/services while simultaneously enticing people to register for linkedin corporate events. Conversation ads are ideal for brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, and more.

‍Here’s an example of Conversation Ads:

As you can see in the example above, Conversation Ads let marketers create complete funnel campaigns with more than one customized call-to-actions.

‍With Conversation Ads, marketers can choose from multiple default templates from the Campaign Manager. Some of the templates include:

Here is another example:

This example is from Dave Shaw. As you can see from the example above, the ad is promoting a podcast about Danny Devito. The ad also contains two customizable CTAs, one that redirects the user to the podcast on Spotify and another that lets the user learn more about the podcast.

3. LinkedIn Follower Ads

LinkedIn Follower advertising entices people to follow your LinkedIn page. These advertisements are personalized for each member. The reason why we’re saying “personalized” is because they include the profile photo of a particular member next to your company’s logo, as well as their first name and the name of your company in the ad description.

‍LinkedIn Follower Ads invite others to follow your LinkedIn page in the hopes that they will actually consider doing so.

‍Here’s an example of LinkedIn Follower Ads:

As you can see in the example above, LinkedIn automatically pulled the image and name of the LinkedIn member and aligned it alongside the advertiser’s corporate logo. The ad also contains a relevant CTA enticing the member to follow.

‍Here’s another example:

This example is similar to the one we checked out earlier. It also contains the member name, the advertiser’s company logo, copy, and CTA.

4. LinkedIn Spotlight Ads

Spotlight advertisements are a type of Dynamic Ad that is tailored to each LinkedIn user and directs them to your website or landing page when they click on them. The advertisements are only shown on the desktop and are personalized to individual members based on information that is pulled from each member’s LinkedIn profiles, such as their profile photo, company name, and job title. 

‍Spotlight advertisements can be considered a different form of dynamic ads that leverages personalization to engage with viewers, similar to follower ads. Spotlight Ads are perfect for remarketing campaigns.

‍Here’s what Spotlight Ads look like:

As you can see from the example above, the ad contains a powerful pitch along with a CTA button. When a user clicks on the CTA, they get redirected to a designated landing page.

‍Here’s another example of Spotlight Ads:

This one is similar to the one we checked out earlier. It also contains a powerful copy along with a CTA. As you can probably tell, Spotlight Ads advertise content on a personal level.

5. LinkedIn Job Ads

LinkedIn Job Ads are a dynamic ad style that allows you to tailor adverts to attract top talent and encourage them to apply to your firm.

‍Jobs Ads allow marketers to create a job post in minutes to attract the best resources from a network of over 770 million professionals.

‍LinkedIn Job Ads have up to 50 times the clickthrough rate of a typical recruiting campaign.

‍Here’s an example of a LinkedIn Job Ad:

As you can probably tell from the screenshot above, LinkedIn Job Ad looks quite similar to LinkedIn Follower and Spotlight Ads. Job Ads automatically pull the LinkedIn member’s name and align it with the advertiser’s company logo. This ad format also contains a short copy and a customizable CTA.

‍Here’s another example of LinkedIn Job Ad format:

The above example is a bit different from the one we looked at earlier. As you can probably notice, there is more than one job position being advertised. That’s because there are three dynamic jobs and formats. Which format will be served to your audience depends on the profile data of each LinkedIn member. 

‍If a LinkedIn member of your target audience is qualified for three or more jobs at your company, they will see a job ad that lists three of the available positions along with a customizable CTA.

6. LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

Lead Gen Forms are basically forms that can be pinned to a carousel image, a single picture, message, video, or chat ad in order to collect information from members who click on the call-to-action button.


‍Don’t worry, we’ll check out a few LinkedIn lead gen ad examples in just a bit. 

‍The member’s contact and profile information automatically populate the form. Lead Gen Forms automates the process of manually filling out forms, making it extremely convenient for prospects. When a LinkedIn member clicks on your ad, their profile information is instantly populated into a form that they can submit with a single click. This helps prospects save both time and effort.

‍Here’s an example of Lead Gen Ads:

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you can see how intuitive Lead Gen Ads are. When a LinkedIn member clicks/taps on the signup CTA, LinkedIn automatically pulls up a prefilled form. The user just has to click/tap on the submit button. Lead Gen Ads allow advertisers to collect quality leads on LinkedIn with pre-filled forms.

‍Here’s one more example of Lead Gen Ads:

In the previous example, we looked at Lead Gen Ads for mobile devices. This one is for desktop devices. It essentially looks more or less the same as the mobile version. When LinkedIn members click on your ad, they get presented with a pre-filled form. All the member has to do is click on the CTA.

‍If you’re interested in learning how to use the lead forms on LinkedIn, you may want to check out this guide.

7. LinkedIn Message Ads

LinkedIn Message Ads allow advertisers to send direct messages to prospects to invoke immediate action. LinkedIn Message Ads deliver a targeted message with just a single CTA. Message Ads are sent privately to your target audience and can be seen in the user’s inbox on LinkedIn. There are two types of LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging Ads – LinkedIn Message Ads and Conversation Ads.

‍Here’s an example of LinkedIn Message Ads:

From the screenshot above, you can see that the ad directly addresses the LinkedIn member. You can see that it is addressing “Aaron”. You can also notice that the ad has a powerful copy and two CTAs to entice the user to get started. LinkedIn Message Ads show up in LinkedIn members’ inboxes.  

‍Here’s another example of LinkedIn Message Ads:

This example is similar to the previous one, however, the content of the ad is much longer. It also has two CTAs – one at the top and another one placed within the text.

8. LinkedIn Single Image Ads

LinkedIn Single Image Ads appear in the LinkedIn feed as a type of Sponsored Content. A single image ad is a sponsored LinkedIn Page that is marketed to a targeted audience outside of your Page followers.

‍Single Image ads appear on LinkedIn’s home page and look like any regular content posts, with the exception that they are paid. They’re explicitly marked as “promoted”. There is only one image in such ads.

‍Here’s one of the best LinkedIn Single Image ad examples:

As you can see in the screenshot above, LinkedIn Single Image Ads are very subtle. They look just like regular LinkedIn posts. However, they’re marked with a “Promoted” tag. The adverts have one image and appear straight in members’ LinkedIn feeds.

‍Here’s one more example of LinkedIn Single Image Ads:

This example also contains a “Promoted” tag along with a shortened link. One thing to notice here is that the format of this ad is Carusel, meaning that the user can scroll through multiple cards.

9. LinkedIn Video Ads

A video ad is a type of Sponsored Content ad. These ads promote video material from your LinkedIn Page. LinkedIn video ads are excellent for promoting new products and providing an inside peek at business culture. Brand recognition, consideration, and conversions can all be improved with video ads. LinkedIn video ads can be as short as 3 seconds and as long as 30 minutes in length. However, successful video ads are not longer than 15 seconds.

‍Here’s one of the prominent LinkedIn Video Ad examples:

As you can notice, LinkedIn Video Ads are also highlighted with a “Promoted” tag. It contains a short ad copy and a play button in the middle. It looks like any regular video post, however, it is paid content.

‍Here’s another LinkedIn Video Ads example:

The previous example showed what Video Ads look like on desktop devices. This example shows how video ads appear on mobile devices. Both look more or less the same. They’re both marked with a “Promoted” tag and contain a “learn more” CTA. 

Best LinkedIn Ad for 2023

Carousel ads are great for displaying advertisements in an entertaining and interactive format. Apple used carousel format in one of their ad campaigns to grab LinkedIn users’ attention by leveraging a precise ad copy and mesmerizing visuals.

What’s important to note here is the wording of their ad. This text right here: 11 reasons to use a Mac – is enough to grab anyone’s attention. And the fact that Apple decided to use the carousel format makes perfect sense as they wanted LinkedIn members to scroll through all the different reasons to use a Mac.

‍Now that’s what we call clever marketing. 

‍Apple not only managed to grab Linkedin users’ attention but also lead them to their website by combining eye-catching visuals, interactive ad format, and a powerful call to action button.


LinkedIn is a platform you should absolutely consider adding to your marketing mix, with millions of individuals participating every day. LinkedIn is much more than a social media platform. When done correctly, it lets your business stand out and reach a larger, more focused audience.

‍We hope you found the LinkedIn ad samples shared in this blog helpful. Take inspiration from your competitors and come up with your very own powerful LinkedIn Ads campaign to attract more prospects. 

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