With the changing dynamics of the education industry, easy access to online courses and even university degrees are becoming the norm. Everyday thousands of prospective students use Google, Bing and other search engines to know more about their dream course that will change their life, for the better. 

But on the marketer’s end, with thousands and thousands of options available to the target market, how can one ensure that their online learning platform stands out?

When it comes to online education marketing the importance of keywords cannot be ignored at any cost. Any good digital marketer emphasizes the importance of keywords when developing content for the relevant marketing strategy. 

The keywords that make your page appear in the top pages for any relevant search, are not only expensive given their high cost-per-click but also require a certain skill for them to be embedded into your web page. 

Given the high price tag, this technique is not afforded by small marketers, which of course pushes them to look for alternate ways of bringing their pages in top search results.

51 Expensive Keywords Across Online Education Industry

Keywords are pivotal drivers for a fruitful, result-oriented search. Therefore, if you are in this educational industry and are into writing research articles, educational blogs, etc. you would need to leverage the power of top keywords to reach your target audience. 

Being an online course and education marketing agency, we at Think Orion are always on the lookout for the keywords that help us drive the most value for a course owner.

To help in this regard, we present to you the top 51 most expensive keywords across the online education industry, which can be used by you to drive an ROI driven marketing strategy for your online educational platform. 

S.noMost Expensive Online Keywords in EducationGlobal Monthly Search/Global CPC (USD)
1Online Masters In Education1,900$52.04 
2Early Childhood Education Degree4,400$48 
3Online Education Degrees2,400$47.95 
4Masters In Nursing Education1,000$45.75 
5Masters In Special Education1,600$40.29 
6Masters In Education Online1,600$38.49 
7Early Childhood Education Programs1,600$35.90 
8Doctorate In Education2,900$35.53 
9Masters Degree In Education3,600$33.19 
10Special Education Degree1,000$30.21 
11Masters In Early Childhood Education1,300$25.68 
12Registered Nurse Education1,600$25.26 
13Education Degrees4,400$24.74 
14Early Childhood Education Online1,300$22.97 
15Bachelor Degree In Education1,000$20.95 
16What Can You Do With A Masters In Education480$20.85 
17Secondary Education Degree1,000$19.07 
18Masters Of Education Online1,600$18.60 
19Career Education Systems1,000$17.66 
20PhD In Education4,400$17.64
21Education At Work1,300$17.54
22Degree In Education1,600$16.09
23Doctor Of Education2,400$15.83
24Executive Education3,600$14.97
25Masters Of Education12,100$14.92
26What Education Is Needed To Become A Nurse720$14.83
27Registered Nurse Education1,600$14.61
28Education Degrees4,400$13.75
29Early Childhood Education Online1,300$13.22
30Bachelor Degree In Education1,000$13.07
31What Can You Do With A Masters In Education480$12.91
32Secondary Education Degree1,000$12.78
33Masters Of Education Online1,600$12.27
34Career Education Systems1,000$12.16
35PhD In Education4,400$11.54
36Education At Work1,300$11.44
37Degree In Education1,600$11.09
38Doctor Of Education2,400$10.93
39Executive Education3,600$10.86
40Masters Of Education12,100$10.48
41What Education Is Needed To Become A Nurse720$10.46
42Bachelors In Education1,600$10.16
43Education Online1,900$9.83
44Radiologist Education2,400$9.42
45What Is A Liberal Arts Education480$9.38
46Psychologist Education1,900$9.30
47Education Majors1,900$9.24
48Masters Education2,400$9.12
49Physician Assistant Education2,900$9.11
50General Education Requirements2,900$8.78
51Accounting Education1,600$8.58

How do we identify these Keywords – Online Education Industry?

To compete in the ever-growing space for online education you must have a method; rather a set of tools in place to help you identify the critical keywords that are trending in the industry and are being used by your competitors to stand out to your target market.  
Here we present to you some of the top keywords research tools that will help you promote your online course or education website to your target market:

1. Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer

You might recall the name Ahrefs when it comes to learning about the latest SEO techniques;  it is the most sought-after blog. Banking on its SEO expertise , they developed a one of its kind keyword search tool called Keywords Explorer. 

Its features and ease of use are top-notch, and it hardly faces any competition . The tool stands out because not only does it help you search for relevant keywords using individual items but also aids in identifying multiple keywords relevant to one web page or article. The tool is not free, and a subscription needs to be paid, which given its features is most definitely worth it.

2. Google Keyword Planner 

One of the easiest tools to use when it comes to identifying keywords across digital content is Google Keyword Planner. First and foremost, it is free to use which of course makes it the tool of choice for small digital marketers. It helps you create multiple listings of top keywords and is efficient when it comes to maintaining keywords databases for PPC campaigns

One of the drawbacks of this tool is that it does not mention the exact search volume pertaining to keywords rather displays this data in the form of ranges, which for actionable decisions at times is very subjective to analyze. 

3. SEMrush

The third tool we would like to talk about is SEMrush. SEMrush is liked by its users due to its agility in finding and analyzing competitor keywords at the click of a button. 

This tool can help you analyze domain characteristics for your competitor’s website as well as filter and bifurcate your results by different demographics. SEMrush offers different subscription plans depending on your requirement when it comes to expanded features. It also has a free version with limited functionality. 

4. BuzzSumo

Another tool well-liked by digital marketers is BuzzSumo.It offers a free trial version for use and has subscription options as well. What makes it stand out is its quality of helping you identify competitors that might not have been on your radar, just by analyzing the presence of top keywords. What is more interesting is the feature by which you can cross-analyze your competitors based on the reach and shares of their content. This unique tool is no doubt very helpful when it comes to competitive analysis in digital marketing.


No matter what the size of your company, the use of these tools is not only relevant in today’s market but is an accepted practice being carried out by the world’s top-ranked players in the online education industry. 

Here we have just highlighted some of the top tools that you can use to drive an effective online presence using digital content. These tools and their use in an effective manner will no doubt make your pages listed at the top whether it comes to Google,  Bing, or any other search engine. 

But what you must learn from these is how to keep an eye on your competition and learn from their moves, something in which these tools can help you immensely. After all, learning is an ongoing process and one learns from superiors, peers, and competitors alike.

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