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The 3 Strategic Pillars of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing seems to be a very easy and quick process to channel your content to your audiences. But the truth is far from it. Even experienced content writers think that all you need is good content and a bunch of skilled people to help them out there to reach the market. 
They still don’t understand the technicalities of content marketing. Catchy phrases and some creative people are not enough to put your words in front of everyone. You cannot just wait for your content to magically gain some kind of power and become viral. 
But the reality is a little different from what you see. There is another side of the story that most content creators miss during the promotion of their content. This often leads to less traffic on their websites and even less interaction with the targeted audience. 
So what are the key points that need to be kept in mind in order to make sure that your content reaches your audience? What are some of those strategies that need to be implemented so that you can get your content recognized among your targeted audience? Let’s have a look at the three main strategic pillars that can lead us to a successful and winning content strategy. 

The Three Strategic Pillars of a Winning Content Plan Strategy

What every content creator and the team involved in promoting that content needs to do is to have some reliable options and processes to make sure that their content will be able to reach its audiences. No work can guarantee success but witty and clever strategies can make sure you don’t get behind your competitors.
Marketers need to keep in mind that an eCommerce content strategy or SaaS content strategy can do wonders in the marketplace where you are selling your content. Below are the 3 main strategic pillars that can help you win your content strategy.

1. The ‘Why’ concept

It is easy to create something but it is a task to explain why you created it in the first place. Many content creators don’t even the purpose of half of their content that is being published to their audience. They have no sense of reasoning as to why they are putting what they have created out there in front of everyone to see or read. 

This answer to why is necessary mainly because if you know what you are doing exactly with your content, you will gain trust among your audience. If you don’t have the concept of your roots, from where you came from, you won’t be able to explain it to others leading to a downfall in your sales.

People won’t buy your words and neither will they trust you enough to bring you success. If you don’t know where you came from, you will never know about your final destination or the goal you would want to achieve in the future. 

2. The ‘Who’ concept

What are some of the key points when you start working on your product? You want to know who you are selling it to. You will need to know the requirements, the needs, the path, everything about your target audience to make something for them. 

Because at the end of the day, if you have a satisfied clientele, your business might become one of the successful ones. With your defined target audience, you will become focused on one type of audience and not waste any time on any other ones. 

When you have your audience in mind, you can reach them through the proper channel and at the right time too. You will eventually get to know what your customer demands and you will start selling your content keeping in mind the needs of your audience.

This will not only boost your sales but people will start trusting you that you are the one content creator who creates for their benefit only. For e.g. If you are an eCommerce store that targets old-age women then knowing the needs of your target audience is highly important to create an effective marketing strategy.

3. The ‘How’ concept

This concept will let you think about the process you are going to acquire to make your content a successful one. This will differentiate you from the ordinary sellers and the competitors in your marketplace. If you succeed in your story of taking your content out there for the people, you will have a huge positive impact on your sales. 

The way to succeed in this section of marketing is to prioritize the audience you are creating your content for. How will it be beneficial for them? How will your strategies be successful in selling your content? If you already have answers to such questions, trust me, you will become a great seller in this marketplace. 

Let’s take a look at a case study that will help you understand these strategies more clearly. Natan Linder, The CEO of Tulip is offering services to fight against the COVID-19. His team is building software and applications that can help in the hospitals to screen test the symptoms of a patient.
In these tough times, he was one of those who stood in the front lines and wanted to help people around him. Was his strategy worth investing in? A big YES!!

Why? Because he wanted to help people. He knew this will gain his company more profits and a name which people will surely remember through his work. 
Who? Natan Linder knew his target audience, and that is, everyone suffering in these times. He knew what everybody has right now is a mobile phone and the facility to use. He not only specified this application for his users but also made it available for the hospitals and doctors to use and take advantage of its quick results.
How? He knew that in times like these when everyone has a mobile phone and people cannot step foot outside of their homes, these applications and services will help people identify their symptoms. Not only this his hospitals will gain a huge benefit from it. 
His process and timings are remarkable that he stepped into the market in such times. He is also working with nonprofits and is providing his services for free for the community. He knows how well he is doing in the marketplace after all of this when his popularity among the common man will grow eventually. 
People will remember him even after the COVID-19 and will make sure to buy whatever he is selling because he was there for his people when they needed him, and his company the most.

Such content strategies take a common man to places. All you need is to adapt these three fundamental pillars of content strategy and win millions of hearts just by making the right choices. 
Many entrepreneurs entered the marketplace in such harsh times and not only made money and they were beginning to get recognized as well. This tells a lot that only making yourself available for the service of people at the right time can make you successful.
E.g. Numerous people like Natan Linder made sure to take advantage of such times and earn a name through their services and they did it successfully. 


A winning content strategy makes sure your target audience and your business voice go hand in hand to drive the best results.

Manno Notermans

Manno is a wanderer of the world looking to make an impact and change the world for the better. He has over 10 years of experience working in various marketing positions. Manno’s main focus the past few years has been accelerating the growth of businesses, increasing revenue, and profit with out-of-box creative ideas and implementations.