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Positive Customer Reviews – How to Get More of Them

When was the last time you made an online purchase? 
I am positive that at some point during your purchase process…
You looked at what other people had to say about the product you were looking to buy.
And there may have even been a moment where overwhelmingly positive reviews may have sped up your purchasing decision. right?
So it’s safe to say… Reviews are important. 
Why? Because your customers say so.
Check out the below image from a report conducted by 

Positive reviews make you look more trustworthy, increase SALES, increase your brand’s reach, and help you identify the issues customers find in your product or service.
And so reviews are never bad.

Even bad reviews are good reviews because they help you improve your product.
So how do you ensure people actually do review your product or service? 
There are many ways you can do so and I’ve decided to outline a few easy to implement methods. 

1. Increase the visibility of your reviews section

In laymen terms… make it easy for a user to review your product.
Allow them to review it right after they’ve received the product. 
You can do this in the form of surveys. 
Add them on check out pages.

Add them to order confirmation emails.

Basically, the easier it is for users to review your product, the more reviews you will get. 

2. Create incentives for reviewers 

Human beings are a give and take kind of organism.

If they see an immediate benefit by doing an action, they will be more likely to do it.
Incentivizing people to review and then giving them discounts or access to exclusive services, products or offers is a great way to increase the number of reviews you get. 

3. Ask at the right moments.

Asking for a review too early, or too late can mean the person just won’t review your product.

There is actually a perfect time to do so.
Perfect moments for reviews include when a customer receives your product and has had time to use it.
Or they received their service and are satisfied with it. 
But there is one moment which is actually the best time and results in an almost 100% success rate. 
Imagine you provided your customer with a service, and the service is now completed and the account is closed.
And then they call you a few days later because they need help with something else which is closely related, and you can easily do it for them.
Do it for them free of charge and in return, ask them to leave a review.
You will find that these customers will almost certainly leave a review. And the chances of it being 5 Stars is also very high in this scenario. 

4. Respond to every review — even negative ones.

Communication is a two-way street. 
And in any business, it is not uncommon to receive bad reviews. 
But you may have heard the saying, any publicity is good publicity.
So use this moment to respond to those reviews. If someone reviewed your product or service poorly, publicly respond to them, and try to make it right.
Human beings understand that not everything is perfect and mistakes happen. If you are willing to show that you care, more people will find a liking towards your business.

5. Request for reviews in-person where possible.

Customers are more likely to review your product or service if you ask them to do so in person.
In today’s digital age, people still value an in-person interaction as more important than a virtual interaction.
So as soon as you see an opportunity to do this, go ahead and use that opportunity. 
In conclusion, I’ve only really listed a few ways to get more reviews for your business. But in reality, there are many more ways.
What’s important is to build a system around gathering more reviews and you will see a magical increase in sales!

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