SaaS businesses have an unfortunate job when it comes to marketing communication and creating content. It seems like everyone is doing content marketing, and that means it’s really difficult to stand out. However, using a Quiz is a little known, but ideal way to stand out and get seen in the noise of SaaS Marketing. How can you create a quiz to generate leads?

New forms of content will appear every now and then. Trying things that are out of the ordinary usually works well.

While quizzes are not new, their rebirth as a visually appealing and interactive form of content is new. In part, because of SaaS companies like yourself who’ve really got their head around building self-serve quiz building platforms like Interact.

At Orion, we have seen great results using it for our clients. Firstly for lead generation and secondly to qualify customers for the sales team.

What makes a great SaaS Marketing Quiz?

Making the quiz (in 4 steps)

1. A subject that connects fun with function

Take a look at the example quiz below. This quiz we used for our client Chasm,  a technology consultancy firm that helps tech businesses across the chasm.

Check out their quiz here. Chasm – Crossing the Chasm Quiz

The quiz helps Chasm identify what is important for their target audience, and in return, they provide a benchmark report for the region. The quiz is fun to answer and they get great insights from their peers.

2. Questions that are entertaining

A quiz is entertaining, interactive and that is the main reason they exist. Now that quizzes are becoming popular, it’s also become increasingly important to follow guidelines to keep the attention of your audience:

  • Every question needs to be entertaining
  • Your answers need to be fun as well
  • Trigger your audience with images or GIFs
  • Make sure they understand the question and why they should answer it. What do they get from it?

3. Lead generation that makes sense

Quizzes can be used to collect email addresses (and other customer information), but you need to give something in return. The offer needs to make sense.

Quizzes can be very effective at lead generation because they let you present a targeted lead generation offer. Make sure that the intro, the question and the offer all tell the same story.

Note: The offer needs to be a logical outcome of the answers they just answered.

4. Results that satisfy and delight

Delight means you must make your quiz taker feel good about their result. And satisfy means that the results are expected based on their answers.

Interact did research and found out that 75% of tweets originating from quizzes were positive meaning that uplifting quiz results get shared more.

Try to be positive even if the outcome is not so positive. Try to be supportive.

A strong follow-up

The moment when someone finishes your quiz is a moment when that person is ready for your advice. Based on their answers they get to see a result that they like and feel comfortable with.

That means that they will start trusting you a bit more and that they take your advice more seriously.

Sharing the quiz

When you have the ability to create an engaging quiz for your audience. And you share the results that they like and expect – you have a high chance that the content gets re-posted because they are proud of the result.

At the end of the day, we all want to be a superhero after all.

Note: Make sure that the ability to share is easy to understand and that the meta information is correct and engaging as well.

Do you need a quiz? Let us know and we will get one ready for you. Email me at