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What Is The Facebook Ads Library and How To Use It?

The Facebook Ad Library is a powerful repository for marketers who work on paid ads. 

‍Facebook created this repository to give Facebook users access to information they need about every ad that is currently running on Facebook’s network. From the time it was first created, it has proved to be a powerful tool for advertisers to gain insight and knowledge about the Facebook advertising platform. It can be challenging to create Facebook ads. However, Facebook Ad Library makes it easy for marketers to get ideas and inspiration from successful campaigns created by experts. 

‍In this blog post, we’ll discuss Facebook Ads Library in detail and show you how to use it to enhance your own Facebook marketing strategies.

What is Facebook Ads Library

The Ad Library of Facebook looks something like this:

In reaction to the Facebook political ad debacle that took place in 2016. Facebook created and launched its Ad Library back in 2019. If you’re unaware of what controversy we’re talking about, go ahead and read this article by The Washington Post.

‍To promote transparency, Facebook chose to make information regarding all active ads available to everyone, including those without active Facebook accounts. All ads that are currently available on Facebook and Instagram, as well as ads that have been inactive for up to seven years, can be found in the library.

‍Facebook Ads database is extremely useful for marketers as it allows them to see which business is running what ad, how much they’re spending on their ads, and the reach of their ads across different demographics. Marketers can use the Facebook Ad Library to see all of their competitors’ adverts in one spot. This is critical because the digital marketing industry can be very competitive. 

‍You can easily fall behind if you don’t keep track of your competitors. Facebook Ad Library enables you to stay on top of your marketing game at all times. The greatest approach to spy on your competitors’ advertisements is to use the Facebook Ad Library.

How to Access Facebook’s Ad Library

It’s super easy to access the Ad Library. Facebook has done a great job at making it as easy as possible for anyone to obtain information about all active Facebook ads, even if they’ve never used Facebook or have an active Facebook account.

‍To access the Facebook Ad Library, simply click on this link. It’ll take you directly to the Ad Library of Facebook. Once you’ve accessed the Ad Library, you can enter a search phrase and look up all the currently active as well as inactive ads available on the platform.

‍We’ll talk about how to use the Facebook Ad Library in the next section of this blog post. Stick around for that.

How to Use the Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads are great for eCommerce and SaaS Businesses. Facebook Ads can help businesses increase their reach and improve revenue. If you want to explore how Facebook Ads can help your business, we suggest checking these three guides:

To use the Facebook Ad Library, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to the Facebook Ad Library page

To visit the Facebook Ads Library, simply click on this link or you can type this URL in your browser’s address bar:

‍Once the Ads Library page opens up, you’ll notice that it looks like any conventional search engine. You can simply enter any word or search phrase to pull up all relevant active and inactive ads.

2. Choose country and category

You must first select a country and category before searching for an ad. As for the country option, you can select any or use the “current location” option to allow Facebook to detect and display ads based on your location.

‍If we talk about the category option, Facebook lets you choose from the following categories:

  • All ads
  • Issues, elections, or politics
  • Properties
  • Employment
  • Credit

Once you have selected the appropriate country and ad category from the drop-down options, you can type in any search term in the Facebook Ad Library search bar. For example, go ahead and type in “shoes” in the search bar. You should now be able to view a ton of ads on the platform.

3. View Ad details

Once Facebook shows you ad results, you can get additional information about individual ads by clicking “See Ad Details” under each advert. The information you can view includes the ad’s start date, the platforms it’s running on (This can be Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and the Facebook Audience Network), and whether there are numerous versions of the ad running.

4. Adjust filters

You may further refine search results by using specific filters while looking up adverts in the Facebook Ad Library. Some of the filters that you can play around with within the Ad Library includes:

  • Language
  • ​Advertiser
  • Platform
  • Media type
  • Active status
  • Impressions by date

Using filters, you can see when and where your competitors are running advertisements, as well as which platforms they are using to promote their products and services on Facebook. Then you can tweak and strengthen your own adverts based on the information you’ve uncovered.

Features of the Facebook Ads Manager Library

To cut things short and give you a quick refresher, the Facebook Ads Manager Library offers the following features to help anyone to view details of every ad that is currently running on Facebook:

  • Which platform the ad is/was live on (Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram)
  • The status of an ad (active/inactive)
  • Ad copy
  • Ad image
  • How long has the ad been active for
  • When was the ad launched
  • A/B tested versions of the ad
  • Impressions by date
  • Language
  • Ad Category (All ads, Issues, elections or politics, Housing, Employment, Credit)
  • Media type (All media types, Images, Memes, Images and memes, Videos, No image or video)

Facebook Ads are something anyone can run. The platform is super intuitive and easy to use. If you own a small business of your own, we highly suggest reading our Facebook Ads for entrepreneurs guide


This wraps up our blog post on the Facebook Ads Library.

‍If your company is using Facebook ads to promote your business, then it should leverage the power of the Facebook Ad Library to gain insights about your competitors.

The best thing is, Facebook Ad Library is completely free, easy to use, and offers a plethora of information for marketers to take inspiration from.

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