Online education is the future. It’s a market that has been growing steadily for years and it seems to be only getting bigger. The online teaching landscape is changing too, with more platforms and courses being offered every day.
Online courses are changing the online education landscape and it seems to be for the better. For one, they provide a low-cost option for those who want to take an online course but don’t have access to higher education or time commitments that would make them eligible for traditional classes.
Courses also give you more control over your busy schedule. You can now educate yourself everywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.
What a beautiful time to be alive!
In this article, I’m going to share 5 Unexpected suppliers that we found in our research on this topic. There are hundreds of well-known suppliers as well but tried to find some hidden gems for you.

1) Code Anywhere for Educators

With Code Anywhere for educators, tech development teachers can let their students focus on coding. You can stop wasting your students’ time by having them set up and debug their own development environment. Sounds amazing right?
With Codeanywhere you set up your class development environment once, share it with all and it always works. Students can focus on what they are there for – to learn to code.
In a few years, all kids will be learning how to code. A solution like this will make that easier and way more scaleable.

2) Benji – Wow people with your workshop

Benji helps content creators, coaches and teachers bring their workshops to life. Much like play, a great workshop can connect, energize, and challenge. With Benji, you can bring your participants together with immersive hands-on activities. No more boring Zoom workshops where you feel like muting yourself and doing something else.
Benji is going to play an amazing role in how people host workshops online. More excitement, more learning, and more scale options for coaches and teachers. Also, the options for hybrid models are getting more interesting with tools like Benji. Because of this companies can educate their team way more effectively.

3) Evenant – New Creative heights

Evenant empowers a new generation of artists and creators with the tools to boost their skills in music and art creation and to transform their art into a profitable and fulfilling career.
Our world-class courses taught by industry professionals, mixed with a cutting-edge online community platform and a supportive network of fellow creators and industry peers make Evenant the #1 place for modern creatives to turn their passion into a living.
Evenant is also building a platform that will help content creators teach others how to do things. Similar to Teachable, Podia but then way more complete.
I found Evenant because I was searching for a design course for one of my team members. The way their community works together and how they structure their courses is amazing.
Ten years ago you had to go to an expensive school to learn what they teach at Evanant. Now you can just signup and educate yourself within months.

4) Study for FE – Boost your electrical engineering career

Study for FE is a course for electrical engineers who are preparing for their FE and PE exams. When you think of electrical engineering you think about practical learning. Study for FE and others makes it possible to prepare for two very tough exams and I think this is going to be a new trend.
Wherever you have a difficult exam in life there will be smart people that understand the need and build a course around this. Because they understand the students and have been in the same situation they will be able to create content way better than the average teacher.

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5) Fulltime Filmmaker – The ultimate online film school

Learn the technical, creative, and business skills to create cinematic videos. Similar to an Event 10 years ago when you wanted to learn how to make cinematic videos you had to go to expensive schools to know this. Luckily for us, this is not needed anymore.
I found the Fulltime Filmmaker through their ads on Facebook and have been following them ever since. They are sharing loads of free content on their Youtube channel and building a real community of videographers worldwide.
Online communities are a great way to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and share knowledge. You can find groups online with like-minded interests that will only keep growing as more members join!
I’m very much looking forward to what the near future of online education will bring and how we will be part of this. I’m a big self-learner and can’t wait to absorb more new stuff.
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