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Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients
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Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients
Codeanywhere's Logo
Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients

Why Choose Orion as Your Dubai Digital Marketing Agency

We Work on Building Connections - Satisfying Business Needs

Setting up a shop on the Internet is easy. But maximizing product sales and keeping up with competitors online? That's a bit trickier. Our dedicated team of eCommerce specialists has been able to scale various businesses by up to 10x while growing profitability. Our eCommerce digital marketing agency manages all facets of your campaigns, focusing on paid traffic generation and conversion optimization to super-charge your growth and deliver business-changing results. We work closely to plan and execute marketing campaigns, letting our clients focus on their own business while helping them scale to new heights.

Because we work with dedicated teams, we're able to get you up and running at lightning fasts speeds with transparent clear-cut planning upfront. With a commitment to transparency and direct communication, you will also be able to see your campaigns' performance in real-time. Say goodbye to dwindling sales figures and welcome eCommerce marketing services that drive success. 

Dubai Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services for Dubai Businesses

Utilize the potential of social media to the "max" - our Dubai social media experts work on coming up with the most creative campaigns that drive results. Starting off with the development stage, our research team looks after demographics, relatable content, and the exact key factors needed to get long-term customers - keeping the audience's funnel journey in mind.

At Orion, you get all-in-one social media services. We customize marketable content for platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn as well, it would be a misfortune not to. And obviously, keeping a track of the top 4 channels ‐ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Our curated content takes customers to the next level, skyrocketing sales.

A unique and personalized social media plan will get you ROI-driven results along with increasing impressions. People will know your social media, they will talk about it, your brand will be the most popular one in Dubai.

The main goal is to boost sales but more importantly, we work towards building long-term connections with our customers, on a personal level. With a deep bond and a sense of brand loyalty, profit is a default product.

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO for Businesses in Dubai

Remember, the digital world is incomplete without SEO. Google is the marketplace, your business should show up in top results for your audience in UAE.

As a Dubai marketing agency, we offer cost-effective packages for upcoming entrepreneurs. SEO is one of our most highlighted services, it is basically a fundamental tool. Do not miss out on the opportunity and start off with optimizing your website.

There's a lot of technical backings to SEO, our team of professionals will take care of it. To establish high ranking businesses, we have a simple checklist:

  • Site audits
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Link building
  • On-page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Convertible content

We don't stop here. Our technical SEO feature is built for fixing site speed and backend bugs. Plus, once you publish the content, our on-page SEO service will focus on minor and major details to optimize it for search engines. And later, we have off-page SEO where we look at external factors (backlinks, influencer marketing, local listings, Google My Business, and etc).

Every website has separate needs – they have different aesthetics and technical upbringing. You can't apply the same SEO rules. In Dubai, we believe in individual creations, designing impactful strategies is our goal.

Email Marketing

Ah, sending out traditional mails is a thing of the past and unfortunately, people assume the same for email. The truth is, email marketing is the most economical promotion tool and one of the best in terms of ROI – 3800% percent to be exact. We know, it sounds far-fetched but that's the fortunate truth. Do not underestimate email, consider it as your main channel.

Build strong connections by sending out personalized emails. This is the unique part and we’re here to help. With email, you go one-on-one with the customer. Talk informally. Surprise them with discount codes, the latest offers, and brand messages. Be genuine, you don't need to follow clinched lines here.

After an executable email copy, focus on the design and template. Seeing is believing, only an attractive mail in the inbox will lead to sales! What kind of audience are you looking to cover in Dubai or Globally? If it’s a professional setting, align the template accordingly.

Lastly, keep a track of email metrics - it will let you know where you stand. At Orion, we analyze data and take quick actions, improving at any needed step. Be it click-through rates (CTRs), bounces, impressions, engagement, or the overall email journey.

To sum it up, here's what Think Orion helps you with:

  • Connecting with customers on a personal level
  • Data Analysis
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Driving conversions via content and design
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Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Dubai

In Dubai, we believe in hype culture and the relevance of online influencers. People put a lot of faith in celebrities, product endorsement leads to instant sales. We have observed advertising companies in UAE stepping out of their comfort zone to collaborate with influencers on social media - that’s the future and even the norm right now.

Also, let's look at it from a consumer’s perspective. For them, it’s difficult to trust brands. Figuring out whether a brand is being “true” or deceiving them takes a lot of tolls. When you consider influencers as a medium, you are not the main focus. They are.

And influencer culture isn’t limited to the likes of Kim Kardashian anymore, even micro-influencers (on the budget!) have a dedicated community. Don’t get baited by just the followers, the content and the engagement is more important. Contrary to popular belief, Social media is driven by authenticity to a large extent. You can’t “algorithm” your way through.

So, buckle up and think about the perfect “face” for your business. Our research and development team will look after everything - finding content creators, negotiating with them, and eventually delivering the final ad to you. Once we found out your requirements and vision, Here’s how we’ll proceed

  • Finding influencers that fit your business’s aesthetic
  • Negotiating the budget and planning out the strategy
  • Figuring out the final goal and message
  • Analyzing aftermath metrics

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has a straightforward function - converting potential leads to paying customers. Dare we say, CRO is just as important as SEO or SEM, if not more. The conversion rate straight-up tells you how the business is performing with just one equation.

Total transactions / total site visits x 100

If 5000 potential customers visited your site this month and only 100 ended up reaching the final sales stage, the conversion rate would be 2 percent. Now, 2% isn’t bad but you should strive towards achieving a 5% rate (even more, it is possible).

When conducting conversion rate tests, it is assumed that the site already has enough traffic but sales are less than expected. The “optimization” aspect will look over existing traffic and data - where you can improve. And that's why CRO ends up being cost-effective.

Note: every business has separate "action" goals – It could be to redirect customers to submit forms or click on a CTA button. However the case…

Here's how we can help: the development team at Think Orion will look after the following metrics via Google Ads.

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Leads Generated
  • Cost per Conversion (CPC)
  • Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • Bounce Rate

… and more. Running A/B tests is our personal favorite. It's the easier way to verify what practices work in your brand's favor.

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Google Ads for Online and Local Businesses in UAE

Mark your digital footprint, this goes for all sorts of businesses. We cannot emphasize this enough. Once you get enough presence, move towards creating noteworthy digital ads. We recommend Google Ads for all campaign decisions - keep a track of website clicks and overall search results.

An overview. Google Ads finds the perfect keywords for your business and curates pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with it, the goal is to create a convertible ad copy. All that we expect from your end is – know the message, the audience range, and the budget. Also, if you want to limit ads to just UAE, just let us know.

At the next stage, it is all about configuring Google Ads, we will take care. With the right strategy, your brand will excel beyond expectations. Here's what we look after:

  • Search Network campaign
  • Display Network campaign
  • App campaign
  • Shopping campaign

Can't decide a medium? Don't worry, we'll test each one out - just present your vision. Fortunately, marketers have the liberty to change the target location and even the keyword bidding budget is flexible. You can change your entire strategy overnight and still succeed with Google Ads.