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Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients
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Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients
Codeanywhere's Logo
Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients

Why Choose Think Orion as Your Singapore Digital Marketing Agency?

Singapore has no doubt established a dominant presence in the digital world. With everything moving to digital globally, there is a massive influx of digital marketing agencies in Singapore offering various services such as social media marketing, web design, branding, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.  

Nowadays, no brand can make a prominent presence without establishing an online presence. It has now become a necessity for businesses to grow and reach new customers from all over the world. The marketing landscape has drastically changed from what it was a decade ago. 

Brands now invest heavily in digital marketing to stay relevant. If your brand is looking for a professional digital marketing agency in Singapore to amp up your marketing game, you have landed at the right place.

While there are a plethora of digital marketing agencies operating in Singapore, most of them have little experience.

Think Orion is different. Our dedicated team of marketing specialists has helped various businesses grow by up to 10x in Singapore and around the world. 

Orion manages all facets of your campaigns. We focus on SEO, paid traffic generation, and conversion optimization to super-charge your business growth. With attention to detail, we closely plan and execute marketing campaigns, letting our clients focus on their own business while helping them scale to new heights.

Singapore Digital Marketing Services

PPC/Google Ads for Online and Local Businesses in Singapore

As the digital marketing ecosystem continues to evolve, a lot of companies now prefer to targettheir target audience in faster and effective ways. By choosing pay per click advertising, you canalso benefit from laser-targeted visibility that turns more visitors into your loyal customers. How?Leave that to our PPC experts at Think Orion.

PPC marketing or Google advertising has proved to be the most cost-effective marketingstrategy owing to its immediate traffic and fast results, giving any business a definite edge overits competitors.

Think Orion is a trusted leader in the PPC advertising industry. Over the years, we havemastered the art of cost optimization while meeting the ROI targets within budget for the B2Bsector, B2C companies, eCommerce stores, and many other industries. This is how we willramp up your sales and enhance the brand’s credibility using pay per click ads on Google:

  1. We target your customers based on their search behavior, online activities, and preferred platforms to ensure higher conversion rates and low costs.
  2. By focusing on customer data and implementing a tested funnel, we aim for fast results.
  3. We know great results can only be achieved through effort. Therefore, at Think Orion, our PPC experts are dedicated to each client allowing them to invest more time in research,strategy, and execution for the campaigns.
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Search Engine Optimization - SEO for Small Businesses in Singapore

If your website is facing low traffic or you are getting a lower volume of calls and leads, you don’t have to worry. Our SEO experts are all armed and ready to help you with this challenge. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or an industry giant, you simply cannot envision being on the top without optimizing your brand’s search engine presence. Ranking higher on search engines helps you with enhanced brand recognition, higher free traffic, and an increasing number of customers.

SEO is like a resource that never disappoints you; no excuses, no being lazy, and always providing great value for money. There is a reason why Think Orion currently has 120+satisfied SEO clients because our SEO professionals never fail at generating organic traffic and leads.

What do you get if you sign up for SEO services from one of the top digital marketing agencies in singapore?

Dedicated SEO Professionals: We believe in keeping things simple for our clients. Your dedicated point of contact keeps you up to date with all the strategies and progress on your Project.

Transparent Reporting:
Say bye to fabricated reports. Our in-depth reports provide you with real data to analyze what is going on with your website’s SEO along with access to real-time updates and traffic.

Always Learning & Getting Better:
As Google keeps introducing new changes every year, we keep our learning on track to ensure our strategies and campaigns align with the latest Google algorithms.

Email Marketing Service for Singapore 

Do you know how many people use email everyday? The answer is 3.9 billion. Being the first ever online marketing tool, email marketing has proved to be the best strategy for increasing brand awareness, growing website traffic, and generating leads.

At Think Orion, a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, our email marketing experts have run killer email marketing campaigns for 300+ clients, generating higher sales and leads. We don’t do it like others do. 

Our professionals are aware of the customer journeys and evolving dynamics of the digital ecosystem. A blend of data insights, proven creative strategies and effective automations is what your business needs to turn up the game.

We don’t like to brag but a little honesty does no harm. If you are looking to maximize your ROI, re-engage your customers and enhance your customer communication, this is the right place to be. We make sure to convert every dollar spent into more. Hesitant to make a decision? 

Get a free consultation today to start your journey to profitable email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing isn’t dead, it’s the death of many other marketing platforms.

Yes, that’s true. You are missing out on a great potential if you think of email marketing as anold-fashioned marketing strategy. Allow us to help you because we would like to change how you see this marketing tool

Email Marketing Visualization Influencer Marketing - A person holding a huge speaker

Influencer Marketing Services for Singaporean Businesses

Ooo, now that’s something where we nail the game better than anyone else. Looking for solid long-term results along with brand credibility? Influencer marketing is the way to go. It gives you an ability to contextualise your brand and greater lead-to-sales conversions through Think Orion’s seamless and integrated solution to influencer marketing.

At Think Orion, we help design and run macro and micro influencer marketing programs. Whether your business belongs to retail, fashion, food, beauty, sports, or any other industry, we do it for all. Our network of 500k+ influencers is maintained and updated by our influencer marketing experts who have a sharp sense of understanding data and trends.

Therefore, our campaigns and strategies always give desired results.
How Think Orion will increase your sales using influencer marketing?

  • Enhancing search & discovery
  • Evaluation of Influencers: General reach, health score, other metrics.
  • Influencer CRM & Payments
  • Campaign ideation and management
  • Transparent reporting

Whether your business serves only Singapore or has a global network, we can pull off the rightinfluencer campaign by customizing it as per location, age group, business industry, etc. Let usprove our mettle in this domain because we are confident nobody can do it better than us.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Online Stores in Singapore

Want your online store to grow bigger and faster? Tired of stagnant sales on your ecommerce website? Well, the days of darkness are over for you and your business. How? The answer is simple. We are going to help you convert more of your visitors into returning customers.

Let’s make it easy for you to understand. If you have 50,000 monthly visitors on your website and the number of customers is 1,500, it makes your conversion rate 3%. This is where our Conversion Rate Optimization experts come into play. We work on several techniques and changes to bring it up to 6-8% in the first phase and 10-12% in the latter one.

This is how it looks in numbers:

Every 1 out of 10 visitors should be fulfilling the end goal (sale or lead).

Not that our clients have to worry about the technical details but let’s give you a brief idea of what we do. Being an emerging digital marketing agency in Singapore, we do the following:

  • Diagnose your bounce rate and minimize it.
  • Do A/B testing on CTA buttons.
  • Make your landing pages user-friendly.
  • Introduce multiple promotional offers to attract first-time buyers.

Along with the above, our creative team also gives your marketing department suggestions to ensure the overall brand messaging is relevant to your target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization - Funnel Visualization Facebook Marketing Service - Facebook Targeting Visualization

Social Media Marketing Services for Singapore Businesses

It wouldn’t be a lie if we state that modern-day businesses rely on social media to attract their target audience. With every passing year, we have witnessed that social media channels have only gained staggering popularity among billions of people around the world. Global Web Index reveals that 4.57 billion social media users spend an average of two hours and 24 minutes every day shuffling through multiple social media websites. So, what really is the catch for businesses here?

Most marketers don’t capitalize on the real perks that social media platforms have to offer. Don’t make the same mistake. Our social media marketing experts promote your brand’s products and/or services through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and other channels. Being a top emerging Singapore digital marketing agency, our focus lies on establishing a strong and positive brand reputation, helping your business connect to a larger audience and generating revenue through online marketing.

What do you get if you hire Think Orion for your brand’s social media marketing? You get results and not just monthly reports with numbers that don’t matter. We guarantee:

  • Enhanced Online Visibility in Singapore and worldwide
  • High Search Rankings both in Singapore and globally
  • Custom Audience Targeting
  • Profitable Ad Campaigns
  • Strong Social Proof
  • Positive Testimonials

At Think Orion, we help you get bigger by acquiring increased revenue. Because we know in the end, it all comes down to making money and we align our strategy with that mission of Yours.