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Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients
Codeanywhere's Logo
Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients
Codeanywhere's Logo
Logo of Marriot - One of ThinkOrion's clients

Why Think Orion is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

In a diverse city, we help customers expand their business

Ah, Canada. We'll always remember this country as our headquarters, the starting point. Think Orion initially started off in Downtown Toronto. With consistent campaign deliveries, the business grew over time and continues to expand - we haven’t looked back since. 

As a Toronto digital marketing agency, our core mission has been to elevate businesses to higher ranks. How do we do it? At Orion, we believe in integrating our client's vision with the latest marketing demands. We stay updated with shifts in the digital world. Be it - SEO, social media marketing, ad optimization, email marketing, or any other service. 

Toronto Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services for Toronto Businesses

Marketing agencies in Toronto started offering digital services long ago, we did the same, and safe to say - our creative team goes all the way to develop the perfect online image.

A lot of agencies focus on algorithmic patterns on Google rather than the content itself for reach. The ideal social media campaign should be fueled by uniqueness, creativity, and top-tier aesthetics. At Think Orion, we focus on the brand voice.

We design each post on social media for the "type" of audience you're targeting. Get result-oriented content from us. Here's exactly what we offer:

  -  Daily insights of your platforms
  -  Organic and paid campaign management
  -  Bringing your vision into action
  -  Custom-made strategies

And when we mention social media, we mean every single marketable platform out there. Following the latest trends, we extended our services to even Pinterest and TikTok. And obviously, we look after the classic mediums as well, they are essential ones. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat – anything.

To sum it up, we use specified Business (Facebook Business, Twitter Business, LinkedIn Business, etc) tools to keep a track of daily reports and how we can further improve our strategy. In digital spaces, as long as you improve and reflect back, the results will be apparent.

Facebook Marketing Service - Facebook Targeting Visualization Google Shopping Services Visualization

Google Ads for Online and Local Businesses in Toronto

You might be familiar with Google AdWords. Well, it went through a rebranding stage a few years ago and is dominating the digital realm right now. Google Ads is the go-to tool for online advertising. Especially for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. The goal is simple - drive conversions, whatever the final goal may be.

Example: Let’s say you offer food delivery services in Toronto, the phone number is the main highlight. Customers need it. With the right strategy, Google Ads will display your business all across the internet. The next thing you know, there’s a line of customers on call.

You might wonder, what is PPC? It is basically a digital advertising model where marketers have to pay whenever a user “clicks” on an ad. Once a user clicks, they may be redirected to a site or a product post, depending on the goal.
Now, keywords are an important factor here - marketers have to bid for them. People usually fail to choose the right keywords here and neither do they have the right technical input.

Enter: Google Ads and a marketing agency. With the right tool and a creative-minded team, you get:

  • High ROI and a large influx of leads and customers
  • Fully customized campaigns - targeting the exact range
  • Quick data analysis  
  • Unlocking the full potential of Google Search Network (Google, Youtube,Gmail…)

Search Engine Optimization - SEO for Small Businesses in Toronto

After envisioning a business and finally establishing it, putting the name out there on the internet, SEO should be your main focus. You might have heard this enough times by now, but do not underestimate its importance.

Reliance on perfectly optimized sites is increasing every day. Google looks at over “200” factors nowadays before ranking a website, your upcoming brand needs to stand out. Don’t worry though, you’ll get the hang of it. Simply leave it up to the experts, and let’s see how we can proceed.

As a Toronto digital agency, we’d love to collaborate with upcoming businesses, offering special deals at a discounted price. Hit us up! At Think Orion, curating brands to their optimal level in terms of SEO is one of our major goals. What you can expect:

  • Customizable SEO packages: We don’t follow generic algorithmic rules. Our technical members collaborate with creative heads to create the most unique and effective package for your small business.
  • On-page SEO services: Get a refreshed article packed with compatible title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, internal links, etc
  • Off-page SEO services: Outside the website, we look at all concerned external factors - local listings, form postings, backlinks, influencer marketing, etc.
SEO Services - Visualization of SEO graphs Email Marketing Graphs in e Computer

Email Marketing Service for Toronto

In Toronto, well in the country… in fact, even around the world, email is by far the most popular marketing medium. It was one of the first for sure. Before social media, email was the “one” platform everyone had. Email marketing is booming and it’s time you take charge as well. Over 78% of marketers reported an increase in customer engagement over the last year.

We recommend email marketing for its personalization nature. See, you can send out individualized emails with the "exact" message you want to convey, unlike general campaigns. Businesses with active use of email marketing share a more "personal" connection with their customers – sending out messages where you genuinely talk (no cliches) leads to a long-lasting impact.

How do you figure out a customer's buyer persona? How do you even find the right email list? This is where we come into play, allow us to help. We’ll handle all stages of email marketing - getting lists to judging metrics. For lists - you can ask website visitors to sign-up for a newsletter or run forms on social media, offer promo codes to intrigue them.

Furthermore, with email marketing, we focus on driving sales by looking at subtle details that an ordinary agency would ignore otherwise – the template, brand voice, and campaign tests (to see what works).

Influencer Marketing Services

In this day and age, influencers have had a massive impact on how we perceive advertising. The conventional way isn’t convenient anymore, there is a lack of trust. When a celebrity or even a micro-influencer with their “niche” following endorses a product, the chances of sales are quite high.

To put it in fact, TikTok has the highest engagement rate - around 40% of users end up purchasing the product. And the market continues to grow. Quickly jump on the bandwagon. Again, micro-influencers can be just as beneficial for your business as Beyonce would be – how you target the audience and deliver the brand’s message matters far more. As a Toronto digital marketing agency, we can help you connect with all sorts of content creators - beauty bloggers, tech reviewers, local athletes, vloggers, etc.

Remember that simply choosing an influencer with a high reach won't cut it. You need to have a vision for a campaign. Any promotional post should come across as authentic. Consumers go towards influencers for “real” content. So, provide them with value. At Think Orion, we hope to achieve the following goals:

  • Acting as a communication medium between you and influencers - budgeting, envisioning, and planning the strategy
  • Meeting your expectations in terms of sales and reach
  • Keeping a daily track of user insights, how the campaign is performing

Influencer Marketing - A person holding a huge speaker Email Marketing : A core tactic graphic

Conversion Rate Optimization for Online Stores in Toronto

A lot of marketers judge a website’s performance by looking at the number of impressions and reaches. They fail to realize how many users actually end up completing their due action (conversion). Conversion rate optimization (CRO) works on a basic principle - improving a site’s technical backings and overall design. If you want to see where your business stands, follow this term:

Total transactions / total site visits x 100

For instance, if you operate an eCommerce store and it gets 10000 users in traffic but only 500 visitors end up buying the product - that is a 5% conversion rate (500*10000 x 100). Now, this isn’t a bad score but once you optimize the website and crack the barrier, the conversion rate can go up to 15% or more. How do you begin optimizing?

Here, we take care of CRO goals and keep our client’s requirements in mind. To drive customers, these tactics usually work:

  • Active CTAs
  • Clickable share buttons
  • Bounce rate diagnosis
  • User-friendly design
  • Accessible lead forms

More importantly, try reflecting. Is the brand message right? Does it meet the consumer’s interests? Are you targeting the right demographic? Is the website aesthetically pleasing? Does it correctly depict your business? If you need help figuring it out - we’re a click away.