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Higher Education Marketing

Marketing in the higher education industry is a challenging task. You may face challenges such as establishing alumni relationships, acquiring grants, raising funds, increasing student enrollments and so much more.


To nail a successful marketing campaign, a marketer needs to have relevant experience in higher-ed. If you’re dependent on higher education marketing firms to carry out your marketing campaigns, you must make sure that they have relevant expertise to market students from diverse backgrounds. They must also be able to comfortably target undergrad, grad, and diploma pursuing students.

With educational institutes investing heavily in digital marketing, keeping up is difficult. 


You must bring-your-a-game if you want to obtain your desired results. 


While there are thousands of marketing agencies around the world, only a handful of them have experience handling higher ed marketing campaigns. 


But still, there are a few higher education marketing agencies with years of specialized experience in the higher ed industry that can help you achieve your desired marketing goals. Orion is one of them.

Why Choose Orion for Your Higher Education Marketing?

Standing apart from the crowd is paramount when you want to make a name for yourself. At Orion, we help you achieve just that. 

To become successful, it takes immense courage, a strong relationship with stakeholders, and a powerful branding strategy. Simply placing ads won’t cut it. It’s all about

At Orion, we help colleges, universities, and education institutes recruit the right faculty, students, and donors. We’ll help you scale your revenue, grants, and fundings. Our experts will help you discover actionable opportunities to scale and become the leaders in the super-competitive Higher ed landscape. 

Hiring the right agency with the right educational marketing experience can help educational institutions significantly improve graduation rates, course success rates, student engagement, retention rates, and more. 

Orion has 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. We have served 130+ clients worldwide. With our insights and expertise, we’ll help you reshape your organic search (SEO), paid media marketing, on-page conversion techniques, and direct website traffic to help increase your student enrollments.

The world of Higher ed marketing has become extremely competitive. After all, The education industry is expected to become a $10 Trillion industry by 2030. It makes up for 6% of the Gross World Product (GDP) and is growing at 4.5% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate).

Higher Education Social Media Marketing

With the Gen Z generation now becoming old enough to join colleges, establishing a relationship with the young breed through social media is paramount for higher education institutions.

Utilizing social media for colleges is now the future of recruitment. new students, establishing alumni relations, managing crisis communications, and raising funds. Everything happens on social media.

Social media in higher ed has proved to be a game-changer that has modernized higher education marketing in recent years. There is a noticeable surge in education institutions using social media marketing to establish a presence.

According to The Sixth Sense survey, out of 69 UK universities, 98% of respondents suggested that they use social media marketing as part of their marketing strategy. It is progressively taking over traditional press advertising and email marketing.

Orion understands the importance of social media marketing. By assessing Goals, Target customers, personas, markets, and the right channel (Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram), we can help you attract the right-fit students for your school.

Increase Student Leads with Google Ads

If you’re an educational institute, chances are that you already know about the power of Google Ads for recruiting students. If you’re still not taking advantage of Google Ads, you better make it part of your marketing agenda right away. After all, Google handles 3.5 billion user searches every day. It's time your university, college, or institute becomes part of those searches.

To run a successful Google Ads campaign, you need a strong targeting strategy. Not targeting irrelevant audiences is crucial for making sure that you don’t waste your school’s advertising budget.

Google Ads are powered by Google’s AI. Using Google Ads, you can basically hire a bot to advertise your precise marketing message to the relevant audience for your school.

According to Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Google, Product Management, all you need to do is provide 15 headlines and 4 description lines, and Google will take care of your targeted advertising.

Although we may have made it sound really easy to run successful Ads, it is not that straightforward. Not targeting the right audience can make your efforts futile. You’ll be spending aggressively without deriving any results.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here at Think Orion - we deal with PPC advertising, among many other marketing services.

Our team of experts has used Google Ads over the years to carry out PPC campaigns. In fact, paid advertising is our main spotlight. All of our ad campaigns are linked with Google Ads. We believe that the platform has made it easier for educational institutions to find the right fit students.

Email Marketing Campaigns for Universities and Colleges

Did you know that in fall 2018, 19.9 million students enrolled in American institutions? This number is predicted to grow astronomically with the Gen Z generation now being old enough to enroll in colleges.

College students submit on average eight applications each. That’s way too many opportunities to miss out on. Having an effective marketing strategy in place can help not only draw in new students but keep your alumni and existing students engaged as well.

Email marketing is one of the more affordable marketing strategies any university can take advantage of. Based on data, for every dollar spent on email marketing, marketers can expect an average ROI of $44.

Email is also much more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined when it comes to attracting new customers. To be more specific, it is 40 times more effective.  A well-executed email marketing campaign can help universities increase enrollments and strengthen retention.

With that being said, many universities fail to structure their email marketing plans. Higher education institutes often make the mistake of running inconsistent and poor-quality email campaigns. 

Why is that? 

Well, most university marketers handle multiple roles because of limited budgets and resources.

A digital marketing agency like Think Orion can help you acquire, nurture and retain your students with full-service, strategic communications management. We’ll help you create compelling email copies, perform audience segmentation and help analyze your data to maximize your student intake.

SEO for Higher Education Marketing

67% of all new students looking up schools to join rely on search engines as their primary source of finding relevant information. Considering that the total number of students joining higher education is expected to reach approximately 380 million by 2030, it is extremely crucial that your website appear and operate at the best possible standards to be able to rank among the top search results of search engines like Google.

With that being said, email marketing in the Higher ed market is challenging. Unlike other industries, your site visitors will navigate through multiple pages other than just your homepage to find information regarding courses, campus life, and so on and so forth.

Furthermore, another dilemma in the Higher ed industry is that almost 80% of search queries related to education are non-converting. 

This is where Orion can help you out. We can handle your SEO campaigns for higher education that will greatly benefit your institution. We can help you position yourself above your competitors on phrases related to higher education. We can also help you improve your domain authority which will help you achieve dominance on search engines related to your niche.

Landing Pages for Higher Ed

The landing page of your higher education institution should appeal to a wide variety of students enrolled in various programs that you offer. A great-performing landing page should be designed strategically to attract and convert students.

The higher education industry is full of good and bad examples of landing pages. A good landing page will help you attract the right target audience and transition them one step closer to conversion.

A great-looking landing page of any educational institute should have a consistent message, provide relevant information, should be eye-catching, and should be optimized to generate leads.

We here at Orion believe in creating a converting student admissions landing page. We know the art and science of good landing page building to improve conversions and engagement with your prospects. We provide tailored landing page building, results-driven landing page building, precise audience-building, and hands-free management services.

What Results Can You Expect for Your University, College, or School with Online Marketing?

Working in the industry for over 20 years, Orion knows what issues marketers face in the Higher ed industry. Some of the core issues educational institutes face are declining enrollment rates and lack of engagement with parents, students, and alumni.

We’ve worked with many higher education institutions to improve their marketing initiatives to meet the ever-evolving expectations of parents and students.

Digital marketing will help you generate student applications and their related inquiries. After a successful digital marketing campaign, your university will receive inquiries and applications from students from all over the world through different digital channels.

Here is what Orion’s digital marketing solutions can help your educational institute with:

What is Higher Education Marketing?

Hmm, what is higher education marketing?

Well, any kind of marketing targeted towards students seeking a degree above a high school diploma is considered higher education marketing.

Higher education institutions offer diverse courses. Enrolled students can obtain graduate-level degrees, certifications, or even vocational degrees.

Because of such diversity, educational institutions need to utilize diverse marketing techniques to reach maximum prospective students. 

Digital marketing in the higher ed industry is super competitive. Each year, millions of students graduate from high school and start looking for colleges to continue their education. In their search journey, students come across brochures, different ads, and influencers who try to get them to join one educational institute or the other.

Using some sort of marketing technique, educational institutes will try to influence the decision of prospective students. 

But with the right marketing strategy, your school can stand out above the rest. 

We at Orion use various digital marketing techniques as part of our effective higher education marketing strategy. Some of which includes:

Benefits of Hiring Education Marketing Agency for Universities, Colleges, and Schools

Like many industries, higher education institutions have also faced numerous challenges ever since Covid plagued the world. With everything moving remote, attracting and retaining students virtually has become a challenge for educational institutions.

Most schools were quick to adopt the new normal and invested heavily in digital marketing to make their presence prominent online. Interacting and engaging with students online presents excellent opportunities for schools moving forward. 

Gen Z and millennials can be classified as digital native generations. The young generation prefers researching about schools online rather than visiting campuses onsite. Hiring higher education digital marketing agencies allows schools to reach, converse and interact with prospective students through various digital advertising strategies.

Below we’ve listed down a few major benefits that your university, college, or institute will experience when you outsource your digital marketing to Orion - An experienced higher ed marketing agency: 

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