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Higher Education SEO

Why Choose Orion for Your Higher Education SEO?

Do you want to be amongst the top-ranked in search engine searches results? Do you want to be the first option in front of students when searching for information related to higher education? If you have answered yes to any one of the questions above, then we at Think Orion have exactly what you are looking for. 

With an experienced SEO team for higher education we can craft a customized digital marketing strategy for your University and College. Our expertise lies in offering SEO services for higher education platforms, who want to stand out and push their name in the competitive arena. As an education marketing agency our goal is to leverage the power of keyword research, higher education content, and an unbeatable strategy to not only bring your institution to the top ranks in searches but also to turn those leads into enrolments. 

Educational institutes have experienced over 50% increase in enrolment applications and over 10 times increase in ROI with Think Orion’s top notch SEO in higher education. 

How do we help you promote your University or College with SEO? 

On-Page SEO Optimization for Your University & College

You may not realize it but the web pages on your site seem to have been ignored for too long. From profiles of faculty that no longer serve at your institution and even course reports that are no longer relevant, all are cluttering up your website and imposing a hurdle for your students who are trying to reach out. 

How about using these redundant pages to populate them with alumni testimonials or maybe a blog about the campus facilities authored by your current students? Seems promising right? Imagine further optimizing this using SEO techniques for search engine results, that is better right? This is exactly what we want to pull off for you with the on page SEO optimization for your university or college.

Off-Page SEO for Higher Education Websites

Let's not limit yourself to your web domain only. Students will come to you if they hear from trusted sources that your university or college is the best fit for them. But how can one do that in today's fast-paced digital world? 

Well worry no more, that is where our expert team of marketers works in close cohesion with external blogs, social networking websites, news sources, etc. to ensure that your university receives all the praise it deserves for its distinguishing features. And once the word gets out with powerful backlinks for your university or college, the sky becomes the limit for quality student enrolments and improved rankings in Google and other search engines. 

Technical Site Audit and Analysis of a University & College Website

You had your website made from the highest bidder who promised the most colorful, attention-grabbing graphics and a smooth user experience but still you know that it’s not enough. How do we know that? 

Well because we are the leaders when it comes to SEO services for the higher education industry. We will look at your website and analyze it brick-by-brick, code-by-code to find spots that need help. From optimizing it with structured data, mobile responsive elements, neat website structure or improved sitemap and robots.txt files, you can count on us to deliver the best.

Not only that, we will look at it from the lens of a student but also from a competitor's standpoint to dominate the search results by fixing and optimizing the website with technicalities. 

Content Marketing and Optimization

You have tried every trick from the SEO guru guide or SEO courses to increase enrolments and become visible in search engine results but to no avail. 

Then you are at the right place with the right people. We will work closely with you to define your marketing goals, identify the market demographically and develop a content marketing strategy that will not only be top-notch when it comes to SEO but will drive results that are tangible in terms of ROI, lead generation, conversion rate and of course student enrolment. 

The content that is needed is right there with you, in your brains, in your history, and in the legacy of your institution but you are unaware. We will not only help bring it to the front, but we will determine the right channel, for the right market, at the right time to give you the right results. 

Local Search Engine Optimization 

When you think of reaching out to a high number of students you think of going national or even international, how do we know that? Well, we do because our SEO services cover all facets of higher education marketing. In the pursuit of increased reach don't you think you've forgotten the market closest to you? Yes, the local market that's just around you. You need to cater to students who are determined to study in the locality where your institution is situated and that can be done by local search engine optimization. 

We will not only help you in improving your listings locally but will also acquaint you with tools that will give you the reins of the whole local SEO process for universities. This also includes the optimization of Google Business Profile which allows you to rank better in Google Maps and local searches.

SEO Services Customized for Colleges and Universities

In today's world where digital marketing is not only dominating but has become critical to business’ promotion and survival, SEO has become one of the major tools in the arsenal of marketers. But are all marketers able to provide SEO services for colleges and universities?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “No”. Because what colleges and universities need is a team of dedicated professionals like the one at Think Orion, who specialize in the niche industry of higher education. We offer services custom-made solutions not only for the need of the higher education industry but particularly for universities or colleges. Our success stories and growth portfolio speak louder than words.