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Our team of experts will help you capture the right audience and boost enrolment rates through purpose-driven marketing.
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Your #1 Online Course Promotion Agency
Why Choose Orion for Your Online Course Promotion?

Our expert team in online course promotion and online education marketing knows the A,B, C's of what is needed to introduce and scale to relevant audiences with effective strategies. We leverage the power of paid advertising complemented with compelling content to hit strike at the first line. We're not satisfied with meaningless metrics that only tell half the story. Why should you be?

Our goal is to scale demand through widening audience reach, turning first-time visitors into longtime subscribers who generate monthly recurring revenue and achieving 10x profitability. But to see actual results and a solid return on investment, a recycled marketing strategy just won't cut it. That's where we come in.

We're online marketing gurus who know exactly how to find the users you are looking for, how to get high-value traffic on your site, and how to convert that traffic into loyal, paying clientele.

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How we help your education platform?
Facebook Marketing

The world's largest social media platform, the worlds best targeting options, and the lowest cost per acquisitions. These are just a few of the things Facebook is famous for. Need I say more?

Email Marketing

59% of marketers reported that their email marketing channel gave them their highest amount of revenue. Email costs the least amount of money, and gives exponential returns on it.

Landing Pages

Your website & landing pages is often the first impression your customer will have of you. We all know how much first impressions matter when we meet someone new.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Systematic approach to improving your website in order to increase the total percentage of website visitors taking a desired action


I would like to ask you a question. Are you interested in increasing the quality and quantity the people coming onto your website, without having to directly pay for it?

Linkedin ads

The world's largest B2B platform, the worlds best account targeting options. LinkedIn is the way to go for all hyper-targeted campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other online education marketing agencies?

Any education technology company that requests a consultation with us will receive a highly individualized plan based on current trends and its unique plans and goals. We don't sell premade packages, and we're very choosy about our clients, too.

Why should I hire an online education marketing agency?

Online education businesses demand highly customized, nuanced digital marketing campaigns that may sometimes overlap with traditional marketing objectives, but it doesn't mean they are exactly the same.Nowadays, as businesses have more content to share, they'll require newer and more cutting-edge campaigns to secure new users. And that's what we develop here at Think Orion.

What are the best online education channels?

Generally, B2B might prefer a platform like LinkedIn or pay-per-click advertising. However, B2C can build awareness and find new customers on more traditional platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Our marketing team will guide you and help you pick the right platforms for your product.

How much money does it cost?

Your budget will depend on your profitability, business goals, cash flow growth predictions, and other factors. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, so contact us to discuss numbers and figures specific to your company.

Is there a minimum commitment budget requested?

We tailor our services and plans to best suit each and every client, and for regular services, we can structure payments around what is easiest to justify your marketing costs.

How do you work with various industries?

Along with our team's experience working with many different verticals, we have invested in extensive tools for in-depth market research enabling us to see who your audience is and what matters the most to them.

How quickly can we get started?

We can get started today! Get in touch so we can start talking options!

Where are you located?

Everywhere. Our team is 100% remote, and we work with clients worldwide!