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199 Ways to Generate Traffic for Your Online Education or Coaching Business

How to drive traffic to online courses in 2021? What's working and what's not? Get the complete list of tactics to attract more visitors to your education or coaching website. We collected proven methods that help thousands of businesses worldwide.

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Why Choose Orion for Your Online Course & Coaching Promotion?

Our expert team in online course promotion and online education marketing knows the A,B, C's of what is needed to introduce and scale to relevant audiences with effective strategies. We leverage the power of paid advertising complemented with compelling content to hit strike at the first line. We're not satisfied with meaningless metrics that only tell half the story. Why should you be?

As an education marketing agency our goal is to scale demand through widening audience reach, turning first-time visitors into longtime subscribers who generate monthly recurring revenue and achieving 10x profitability. But to see actual results and a solid return on investment, a recycled marketing strategy just won't cut it. That's where we come in, the #1 digital marketing agency for online education.

We're online marketing gurus who know exactly how to find the users you are looking for, how to get high-value traffic on your site, and how to convert that traffic into loyal, paying clientele. So don’t wait any longer and get those well-deserved loyal customers with the most practical marketing agency for online course.

How we help you promote your online course?

Facebook Marketing For Online Course Promotion

An enabling platform of awareness, discussion and proactive responses, Facebook is an effective platform to reach your target student segment. With the right words, visuals and timing, you never know how successful your course will become. Just imagine, apart from attracting students to join your course, your course becomes a source of discussion on educational groups and community forums. It’s not just the course that needs to be perfect, it needs to be accepted as perfect. Talk about word of mouth!

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Email Marketing For Better Student Engagement

Surprisingly it is the top most effective method in reaching out and converting leads into actual life-long enrollments! We noticed email marketing in online course promotion is very effective as this specific student base is very active in reading and responding to emails. From subscribing for alerts and updates to addressing queries, in the online course industry emails are an integral source of lead conversion. As a #1 marketing agency for online courses we have been capitalizing on this opportunity endlessly.

Landing Pages For Higher Student Enrollment

With your course offerings make the first impression a lasting one! A landing page is more than just a block of information, it is a compelling way to convince a potential student about why your course offering is the best. As a digital marketing agency for online education we know the importance of crafting tailored landing pages for online courses. From concise information to an easy-to-understand process of enrollment, tick all the boxes every student has for the ‘’perfect course’’.

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Conversion Rate Optimization For Online Courses

There is a method to the madness and we know exactly how to attract meaningful website traffic for your course. We as a marketing agency for online courses understand the unique website visitor behaviour. Online education requires a different approach as compared to generic brands and services. For that our experts know the ins and outs of tailoring your website in a manner to promote higher chances of money actions and convert as many visitors as possible into actual students.

SEO to Promote Your Online Course

What if we told you there are smart tactics to leverage so you can get the right attention coming to your online course website. Let the potential students search you without having to search your course! Yes, effortless yet so impactful. How? By effectively using SEO tactics. In the case of online education, convey your course content in a manner that you appear as the number one option for them. It’s not always about keywords, they need to be crafted perfectly and conveyed at the right time.

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LinkedIn Ads For Online Education

Being a credible platform, LinkedIn is more than a corporate portal, yes we really mean it. As a digital marketing agency for online education we always search for new platforms and innovative ways to connect online education providers with students that are the best fit. People and entities use various platforms with a different outlook and purpose. With students and instructors becoming more active on LinkedIn, it is a cherry on top to make a meaningful presence there.

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Traditional Marketing vs Specialized Online Course Marketing

What differentiates between the two is the methods of how respective channels are used for communication. Traditional marketing is oriented towards classic platforms such as newspapers and magazines. Specialized online course marketing leverages digital platforms for communication such as Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing.Why is it important to know the difference between the two and understand the importance of specialized online course marketing? Results.
With every potential learner searching for the best courses online, it only makes sense to provide and promote your course where your potential customers are. Specialized online course marketing is tailored towards reaching and communicating with the relevant target audience. There is no ‘’one recipe suits all’’ strategy here which is why every course is marketed with a tailored approach. From using high end keywords to timely promotions (e.g leveraging exam preparation seasons for courses that support it) specialized online course marketing is specifically oriented towards effectively promoting courses to relevant student bodies with tailored strategies.
Case Studies
Think Orion eCommerce Marketing Agency Reviews

"It was a pleasure working with Orion - from day one they were absolutely reliable and supportive, even with short notice and a tough deadline. The team at Orion was available almost 24/7, they came up with creative ideas and advertised our event in a lively and exciting way. The paid media execution played a significant role in the success of our event and also for all participating Marriott hotels. We look forward to many upcoming projects."

Photo of Nicole from Marriot


"Think Orion is our digital marketing partner and executes everything from advertising to email marketing. They have been a great help in our success, helping us create an even tighter sales cycle with their clever ideas for creative ways of getting the word out! We’ve found them very responsive when it comes to working together on how we can make this happen, so if you’re looking for someone who’s dedicated as well as efficient then look no further than Manno & Co."

Photo of Jonathan from Air Mask

Nano Air Mask

Manno, Ray and the team at Orion are great. They managed to turns things around for our campaigns in a short span of time. Creative, great insights and a constant flow of communication make it awesome to work with them.


Avado Learning

"Working with Orion has been invaluable. Before Orion, I never would have thought that my workouts would attract so many people. Their quizzes and campaigns generate constant leads and people start to recognise me and my brand. Looking forward to grow in 2020 with Orion."

Photo of Miou from Yourgoals


"Working with Orion has been great for us. We're good at building amazing content around healthy food and beverages. We struggled initially to gain traction but Orion's methods were able to bring consistently good results and they leveraged our great content to establish our brand in Bangkok."

Photo of Darren from Genius Bar

Genius Bar

"Professional end-to-end marketing services team - professional and competent! Looking forward to working with Think Orion for the foreseeable future. Thanks for the amazing results-driven approach."

Photo of Wasim of Study for Fee

Study for FE

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other online education marketing agencies?

Any education technology company that requests a consultation with us will receive a highly individualized plan based on current trends and its unique plans and goals. We don't sell premade packages, and we're very choosy about our clients, too.

Why should I hire an online education marketing agency?

Online education businesses demand highly customized, nuanced digital marketing campaigns that may sometimes overlap with traditional marketing objectives, but it doesn't mean they are exactly the same.Nowadays, as businesses have more content to share, they'll require newer and more cutting-edge campaigns to secure new users. And that's what we develop here at Think Orion.

What are the best online education channels?

Generally, B2B might prefer a platform like LinkedIn or pay-per-click advertising. However, B2C can build awareness and find new customers on more traditional platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Our marketing team will guide you and help you pick the right platforms for your product.

How much money does it cost?

Your budget will depend on your profitability, business goals, cash flow growth predictions, and other factors. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, so contact us to discuss numbers and figures specific to your company.

How do online courses attract students?

Convenience and ease in accessibility. With the amount of restrictions, lockdowns and limits in physical platforms to go and learn, online courses have erupted as a unique opportunity. With online courses students can enrol for whichever course they like, even if it is offered in a different country. Online courses have shattered barriers of location and language restrictions thanks to digitization.

How much money should I expect to spend per month in order to increase the number of students for my online course?

There is no specific amount in this case because every course is unique and may be influenced through various factors e.g global holidays, exams. Every month is unique and depending on your requirements shall be tailored accordingly.

Is there a minimum commitment budget requested?

We tailor our services and plans to best suit each and every client, and for regular services, we can structure payments around what is easiest to justify your marketing costs.

How do you work with various industries?

Along with our team's experience working with many different verticals, we have invested in extensive tools for in-depth market research enabling us to see who your audience is and what matters the most to them.

How quickly can we get started?

We can get started today! Get in touch so we can start talking options!

Where are you located?

Everywhere. Our team is 100% remote, and we work with clients worldwide!

How can I promote my course online?

Through digital platforms such as e-mail marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads and the Think Orion platform. Social media platforms enable potential course enrollers to find you as they search for the perfect course to enrol in. With the Think Orion platform you get to step up further with our expertise and resources to increase the relevant student base.