Doubled effectiveness of lead to sales conversions through outcome-driven messaging and ad experiences.

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Messaging optimization and outcome-focused advertising 

Avado is a professional academy that helps people and businesses build capabilities through interactive learning experiences. They offer new skills and mindsets through quality apprenticeships, qualifications, workshops, and modules. 

As a leading name in the online education industry, Avado had a lot to offer, and they proved themselves with current students. However, they struggled with poor ROI and attracting new eyes to their site, a common problem for many online education platforms running campaigns. The goal with Avado was not only to increase the number of leads generated but also to improve the quality of leads while reducing the cost-per-lead and keeping it in line with profit goals.

The Approach

Think Orion designed several A/B tests to identify the features and benefits that resonated with Avado's true target customer. The plan of action was based on laser-focused advertising and was made up of two important initiatives: (1) Taking the opposite approach of branded ad copies, refining and optimizing them to demand immediate results. (2) Shifting creative assets to outcome-focused ones that stimulate an instant response from the reader. Messaging optimization on landing pages and ads pre-qualified searchers—attracting clicks only from the right users.

The Process

Some of the key marketing tactics we focused on included:

  • Conversion optimized landing pages.
  • Laser-focused messaging.
  • Direct response copywriting to stand out and grab attention.
  • Outcome-focused creative assets.
  • Continuous optimization and testing.

1.5X Lead To Sales Conversions For The Avado Platform

Think Orion combined significant industry experience, a proven strategic framework to accelerate growth, and a hands-free execution to build high-performing marketing processes to boost profit margin and profitability.

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