Reduced CPL by 90% within the first three months of working together

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Personalization and data to boost ROI

Daisie is an online art learning platform that aims at improving the accessibility of art classes and uplifts the whole education experience by bringing creators together in live classes hosted by industry-leading experts. Daisie was very focused on branding and maintaining the perfect brand identity and knew that direct response marketing was the correct approach to help students understand their course offerings and drive website visits. Recognizing the importance of the agency-client relationship, Daisie turned to Think Orion to execute a direct response marketing campaign to re-introduce the brand and boost ROI.

The Approach

Think Orion's direct response campaign focused on consumer problems rather than the brand, resulting in optimal ROI on every marketing dollar spent. Think Orion now works with Daisie on a strategic level helping in SEO, Google search, Youtube, and Facebook and working towards achieving a monthly set of KPIs. With the insights delivered to them, they now have time to make data-driven business decisions and focus on their flows. 

The Process

We changed the business model to workshop-driven based on testing results of what works, and instead of selling Daisie as a complete platform, we are now selling the experts and topics. The recipe to success is the multichannel approach and the mix of organic and paid advertising, making it possible to run more evergreen campaigns and get the highest return on investment.

Think Orion’s automated email solution, targeted messaging and creatives doubled conversion rates and reduced CPLs and CPAs within the first month of working together. 

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Reduced CPA by
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new subscribers