How Think Orion helped an engineering prep course go from 4 to 6 figures a month in 12 months


Strategic 360° Marketing does wonders

Our partner, a licensed professional engineer, wanted to increase sales of his online course, which provides exam preparation resources to help examinees better prepare for the latest engineering exams. He was looking for a strategic marketing partner to help him with 360° marketing. This is where Think Orion came in, and, in just one year, he went from 4 to 6 figures a month. The course had an excellent combination of pure value and raving students. A key parameter in the formula for selling online courses was missing. Scale.

Let’s dive in.


The Approach

In the online education industry, sales are the most vital metric to aim for, but building an email database is what makes that happen. Most course sales will come from your email marketing, making lead generation the most crucial acquisition strategy. The hard part is to focus on quality leads that can be turned into course buyers. They’re a key part of the marketing and sales efforts in order to grow revenue. Continuing to fail to generate highly qualified ones, the partner would have burned all of the marketing budgets, wasting marketing effort and valuable time to improve content further.


The Process

Some of the key marketing tactics we focused on included:

  • Crafting a customer journey that illustrates the needs and motivations at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • Launching laser-focused ad campaigns and variations with different creatives, demographics, and buyer personas, which automatically prioritized the winners for further email nurturing.
  • Our lead scoring model identified the leads’ purchase intent, and we were then able to place them in the proper nurture funnel to be warmed up and prepared for sales.



Think Orion turned their worst month historically, to the best month in terms of revenue and profitability.


Reduced CPL by


Increase Lead to Conversion rate by


Increased CTR by