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Promoting Events on LinkedIn: 6 Proven Organic Ways for 2021

More and more events are promoting themselves in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the go-to social network with over for making new business connections and is improving its advertising platform daily. With over 660 million users, it is one of the biggest social networks out there.

Together with the organic reach, event marketers can better start using the platform today for their event marketing.

Promoting Events on LinkedIn in Six Simple Steps

1. LinkedIn for Events (new feature)

For a few weeks LinkedIn allows the community to add events. Its a relaunch as many years ago LinkedIn launched this feature already.

They closed it down for a few reasons. You can add an event and start sharing and inviting your network within minutes.

Other people in the event can share the event which increases viral engagement. When your following grows it is the right time to start posting in the event.

We are very looking forward to leveraging this feature for all the events we help.

2. Publish posts about your events on LinkedIn

After you published your event it's a good time to post a longer article directly to LinkedIn. Use this not only to describe the event in more detail.

Write about how awesome last year's event was, with case studies and testimonials. Your audience wants to get the vibe of the event. Based on what you write they will feel a connection or not.

Being subtle and focusing on writing an entertaining and informative piece is the way to go. It will give your post a better chance of being shown into one of LinkedIn's Channels.

When this happens it will be available to a much bigger audience than just those who follow your event or company. 

Before you start writing the article take 15 minutes to research the topic of your event and find an angle that is engaging and topical for your audience.

Sharing this post on your personal feed helps engagement.

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3. Ask your partners' and speakers' to share your events through their LinkedIn

If your sponsors, brands, or other event partners have a LinkedIn presence, ask them to write a post or share yours with their LinkedIn network. 

This is very effective if you have a speaker who has been designated an "influencer" by LinkedIn because their posts go out to everyone on the network.

This helps the viral effect if your event together with all other efforts.

4. Direct messaging

Did you ever receive a direct message from an event organizer who invited you to the VIP dinner? Or that you were invited to participate in their award show?

Don't be afraid to leverage your network to attract attendees. There are several ways to make people feel special. People who feel special and connected with your event will help to promote it for you.

If you have a premium account, using direct messages to promote your event is even easier. Paid InMail can be sent to anyone, whether you're connected or not.

You can also send a free direct message to up to 50 of your first-tier connections at once. The targeting options for this are very specific.

Focus on the people with a good following and who can likely support your event. Give them value and hopefully, they give you value back.

5. Share Your Events in LinkedIn groups

If you're a part of a LinkedIn group related to your event, you can share a post with everyone in that group. This is a great way to get your post in front of an interested, active audience of experts. 

Get the conversation started early by creating discussion threads. Make sure people in the group know your name and don't just post out of the blue.

When people value your posts earlier they are likely to show more interest in your event posts as well.

6. LinkedIn Profile Update

LinkedIn loves to share profile updates. When you make a change LinkedIn gives you the option to share this with the crowd or not.

Your network will receive a notification and you can be listed in LinkedIn's update email as well. Don't overdo this as your network will get annoyed.

If you keep it clean, simple and informing you will catch the eyes of your audience and after the event, you can delete the profile update again.


LinkedIn is an awesome platform for promoting events. With these simple yet very effective steps you will be ready to start your journey without having to pay for the ads. But keep in mind, you have to be consistent with your messages and do this six steps method in regular basis.