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How to Set Up LinkedIn Events - Complete Guide 2021

Have you heard of LinkedIn events and wondered how they work and how you can promote one?

With 41% of more than a thousand mid-level and senior marketers surveyed classified live events as "the most critical marketing channel" for reaching their business objectives, there is no better time to expand your knowledge.

Is there a stronger justification than having 63 million users who occupy decision-making positions within their company? There's nothing more powerful that can tap you right into a business-oriented audience.

How to use LinkedIn events to spread everything about your next online workshop, product launch, or in-person event?

Let's find out!

What does the LinkedIn Events feature do?

Have you ever hosted a Facebook event? If yes, then LinkedIn events should make you feel just right at home. By creating a LinkedIn Event, you'll be assigned as the event's organizer to provide details and invite attendees.

Events can be both in-person and online. However, LinkedIn Events does not provide a digital venue to host the event itself. For a private event, you'll need to send out invites to provide permission for attendance. Attendees will be able to connect and engage in the feed, making it a potentially invaluable tool for community-building.

Since the event doesn't have to be held on LinkedIn, this means you get a no-strings-attached engaging channel that can get the eyeballs of B2B decision-makers. Why wouldn't you use it?

What are the types of events that are best promoted on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn users have the highest average income of any social network, so don't believe the myth that LinkedIn is just for business events. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platform to promote any event in 2022.

LinkedIn events can be conferences, LinkedIn networking events, a LinkedIn events webinar, and trade shows, but you can also promote music events, yoga classes, cooking classes, etc.

How to set up and manage LinkedIn Events?

Let's get into how LinkedIn Events work before setting up an event.

While you can create a LinkedIn event from your company page, setting it up from your profile will give you the advantage of bringing in a third party. This is a good option if you're inviting someone to become a page admin and manage the event for you, also if it's a larger event and you'll be partnering with an outside team.

When creating your event as your page, keep in mind the following:

Have your copy, graphics, and ticketing link in hand before you get started, as there is no "draft" option. Once you start setting up your LinkedIn Event, you'll have to complete it or abandon it.

Create Your LinkedIn Event

Find the Events section in the left side column on your homepage. It has all events you've been invited to, as well as ones you're hosting or have hosted in the past.

To use your personal profile to create a LinkedIn event, click on the + sign in the Events section.

linkedin events

Alternatively, you can use your company page to do so. Click the Admin tab and choose to Create an Event.

linkedin events

A pop-up window will appear. Fill in your event details and click "Create," you'll be redirected to the event page to provide event details.

At this stage, you can't change the event host or organizer role.

Provide Event Details

Fill in relevant event information:

linkedin events

Note that you can always manage the event details after it has been created.

To do so, follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Go to "Events" on the menu panel and select the one you want to edit from the drop-down menu.
  2. If you are using a desktop, click on "Edit" at the top of the page. On Mobile, tap "Manage Event."
  3. Choose "Edit Event" from the drop-down menu.

Save your changes, and be aware that your attendees will receive an automatic notification if you change the event's date, time, or location.

Also, all attendees will be automatically notified 7 days before, 3 days before, and on the day of your event.

Set LinkedIn Event Privacy Settings

The organizer can set up LinkedIn events as public or private.

linkedin events

Public events:

Private events:

When you're done filling in the details, click the Create button to publish it.

To send out invitations:

  1. Go to the event page and select "Invite."
  2. Search and select the connections you wish to invite.

Remove attendees and cancel invitations:

Note that these actions cannot be undone, so proceed with caution:

  1. Navigate to the event page.
  2. Select "Manage Attendees" if using a desktop or "Manage Event" on Mobile.
  3. On the desktop, click on "Attending" to view the list of attendees, where you can click "Remove" next to an attendees name to remove them. On Mobile, the tab is called "Confirmed," and you have to expand the "…" menu next to the attendee's name to select "Remove."
  4. To withdraw an invitation, select the "Invited" tab and click on "Withdraw" next to the invitee's name.
  5. To approve or reject a request, click on the "Requested" tab.

Congratulations! You've now created your first Linkedin Event!

linkedin events example

What's next?

How can you promote a LinkedIn Event to Your LinkedIn Network?

Since events aren't currently discoverable on LinkedIn, you'll have to do some work to promote your event and encourage people to attend.

The first way to gain more visibility is by sharing your event content and details on your personal profile and company page. Besides, if you confirm attendees' requests, consider asking them to share the event with their network.

On your event page, you'll find two more ways to increase your reach:

  1. Invite your connections.
  2. Let your network know about the event.

linkedin events example

Invite Your Connections to the Event

There isn't an "Invite All" feature on LinkedIn, so when you click on the Invite button, you'll have to select people individually from the pop-up box.

If you have a bigger network, you can narrow this list by:

There's no option to send personalized notes in your invitation, so once you're done, just click Invite.

Invitees who accept your invitation can see all of the other attendees to connect and network with each other before the event.

If you're willing to spend cash on promoting your LinkedIn Event to extend your reach, LinkedIn ads or paid InMail are both great options and can have a big impact on registrations.

Share the Event With Your Network

Another way to increase your LinkedIn Event's visibility is to share it with your connections. Click Share next to "Let Your Network Know About This Event." You can customize the message for your audience in the pop-up box that will appear. It's great to add relevant hashtags your ideal audience will be following on LinkedIn. Also, include any ticketing information in the message.

linkedin events 2021

To promote your event beyond just a LinkedIn post, copy the link and share it in your newsletter, on social media, or elsewhere online.

linkedin events 2021

How can you engage with your LinkedIn Event attendees?

Interacting and connecting with your attendees on the event feed goes hand in hand with promoting your LinkedIn Event.

Send Connection Requests to Attendees Not in Your Network

Head to your list of attendees on your event page and click on See All to view details about each of the attendees. If you have personal connections with some of them, send them a message to have a chitchat moment. For those not yet in your network, send them a connection request.

linkedin events 2021

Share a Post in the Event Feed

Remember that your general network won't see any conversation on your event feed; only invitees who are attending will see them. But, LinkedIn's algorithm will decide which attendees will also see your post in their personal feed.

Build interest in the event feed by sharing more details about what's going to happen at the event, tag any speakers, and welcome new attendees. To make it even more engaging, consider encouraging attendees to introduce themselves in the feed and post their questions. The same applies to the guest speaker; encourage them to introduce themselves and post in the event feed.

As the event organizer, you'll be notified when someone posts.

Why should you use LinkedIn events?  

LinkedIn can be elusive and intimidating for event organizers, yet a super powerful platform that many planners overlook. If you're hoping to attract your event users who tend to be more educated, slightly older, and have a higher income, then LinkedIn's target market is ready to go.

LinkedIn Events FAQs

What are LinkedIn events?

A great feature to make setting up public or private events much quicker and easier than email. It helps you reach your attendees and audience, especially if you host virtual events, invite your connections, see who is attending, and make updates directly on the page. Think of it as a hub where you can build excitement leading up to your event.

Can I create an event on LinkedIn?

Yes, this feature is available to free and paid account members. The

setup is as frictionless as possible and available both on desktop and mobile.

How do I find events on LinkedIn?

Although it is not possible yet to search for a LinkedIn events list, the new discovery feature that recently rolled out allows users to view personalized event recommendations in the "My Network" tab.

How do you use LinkedIn events?

On the desktop, you can find the feature on the home page left-hand panel under groups. On Mobile (Android), click on your thumbnail picture to access the panel. A LinkedIn events example includes brand-building events, conferences, talent branding, and targeted audience events.

How do I invite people to a LinkedIn event?

You can directly invite your LinkedIn connections, and you can also share the event with your network and copy the link to share it on social media, newsletter, post about it on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere online.

How do you promote someone on LinkedIn?

Connect with your network via direct messages and encourage them to attend your event. Create a LinkedIn group for your event, engage with the attendees/ guest speakers and ask them to share it with their connections. You can also use LinkedIn's sponsored content feature, a very effective tool to deliver your message to a particular target market.

How many people can attend a LinkedIn event?

You are not limited to a specific attendees number but to the invitation requests sent. Both organizers and attendees can send up to 1000 invitations per week. When this limit is reached, you'll be alerted and prevented from sending any additional invitations.

How effective is LinkedIn to promote events

With studies showing that 80% of B2B leads from social media come from LinkedIn, plus being still relatively untouched with 722 million users compared to 2.7 billion monthly users on Facebook, LinkedIn offers an unsaturated territory for businesses.

How to share events on LinkedIn?

To promote your event beyond just a LinkedIn post, click the Share button on your event page. You can send the event link in a message to your network, embed it in your newsletter, or post it elsewhere online.

How to post events on LinkedIn

Choose Share in a post, under the Share button on your LinkedIn Event page. Alternatively, you can send the event's link in a message or copy the link and share it on other platforms.


Now is the chance for your business to be seen loud and clear by your customers as more B2B companies turn to LinkedIn to source valuable content. While a huge 4 out of every 5 leads comes from LinkedIn, people keep on saying the same thing that they've said forever: "LinkedIn marketing is unapologetically expensive!" 

Well, we can't disagree.  But when marketing, you have adopt the Omnichannel marketing approach and market your product to your customers everywhere they go.

Other than LinkedIn you can use Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads to promote your events effectively and increase your event registrations.

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