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Top Marketing Channels to Increase Event Attendance in Thailand

Event turnout isn't always easy, especially if you're relying solely on organic reach. But we've got your back! Continue reading for our strategies and tips on top marketing channels to increase event attendance in Thailand.

But before we go any further, let’s look at the factors that make Thailand the perfect country for paid advertising. This is one of the driving factors of why we created this blog post about how to increase event attendance in Thailand

Digital Trends in Thailand - 2019

  • Thailand’s consumers score the highest in the ‘percentage of people’ within the region who spontaneously look up events or locations. 
  • Thai consumers also have high expectations for their information to be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
  • In 2016, 70% of Thai people owned smartphones compared to 64% from the previous year, while up to 98% own a mobile phone of some kind. 
  • According to Global Digital Report 2019, Thailand is ranked No.1 for mobile banking users and third in mobile commerce. 

Furthermore, Research conducted by Hootsuite and WeAreSocial shows there are:

  • 49 million mobile social media users in Thailand
  • 51 million active internet social media users.
    With the global spending time on social media on average being 2.16 hours, Thailand scored eighth at 3.11 hours per day.
  • Facebook has a total of 50 million users while there are 13 million on Instagram, 4.7 million on Twitter and 2.4 million users on LinkedIn. 

Read the full report here: Digital 2019 Thailand

Time Spent with Media stat
Time Spent With Media

We’d like to provide some tried and tested advertising platforms and strategies we know will increase event attendance in Thailand.

Facebook: The Best Advertising Platform in the World

To maximize your Facebook marketing impact, you should ensure that your content for the event description gives clear information on what to expect. In our current times, people’s attention spans have fallen precipitously. Therefore, it is essential to have updated strategies to connect with your t­arget audiences and inspire them to take action!

Facebook makes this effort possible through an innovative, marketer-friendly toolset/ This includes the ability to sift through mountains of data and precisely target the intended consumer group for each piece of content.

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Make sure you create an event page

Keeping people informed about upcoming events is a vital part of your Facebook marketing strategy. The right way to get started is to create an event page. This can be done by giving a name to your event with a preferred image and a short description. The description should identify the where, the what, the who and the why of your event.

Facebook event example

Before promoting the event using paid ads, it’s a good idea to invite friends and co-workers to share and invite their friends to the event. This gives you a quick boost and a push on the organic side of things.

When you’re targeting new audiences, you can go into Ads Manager and click event responses as your ad objective. This is effectively the same as “boost” your event. We recommend using Ads manager for this vs using the "Boost" button on the event page. By doing this, you have a lot more options in terms of targeting, audiences, placements and creative.

Depending on who your audience is, you can choose to target audiences who like your page, or new audiences based on interests/demographics. You may even choose to retarget people who have previously landed on your website.

Website visitors who are re-targeted are most likely to convert by 70%. All you need is a Facebook pixel placed on the website!

Video is King in 2019 and Onwards

A HubSpot study showed that 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Thailand’s average daily video viewing time (broadcast, streaming, and video-on-demand) is 3.44 hours. Naturally, the most effective way to create effective content for your event is video. Followed by Spreading the word for your event through Facebook Video Ads.

Content that works well includes testimonials, action shots from previous events, showcasing who will be present at your next event. Additionally, general ambiance shots from previous events also prove to be very effective

Chatbot for Event Marketing

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with your audience in natural language through messaging applications, websites, and mobile applications.

A chatbot can be perfect and highly effective in answering the most frequently asked questions. You can place it on your website as well as your Facebook page.  The benefits are numerous, especially if you have a small team that has little time to deal with redundant customer inquiries.

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Instagram for Event Marketing

Facebook's organic reach is dead. The only way you can effectively utilize it is through paid advertisements. Although Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is still very relevant for organic marketing.

Instagram is also popular with younger audiences, as well as events that have very visual content. If your event is focused on these aspects, Instagram is a channel that should never be ignored.

Influencers for Event Marketing

Influencer marketing is a trend worldwide. However, if I had to choose a country where it is more effective than others, Thailand would definitely be one of them.

Influencer Marketing illustration

Influential marketing has become a top trend in Thailand because these influencers create credibility and persuade users to make the purchase. According to research, 75 percent of consumer purchases are made after the review.

You can invite micro and macro-influencers to promote your event. They can do this by sharing a post on their story or Instagram feed. Messaging that works well includes endorsements or sharing the fact that they will be attending. This helps build credibility for the event and usually pushes more attendees. Ideally, these influencers should have at least 20,000 followers on Instagram with high engagement.

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Broadcast your message via LINE

LINE is the largest chatting application in Thailand. Naturally, it is also one of the most effective to get your message out to the public. With a monthly cost of $5.99, you really can't lose by trying it out.

LINE helps push updates to your subscribers about upcoming events through customized messages with images and text. These customized messages can also be scheduled and linked to your Facebook event, Instagram, or sign up page on your website.

Event Ticketing & Payment Platforms

Event listing platforms are popular the world over. Thailand is no exception!

While people can sometimes click ‘attending’ on the Facebook event page, it can be difficult to tell who will show up to your event. Therefore, partnering up with digital payment services and Ticketing platforms to provide a “surround sound” mobile experience by offering them an option to purchase the event ticket via ticketing platforms such as Ticketmelon, MegaTix, RedTix, and countless others.

These platforms also provide the Trust factor, which is very important to the Thai public.

To conclude, there are many channels you can use. The key is great content and a multi-channel approach to reach a wide spectrum of people.

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