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What is Omnichannel and How to Use it for Your Event?

Learn how to attract your target, engage and turn your audience to attendees, while increasing customer retention rate. Omnichannel at its best.

In recent years, we've seen a massive growth in the events’ industry—as marketers and business leaders consider live events as an increasingly important aspect of their organization’s success. And 2019 has been no different, as 98% of consumers feel more inclined to buy a product or service after attending an event that showcase it. 

Events business influence on the market is evidenced by record funding levels for the industry —by 2018, B2B events generated over $1.07 trillion of direct spending. And the result---these events gathered 1.5 billion attendees globally. 

Although, how can you reach out to your target participants?

That’s where omnichannel marketing comes in. 

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is all about the combined experiences. You run different campaigns across different channels, but they have the same message. In the omnichannel approach, you are everywhere your customers go.

You retain your consistency, regardless of the platform they use when interacting with you. Whether they look into your website, your Facebook Page or call you on the phone—they get the same seamless experience. So, even when they walk straight right into your conference hall, or call you on the phone, they’ll have the same exact experience every time they engage with you.

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Why is this important? 

If you care about your customers, you make it easy for them to attend your event. Customers may check into your mobile app. When they see something interesting, they may go ahead and visit your website. Some would contact you by email, others may use the customer service chatbox. If things go well, they may buy their tickets by calling you on the phone. So, from the mobile app to the phone—make sure that you give them the same level of customer satisfaction. 

What would happen if you don’t have an omnichannel strategy that can provide an integrated and fluid experience for your customers? 

You can’t send different signals and expect customers to react in the same way. Otherwise, you may lose them along the way, before they can buy their tickets. 

How do you turn the audience into attendees using an omnichannel strategy?

  1. Simplify the buying process. Make their buying journey as simple as possible. For example, A is scrolling through Facebook and see your promoted post for your local event. The ad tells A that early birds get a 70% super early bird discount. From the ad, A clicked on a link and went directly to a page that lists the ticket prices which are 70% off. In the online checkout process, instead of pickup of the tickets from your office, A clicked a link to the clearly labeled mobile ticket. The ticket arrives as a text message along with a special barcode. When A showed up at the local event, the security simply scanned the barcode, and A got into the event!
  2. Provide a holistic experience for your prospects. Think about your marketing strategy as a whole. The design of your event marketing campaigns and its implementation are interrelated. That means, your organization makes marketing decisions and implements campaigns based on your objectives. You also think of your customers and the community as a whole when implementing your marketing plans. 
  3. Integrate activities to encourage purchase and customer retention. The purpose of omnichannel marketing is to understand your customer so that the event fits his or her needs. And, to create a seamless customer experience so that the event will sell itself. 

While creating content across different platforms is important to provide customers with more information, your job is marketing.  If you want a huge crowd at your events, integrate all the channels and drive it to one direction—sales. You have to promote the event and get the tickets sold. That’s what we, at Orion do best!

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