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Think Orion's team is built on passion, knowledge,
helpfulness and proactivity
Manno Notermans

Manno is a wanderer of the world looking to make an impact and change the world for the better. He has over 10 years of experience working in various marketing positions. Manno’s main focus the past few years has been accelerating the growth of businesses, increasing revenue, and profit with out-of-box creative ideas and implementations.

Founder & COO
Rayed Chaudhry

Rayed is passionate about marketing and interested in learning new ways to hack (legally) marketing platforms to help businesses achieve growth using unconventional methods. Prior to starting Think Orion, Rayed has worked in various marketing positions and spent millions of dollars across different ad platforms.

Digital MARKETING Manager
Lucie Mooij

Lucie is a true creative person with an eye for detail. She's been in the marketing game for more than 10 years and got experience in various companies across the globe. Lucie loves to use her experience to produce digital content that has a real impact - on top of that, she also loves minimalist design.

Digital Marketing Manager
Affan Vohra

SEO superstar by day and a data whiz by night, meet our all-rounder Digital Marketer. A creative problem-solver and a keen expert in web psychology, SEO, Tracking, Analytics, CRO, and affiliate marketing, with five years of experience in paid and email marketing, you can trust Affan to build your business a strategy that gets you on the winning team.

Creative Copywriter
Rayane Chehab

As an academic researcher who enjoys being out of her comfort zone, her capacity for diving into niche topics is second to none. When you need to turn deep research into well-crafted content that's snappy, informed, and targets its audience to a tee, you can count on Rayane to deliver.

Marketing experts from all over the world come together with the same mission: to help clients nationwide transform their ambitious brands into thriving businesses. We are a tight-knit team of savvy marketeers, campaign specialists, creative geniuses, and copywriters with big appetites for all things marketing.

We're also ridiculously easy to get along, but make no mistake, we're not merely implementers. If we believe something is not in the brand's best interest, be prepared for us to challenge your thinking.

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